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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear friends,

Its my term break now..Yahoo !!!, its relaxing time for us 2 weeks. Haha..

For your info, I will be leaving my Serdang home and my beloved darn Hp pc for one week. So, i wont be able to update my blog at this moment which is from 23th feb til 27th.. Reaching home by 28th...

I will be going to place that has the landmarks as guess..

Have a nice holiday to my all MBA coursemates..Have fun everybody on your daily life. See you all soon.



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pity Rihanna

I bet all of you hear, read and see the news about Rihanna being beaten by his boyfriend Chris Brown (I believe now is Ex-Bf) right? She's so pity to have such a famous boyfriend whose a famous singer. Seems like they two were loving couple in the industry.
Unluckily Rihanna seems not strong enough for the fight at one day they both quarrel. I have been seeing their news in the galaxie blog news, finally today it shown how Rihanna looks like after being beaten.

Showing you below is how Rihanna looks like in the poster.

I somehow believe below picture is real. Im not really her fan, but i stil could recognise her.
This is how she looks like after losing the match with her Bf Chris Brown. Pity her. Chris Brown was not treating her as girl, as a gf and as a celebrity cum famous singer Rihanna.

For your information, those who do not know who is Chris Brown, this is his pic. He's kinda famous singer. You might heard him somewhere definitely.

So pity to Rihanna because got herself to one bf that seems doesnt give her face. She has concert in KL just few days after, no wonder it had been postponed. Do you think she can stil wholeheartedly sing and perform in KL with this face and heart.
Wish her get well soon.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Post-exam phenomenon !!!

I actually wanted to blog about this topic, but my pc problem caused my mood dropped and made me wanna talk about it first before i come to this topic...

I had finally finished my exams..4 subjects in 5 weekdays..pretty tough for those who studied a lot lot lot from cover to cover with their text books.. Im definitely not that hardworking. Haha. How's the exam? you must be asking this. Its pretty good for 2 subjects (MIS), 1 was not bad (Marketing) and 1 more (Finance) was AVERAGE !!! the most boring and stressful period would be the exam week period. Finally its over now for temporary..Stil got 2 trimester to go..

The phenomenon happens to us here is..internet is so slowwwwwwwwwww......cant load facebook further, cant play pet society, cant surf many webpages... we do not know what happened to our line.. i couldnt go far in facebook, and the page will load probably hour then it will ended up actually not progressing... my life without internet but pc only is miserable..luckily msn live messenger stil working, so it saved my life a bit..if msn cant work, i think i will be very hot tempered at home..Ha ha..
Hope your place and your line is okay..wish ours will be okay soon. But its okay, our term break has come. Its 2 weeks this time, so im gotta leave my pc for almost 2 weeks. Happy Holiday to my MBA coursemates..enjoy to the fullest..

My darn PC...

Hi everyone..

This few weeks, or weeks before..i have been troubling to enter my pc successfully...i do not know what is actually the problem but it caused my pc will auto restart itself when im playing it in sudden. Last time, it usually auto restart once only..then i can play my pc back to normal..

but recently !!!!!!!!!!! it auto-restarted non finish..sometimes until 15 mins and even half and hour..below is how it look like...see the video..dont watch it too long, its gonna be the same at the back, this video is almost 10 mins, i shot till my hand started to get tired and yet it stil not yet in..this video is actually shot to show the HP people when they come to my prove this problem existed...

Ridiculous rite?..i almost lost my temper just now cos i was so boring, desperately need pc and internet..yet my damm pc is playing tantrum to me...

To my pc, you better wait and gonna send you to HP and let them teach you a lesson...and know im telling the whole world that you are so naughty..You better behave next time..however my dear pc, i adore you actually and i am desperately need you everyday..please behave..!!!



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting Facts !!!

How are you today?..feel good?

I started to feel blogging habit had instilled me somehow a good habit of sharing good things, good thoughts too. As i had installed the 'lucky number' and 'statcounter' in this blog, i began to believe there are actually people as interesting as you reading my blog often. As long as you ever click here, i already appreciated it a LOT...Thanks.. Thats why when ever i see something interesting, something funny, i would think to post it here share with all of you there.

Just now, Waisin was youtubing. Came across below youtube video. Its very interesting to gain more general knowledge. Even though its just words, but its informative and you will surprise how come you never think of this. All about interesting facts that will make you react and say as below:

  • Ohhhhhhh......
  • Really????????
  • Hahaha...
  • What???????
  • True or not?..
  • and so on...

Watch it !!!

There's a lot more other vidoes all about interesting facts such as animal, sleeping and even sex..haha.. interested to see?.. The youtube link is as below. Click it and it will bring you along with other related video.

Happy learning.....



Scarry Face !!!!!

Few days ago my fren whose name ND Liew were chatting with me, he said that he has friend whose same as me studying MBA at UPM, i do not know that guy, but that guy knows me.. He said to ND that Phang is that one tall with scary face...

I was kinda 'touched' with that word SCARY FACE !! Haha.. Now you guys judge...

Do i?
Am i?

Was I?
Were I?


Im angry !!! Im gonna 'munch' you..
Haha.. after see those of my pictures, im not scary right?.. Im gonna use my this face to earn for living you know.. Ha ha.

You see, i posted my so many silly pictures here and it might been viewed worldwide.. I should be more discreet exposing the true myself. Ha ha.
Good day everybody !! Hope i had made u smile at least once today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot days turn better now

Sorry if you guys been waiting when is my latest post here,

Been busy and somehow not busy for my final exams from 16th Monday to 20th Friday..with just 5 days of weekdays, i got 4 exams in it. Haha. Pretty tight schedule for us to read read read. Dont worry, we here stil okay. In fact, reading and studying my terrified exam FINANCE now for tmr's exam. Haha.

This few days been so hot and hot. I believe last year's this period were also hot. No wind, and even if have wind, its warm wind. Feel so want to go somewhere colder such as GENTING and so on. Probably oversea.

Finally today and just now it rain. Wa ha. Our earth now finally wet a little bit and more. Its pretty big rain though til we need to close behind's door to block to strong wind blowing in. Now feel better, even those trees and crops feel better too. I think the rain god probably heard us nagging ' waa, today so hot ah....', ' what a hot day' , 'when gonna rain?' ' such a HOT day, we should be in aircond room' many HOT hot HoT keywords flying here and wonder he heard it.. Even for me, i miscount how many times i say HOT. Haha

All the best for my MBA coursemates, wish you all good memories and good answers answered !!

Just to prove im in exam mode, see how messy my table with slides and notes..Haha

My HR exam, whole booklet filled with handwritings. Snap few to keep memento. Haha. You guys can see how big my handwrtings are. And how it look like when whole page is all of it. I won't agree and admit if anyone want me to say my handwritings are lousy. Its nice what !!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Without Limbs : Nick Vujicic

Few days ago my buddy Loong sent me few links of youtube video, i was like busy like hell rushing assignment, some even i had buffered it but stil no time to watch it. But, one of it really caught my eyes which is about this guy, Nick Vujicic.

He may look handsome in above pic, but you may know he is actually bornt extraordinary and live even enlightening now. A 25 years old Australian. He is born without arms and legs. Both !! He was not given any medical reason on this. I totally impressed with this guy ability. He is now travelling oversea inspiring poeple around the world including China, Hongkong, US and many more. He even came to Malaysia before. He is a Christian. If you are a Christian too, probably one day you could meet him through your respective church too.

I just simply do not know how to express much regarding him. I just want to share that, even Nick as he is born without legs and arms, he never think he is a disable. He's stil living and living great. He inspired whole world that everyone has a reason to live.

C'mon..what below video. There is actually more on youtube. Search his name. Want to know more of him, please visit his official website. and you out there..since you have ur legs, you have ur arms well and nice...make sure you appreciate your life.



Friday, February 6, 2009

An academic day of mine ~~~~~

Hello all..

How are you all this few day? Thanks for keep viewing my blog..Well, as you all know, im studying my MBA is UPM now..many people have been wondering how masters people study and how i study it? ways are unique, probably same like Waisin ( my housemate) whose lazying and loitering whole day..

Therefore, i chose a day and somehow simply keep track what i done in my class..just a simple one..i may make it more detailed one day..still young here, but as i have a blog here, my mind will always keep me reminded that i want to share this and that to all of you here..

So, here we go.. Im going to tell you in brief what i am doing from i wake up til i reach my home after school. It might going to be long because im somehow 'long breath'. Haha. Hope you won't feel sleepy. You may divide the part to read. Haha.

Every morning, Waisin and I will be woken up my Waiyan ( my another girl housemate) with her nicely knock knock on our room door. Its time to wake up. 8am every Mon to Thu. Waiyan is somehow a very important girl in me and Waisin's life because she's our (soul waker) motivator of the morning. If she didnt wake us two up, we won't be able to wake on time. Because what, We both won't set alarm. Haha..

I will be awake first, after i done shower and everything i will call in nice sweet 'Waisinnnnnnn' to wake my roommie Waisin. Haha..So what i will do next?.. i will sit on my chair check these three things. But wait, im going to tell that, the first thing i will do when i wake up, not brush my teeth, not see the mirror, but i will straight ON my pc, check my phone..only then i will head to bath. haha.

These two things i will check every morning. ( Facebook, Hotmail). Also Yahoo Mail and signin my MSN Messenger. I dont know why. But i will and i need. Since i move here to stay with broadband, my pc will never off at home unless i sleep. So, that 15 mins i have in the morning to wear clothes, gel my hair after i out from bath, i will spend a portion of it for my pc and accounts. To save time, that is why i ON my pc before i go in bath. Haha.

8am til 8.15am is my time for brush teeth and all sort of things in bath in the morning. 8.15am to 8.30am will be for Waisin. When is the portion for Waiyan?.. Haha, she wakes us up you remember, means she wakes up early. We have to seperate time like this, because we have only a tiny bath in our house.

By 8.30am, we will leave to UPM by walking, Above pic is just to show how it look like for our corridor. That is Waisin locking the door, only for that day, usually he does not. haha. We live on the second floor, middle section of the flat. We may see our neighbours left and right before, but we never greet. Haha. Living in flats are like that. Hope you all are not.

As we are walking down, i quickly snap this photo of our block. I use this chance to intro where we stay. This called OLD FLAT in outside UPM. It is old isnt it? This is block 2 where we stay. its a beautiful morning and we are walking either energetically or sleepy everyday.

Opps, forgot to show what is our entrance to UPM, its a small steel door with at least 10 feet wall. I will show next time. Here we are, in UPM already. I walked last, usually i walk at front. Thats Waisin and Waiyan. Keep walking and walking.

Then we reach GSM already. Its our faculty. Why we walk? yes we walk, not because we do not have transport, but its nearer to walk rather than with bike.

Now you can see what is the distance. By 15 mins we could reach our faculty already through the small door to be accessed for those who live in my flat area.

When we reach in our class, its 8.45am usually, its still early where many people still not yet reach. What do i usually do is, i will go to our student lounge. Sometimes Waisin will tag along. What we do?.. Haha..

This is how our student lounge looks like. This is where we can eat (no food provided in the morning, but night YES), we can drink and we can watch tv, gossiping, talking chatting and clubbing..haha.. We are here for the Milo or Nescafe actually.

Well, we as the student of GSM, we will be provided free hot drinks Milo and Nescafe through this dispenser above. haha. Its not free perhaps, we paid it in our fees. For your info, our one trimester fees is RM4600 nett. Its included these facilities, text books for each subject and computer lab. No more. haha..

Got our breakfast drinks, lets sit down and relax it. Thats Waisin. Where is Waiyan?..She usually does not follow me or us, she will either in the class or go our computer lab. Do what?.. i dont know. Facebook's Petsociety?..haha..after finish the drinks, almost 9am. Time for class.

I snapped this while i started to feel boring listening to lecturer. Its Finance class, no wonder i will be free to snap this. Forgoten again to snap a pic where you can see how the class looks like. Its like this, long table like in auditorium. Projectors and whiteboards. Handsome hunks and pretty ladies. Books and notes. and one and only LECTURER. haha.

Haa..this is our long table with the view of 4 others. Waiyan was listening attentively. Joosiew was drinking her drink, Waisin is grumbling why this subject so boring. Cecilia i cant see from here, probably listening lecture too.
After finish the class, that's it. Finish my one day class. No more. Its true. My this trimester class schedule 9am to 12noon every monday to thursday only. No more except replacement class. At that noon, Waiyan, Waisin and me will walk back directly without hesitation for LUNCH...haha..

This is well re-known NEW FLAT. haha. There is new and OLD OLD flat. This one newer. Many photostate shops here. Like how it is at Taman Universiti at JB UTM. A lot of UPM students.

Our lunch. Chinese food. Mixed rice. Mixed what ever you want. Haha. Thats Waiyan with those variety of dishes.

Here is when my another girl Junlan will appear in my day. She will join us lunch. That's she with variety of vegs. Sorry Waisin, you are not here. haha..
After lunch, nothing else to do. HOME. Finish outing for a day. Thats all my journey for that day in brief.
What do i do at home after that?

haha..Once i reach my home, without even taking off my watch, my bag, keys and so on, i will again turn my pc ON again. What do i do?.. what else if not FAcebook, MSN, YAHOO, Friendster and so on..whole day...i may take evening naps too..
Around 7pm, dinner time. Back from dinner, do the same things with my pc again. Till i sleep. Haha. You must be wondering, where is the slot for assignments, library and study?.. Haha.. these two elements will be happen in my life in ad-hoc basis. I wont do them daily but only when needed. Not daily, probably monthly.

Thats all my day starts and ends. Feel sleepy already?..
Wish you enjoy reading this. See you in next post.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New chapter of life start from here...


thanks for being the few people who read this new blog in this world. Truly appreaciate your time to read here. I promise will make this blog interesting and get u addicted here.
Well, i have been thinking for few hours what topic i should write here to kickstart my blogspot. Finally i make decision to start with a brief telling my life start when i study MBA in UPM. Haha. Im starting with this in case my new friends and new reader might not familiar of who i am and where i am from.

Kinda arkward to start now. Haha. I believe pictures speak itself right?

Im actually a Marketing Management graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Dont believe?

I just simply show two pics that i look good only here. Haha. That is my ex-roommate in utm Kwang Soon and another pic was with my all Marketing coursemates.

After i grad, im with 2 marketing coursemates come to this UPM to further our MBA. Who are they?...

I study here. Graduate School of Management, Uni Putra Malaysia.

These two friends come together with me. Eventually, they somehow say like i cheated them study here. haha.
Waisin and Waiyan...*they two are not siblings. Dont judge by their name. Haha.

One more very important person study masters in UPM also. She is Junlan.

We 4 stay together. Where we stay?..

haha..i do not know why i do not have our small house's picture. Show u all these few walls. Its my pc area and the look of the hall at the beginning time. Waisin and were sleeping at the hall becuase we were lazy to tidy the room. Our walls are newly paint, new tiles and so on. We were charged the rental at RM 550 per month. Some say its way to expensive, some say its too worthy. Haha.

Studying life always boring. Going to class which is only 3 hours a day. 4 days a week. My class only being conducted from 9am to 12 noon. After that, i will be going to library to find some reference books to study further til around 6pm everyday. Haha. Do u believe i would be so hardworking? nah~~~ in fact, i will come back online, friendster, facebook, msn and take evening nap. haha. i wont study til the last minute. 3 days before exam should be the golden time, but i must t wait the the last one day.

Its my first time in my entire life studying so far away from my home at Senai, its my first time having real housemates hopefully for this long time ( i had before for 10 weeks when i was internship last year), first time have streamex which allows me to online day and nite, nite to days, first time study masters..haha..

also first time working part time while im studying full time MBA. I bet all of u know what i am working now. In case u do not know, let me tell u..haha..

Im actually working part time at TGV Cinema The Mines Shopping Fair before. Currently less working there, cos of what?..cos of LAZY..i like the job very much..Our position name working there is Customer Relations Officer (CRO). Sounds good?..haha..

U see, i do popping too. Not the dancing POPPING..but Popcorn POPPING.Hahaha.We were all well mastered in every job aspects. I was so excited when i saw the popping, and even more excited when its my turn. But after pop few rounds, i get bored. Its oily and that pop corns might pop onto your face anytime. Its dangerous. In addition, after the popping, the next day my face pimples would be popping out too. Haha..

I see popcorns, drinks and titbits too. Do u ever see me working there? TGV The Mines. not recently, Im lazy for it currently.

Limited edition. It's a movie ticket for sure. the movie Wanted at RM9. What special there?..did u realise there is my name there? haha..Its my first day working and i was in charged selling ticket. Those who get the tickets that got my name on it, show to me..i will treat u meal. haha.

Besides working at TGV, i have my second part time. Its Sales Consultant at Macy Home Furnishings. My job there was simple and interesting. Selling, promoting and assisting. Haha. Macy sells a lot of things includes furnitures and what im majoring there is Curtains. If u wanna spot me there, i will be working on public holidays and weekends from 12noon to 9pm. Its Macy HQ at Seri Kembangan, not Macy Ikano, IOI Puchong or Taipan.

One side of the showroom, it was curtains behind me. No customer at that moment.

Haha. Another angle of my face and the showroom.
Thats all i wanna share this time. Its simply from the time i started to come here and til now. studying, eating, sleeping, working and ONLING everyday til now.
I had problem in making this blog nice this time. Thats why u might see the layout of the content is not beau. Im stil learning how to upload pics effectively and accurately positioned. I promise the layout would be nicer next time.
Dont worry if any story in between this blog content that u wanna know further. I will drill it down and talk more next time. U all my beloved readers, u have the power to request any topic from me. I will be happy to share for u all.
Till here then. Thanks for reading this. See u in my next post.