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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small tips !!!

I ever said, i am going to share what's special in my Serdang house. Now its the second one. Guess what is this?
I am not going to say what's it, but this thing is a daily grocery item that many housewives may buy. Haha. You will know what is it eventually if you follow what i write further !!! Why is it existed in our house?

This thing being used based on a concept. It's invented/being brought in our house by my housemate Waisin. REASON??
  1. Natural smell
  2. Environmental Friendly
  3. Chase the mosquitoes away

This is the main reason is THIS THING chases mosquitoes away. When we were just moved here, my room has many mosquitoes. How to get rid of those mosquitoes the easiest way? Waisin doesn't very fancy with my idea of using Shieldtox Mat in the room because he thought smelling the scent of Shieldtox Mat too often will cause brain damage and bad effects to our body.

Im not sure where he learnt it, but it somehow affective. You can try also if you terrified with mosquitoes, want to make sure they keep you away, but at the same time the smell won't damage your body. Haha. i think i should tell you what's it already !!!

Its Minced Onion !!! Small onion okay, not the big onion that we ate with satay !!!...

But please take note, if you terrified Onion more than Mosquitoes, better you don't put and try. I don't want to bear the consequence that you fainted in the room. I ever suggested to my coursemate JunHwa this method, but she replied me saying 'You want me die together with mosquitoes in the room ah?'

In conclusion, you can try this method..make sure you mince the onion, you just put on any container, leave it in your room..let it be in your room for few days till it dry..Onion smell all over your room is not that bad as well.. Haha..!!!

Good and happy try !!!




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