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Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Cos Im being TAGGED !!!

Cos Im being TAGGED !!!

1. who is the awesome person who tagged you? (don't forget to link)-

Mr Mizuhashi Naozumi, aka Tachikawa Tono, or someone whom i think he has some assets at some area and i call him as OZ !! Haha

2. tell us something about you..

Im Rolex, 24 year old Johorean. A postgrad student of UPM whom staying in Serdang with his few good friends. Leaving his family, hometown and state for the first time in his life for this 15months Masters program. By July 2009, its exact ONE YEAR living in Serdang. I regard myself as a Happy Go Lucky person where i seldom angry and i always cheerful. If im angry with you, that means you had totally and effectively step on my tail. Watch out!!

Sometimes i think i am easily seen at any place. Maybe because of my HEIGHT, some may say its because of my loud (+ iritating) VOICE and i may say its because of my GANGSTER (+ Scarry +Scary ) FACE. Height? indeed i do not have a friend whose taller than me except recently i met Mesh in GSM. He is huge and tall. OMG. My face? One of the organ that i think related to my face that im not satisfied with ~SKIN !!!...just not having healthy skin, and i know its important and i shall do something on it before its too late. My voice? Hmm, this part relates to my MOUTH. Its big and talkative at some times. Believe me it may not too at some time. I can eat a lot at a time, i can eat a lot of time, i can eat a lot in a lot of time !!! Im malay educated, therefore i can speak fluently of BM but i can speak fluently of chinese language as well. I talk loud, i talk fast at some time. That's why some people think its irritating !!

3. what is your reason to blog?
Its because i like to talk. But i cant talk at all time to everyone. Therefore, having myself a blog allows me to talk to everyone at the same time and anytime. Thanks reader for listening to me. Im glad enough if you are telling me you are listening but in fact you are not. Also, Blogging means SHARE !! i like to share thoughts and words. Having a blog allows me also to share the things i felt its worth to share. That's why i share videos, pictures and information here to all of you. Im frank on this, when ever i go through something special, something weird incident, besides to share with nearest friends by conversation, the next one to share is HERE. That's to you !!!...Im blogging because you all are listening to me !!! Thanks...
4. list and link 5 favourite post from your blog..
Here are my 5 favourite posts i posted before. Click the title if you want to view back the posts. Its linked !!!
  1. History of my name. This post is where all of you would know me and my names more, understand one of the element that bring my self esteem sometimes to the heaven and sometimes to the hell.
  2. Malaysia made "Crocs Cap Gajah". I spent sometimes to compose this post. Related to the ugliest shoe i ever bought. But eventually love it in the time im writing this post.
  3. New chapter of life. This post was a quick snap of how i start and what i am in Serdang. Who i am with? What i work? how i look?
  4. My Expectation. This post truly a hot topic among my friends. Wa ha ha. This post is where i state down my expectation on my future GF. I was being mocked as i am crazy or not. Haha.
  5. Scarry face. I was just proving i have no scarry face !!!

There are my top5 favourite post, what say you? which one is your fav?

5. tag 5 awesome people and inform them that they have been tagged by you..
Im gonna tag everyone who read this post. Yeah its you especially those i follow in blogspot. Oz, Fizz, Jinnrhu,Qiqi, Wen, Dzu, Jc, Lina, Hory and Molly.
Thats all for the content for this post. I hope you enjoyed !!!


d7 said...

no 4 is the most hilarious ;p

rolexphang said...

Hahah..thanks Miss D7...thanks for supporting so much on that post..hahaha......

Jenn said...

absolutely agree!! Yessss!! When i first read the post,, my reaction is WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! =D

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