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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New chapter of life start from here...


thanks for being the few people who read this new blog in this world. Truly appreaciate your time to read here. I promise will make this blog interesting and get u addicted here.
Well, i have been thinking for few hours what topic i should write here to kickstart my blogspot. Finally i make decision to start with a brief telling my life start when i study MBA in UPM. Haha. Im starting with this in case my new friends and new reader might not familiar of who i am and where i am from.

Kinda arkward to start now. Haha. I believe pictures speak itself right?

Im actually a Marketing Management graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Dont believe?

I just simply show two pics that i look good only here. Haha. That is my ex-roommate in utm Kwang Soon and another pic was with my all Marketing coursemates.

After i grad, im with 2 marketing coursemates come to this UPM to further our MBA. Who are they?...

I study here. Graduate School of Management, Uni Putra Malaysia.

These two friends come together with me. Eventually, they somehow say like i cheated them study here. haha.
Waisin and Waiyan...*they two are not siblings. Dont judge by their name. Haha.

One more very important person study masters in UPM also. She is Junlan.

We 4 stay together. Where we stay?..

haha..i do not know why i do not have our small house's picture. Show u all these few walls. Its my pc area and the look of the hall at the beginning time. Waisin and were sleeping at the hall becuase we were lazy to tidy the room. Our walls are newly paint, new tiles and so on. We were charged the rental at RM 550 per month. Some say its way to expensive, some say its too worthy. Haha.

Studying life always boring. Going to class which is only 3 hours a day. 4 days a week. My class only being conducted from 9am to 12 noon. After that, i will be going to library to find some reference books to study further til around 6pm everyday. Haha. Do u believe i would be so hardworking? nah~~~ in fact, i will come back online, friendster, facebook, msn and take evening nap. haha. i wont study til the last minute. 3 days before exam should be the golden time, but i must t wait the the last one day.

Its my first time in my entire life studying so far away from my home at Senai, its my first time having real housemates hopefully for this long time ( i had before for 10 weeks when i was internship last year), first time have streamex which allows me to online day and nite, nite to days, first time study masters..haha..

also first time working part time while im studying full time MBA. I bet all of u know what i am working now. In case u do not know, let me tell u..haha..

Im actually working part time at TGV Cinema The Mines Shopping Fair before. Currently less working there, cos of what?..cos of LAZY..i like the job very much..Our position name working there is Customer Relations Officer (CRO). Sounds good?..haha..

U see, i do popping too. Not the dancing POPPING..but Popcorn POPPING.Hahaha.We were all well mastered in every job aspects. I was so excited when i saw the popping, and even more excited when its my turn. But after pop few rounds, i get bored. Its oily and that pop corns might pop onto your face anytime. Its dangerous. In addition, after the popping, the next day my face pimples would be popping out too. Haha..

I see popcorns, drinks and titbits too. Do u ever see me working there? TGV The Mines. not recently, Im lazy for it currently.

Limited edition. It's a movie ticket for sure. the movie Wanted at RM9. What special there?..did u realise there is my name there? haha..Its my first day working and i was in charged selling ticket. Those who get the tickets that got my name on it, show to me..i will treat u meal. haha.

Besides working at TGV, i have my second part time. Its Sales Consultant at Macy Home Furnishings. My job there was simple and interesting. Selling, promoting and assisting. Haha. Macy sells a lot of things includes furnitures and what im majoring there is Curtains. If u wanna spot me there, i will be working on public holidays and weekends from 12noon to 9pm. Its Macy HQ at Seri Kembangan, not Macy Ikano, IOI Puchong or Taipan.

One side of the showroom, it was curtains behind me. No customer at that moment.

Haha. Another angle of my face and the showroom.
Thats all i wanna share this time. Its simply from the time i started to come here and til now. studying, eating, sleeping, working and ONLING everyday til now.
I had problem in making this blog nice this time. Thats why u might see the layout of the content is not beau. Im stil learning how to upload pics effectively and accurately positioned. I promise the layout would be nicer next time.
Dont worry if any story in between this blog content that u wanna know further. I will drill it down and talk more next time. U all my beloved readers, u have the power to request any topic from me. I will be happy to share for u all.
Till here then. Thanks for reading this. See u in my next post.


JunLan said...

Wow...Rolex Phang Blogspot...Here I leave some of my comments...for encouragement perhaps...hehe...GOOD JOB friend!
But I wanna to highlight that...Serdang to Senai is only 3 hrs drive my dear...not that far from our't emphasize that far far away from howmtown...hahaha...

Joanne Chan said...

I was surprised to see that you have posted a link in FB...I wonder when did this guy start blogging??

Haha.. I felt I am so lucky to read your first post here :D It's good to see you are having a blog now, welcome to the blog world! You'll be making lot of friends from here, believe me!

To be honest, I think your first post is very good. Ganbatte Kudasai, Rolex san! There are more to be learnt! I'm still learning though ... :D

If you need any guidance, can always look for me. Since you're my junior, I will surely support you =)

See you again!


Wai Yan said...

As one of your 'lovely' friends must come to support you de..hehe..don't say that we don't even care about you anymore..hehe..I had heard you said many times wanna to start a blog but no action i want to congrate you that you finally accomplish it (it's sincere)..hehe..well, JunLan, I think this is the first time for over his 23 years life, he left his hometown, that's why he said 'far far away' lo..hehe..

Wai Yan said...

As one of your 'lovely' friends must come to support you de..hehe..don't say that we don't even care about you anymore..hehe..I had heard you said many times wanna to start a blog but no action i want to congrate you that you finally accomplish it (it's sincere)..hehe..well, JunLan, I think this is the first time for over his 23 years life, he left his hometown, that's why he said 'far far away' lo..hehe..

Wai Yan said...

sorry..technical problem..that's why mis-posting 2 comments..paiseh la..hehe..

Caroline said...

jia you jia you! am waiting for your next update (:

rolexphang said... touching..u all read it..u all are the first batch of my fans..haha..Thanks.......

LoOnG said...

Nice blog 'Rolex Phang Blogspot'! I will support your blog always. You got my words. Hahahaha...... you are "THE MAN" who come from hometown to Serdang for your MBA. Must take care of yourself.
Don't forget to take care of little Jun Lan as well. She is so pity... Just sitting around tat little corner..... sigh....
Anyway, i am waiting for your next update!!
Fan always!!!

Kwang Soon said...

yo roommate.. my turns to post a comment on ur blog!! honour to be in the first picture on your blog and congrats on the great first post about your life so far.. looking forward to your blog updates on all your excitements and grumble of your future life..
update this blog as frequent as u update ur friendster n facebook oh!

prazanna said...

wah.. nice blog and i'm eager to ready more.. :)

siewking said...

one day only study 3 hours and 4 days a week only... can see ur life so relax compare to us who edi start working....

i wish i can back to study life.....

take k n wish u all the best in year 2009!

Joanne Chan said...

Seems like you've a batch of FANS already? lol...

rolexphang said...

Hmm..........stil need to thanks all of u all's support..thanks to statcounter..i may see the number is not high, but as long as i know there is someone click to see it..i feel soo happy ald..
thanks all..

xhan said...

Ho ho ho erm new blog erm sound cool erm wonder u sure have plenty time to write blog hahahha.....erm i just pop in here to wish u luck for ur exam and maybe u can upload some picture of mine hahahhah.... btw miss u guys nana, junlan n u too phang wish we can gather sometimes hehehe all d best n do update cuase now im a blog reader hahhaha cio

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