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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Malaysia Made "Crocs cap Gajah"

Introducing my newly bought shoe. A 100% rubber shoe same as the well-known Crocs.

Well, the reason i bought this new shoe is that we all MBA students tomorrow will be attending a WAR at Port Dickson. Haha. a WAR GAME !!!..does it sound bombastic?..Its actually called Corporate Strategy Simulation Game. However, this WAR GAME is not the main thing i want to talk now, back to the shoe. Please !

Well, going to a WAR that we all terrified, thus i need a shoe that can help me perform good and most important thing "water no fear" plus "maximum earth grip". I can't bear myself to wear my New Balance shoe to run into the jungle, step into the damp and muds, all of the shoe absorbed few litres of dirty water and soaked your legs. Hahaha.. Basically, i just dont want to make my New Balance turn into OLD Not Shining Balance shoe. Haha.

Actually, the first sight i saw this shoe, i truly felt it is the ugliest shoe i ever bought since i have purchasing power. However, the more i see it, the more i felt it actually looks good. You see properly referring to above picture.It has the pattern that resembled PUMA shoes. Oh man, its almost the same pattern, just in different colour. So i believe it will help me run as fast as Puma in the jungle tracking.
In addition, it has the world most re-known Adidas 'Three Stripes" features on it. Well, Malaysia Boleh right? Therefore, my new shoe has 4 stripes. Haha. I believe i will look more stylo than wearing Adidas shoe because i have one extra stripe than Adidas. Furthermore, I have combination of Adidas and Puma on my shoe. Isn't that a great one?

As i said before, we go to war. Running high and low in the jungle. Best feature on your shoe is not the colours, not the patterns but the CLAWS on it. Haha. You see Nike Shoe aboved, it was made specially to provide the best grip to the earth. So does my new show below. My Crocs does not losing in this feature. It will ensure you won't be falling on your ASS in the jungle.

My shoe has a cutie elephant down there. It's Malaysia made. We shall support National and Local products. haha. Its brand is Cap Gajah (Elephant). So one more competency on my shoe not only run as fast as Puma, Stylo as Adidas, Powerful Grip as Nike but also STRONG as Gajah (Elephant).. Ha HA Ha !!!..Elephant can't swim, but it doesn't not fear water AT does this shoe again..i strongly believe this shoe can last at least 50 times jungle tracking and 1000times being soaked in the water. But frankly, i just want to wear it once only for this time. Hehehe.
Now i shall introduce the Ambassador of this newly introduced product "Crocs cap Gajah" to you guys. My new shoe is way tooooo special, so i found this model and few of his pictures on the net modelling this shoe. So, i am sharing it now here to you guys.
His name is Rolex, aged 24years old. Height 1.87m, weight 73kg, Shoe size 43..been on the cover of various magazines and the most important thing is he is one of the Best Top Model representative of South East Asia most famous modelling agency, RolexPhang Model Management. Haha..
This latest style by wearing it without socks would be the most IN style in this coming DAMM HOT and BURNING Summer Season in Peninsular Malaysia. People would laugh you if you still wearing shoes with socks.
A bird's eye view of the shoe. It looks super great on this model's feet. Well, i know you are peeping on the model's hairy legs. Please don't !!!! the main character is the shoe, not the legs.

Here i found the casual picture of the model wearing the Cap Gajah's Crocs with the most casual pose EVER. Nice smile, legs curvy, arm placement and so on WITHOUT stealing the limelights of the shoe on his feet. Bravo !!! one more thing, I've read somewhere that the photographer who shot this picture is the most famous Sexy and Charming photographer named WaiSin. He had shot more than 100 covers and models WORLDWIDE.( Big credit to him. Good Job !!!
Enough of the model, Darn him exposed too much coverage in my blog and made all of you got distracted way so far from the shoe. I had forgoten to mention about its market price. Oh oh ohhh..all of you gonna hold your jaw when it drops. haha. I just bought it with RM 6.90 only. Yeah, RM 6.90, not RM 69 or RM 690.......So damm cheap right? do you have the urge and passion to buy 10 pairs home?..please don't. !!! haha.
I am going to War tomorrow with this new shoe. Wish me all the best, so do MANY MANY of my comrades.
Phang, War Survivor to-be.


ichiban | いちばん said...

wakakakkakakakaka ni hen siao de... hahahhaa =P

Anonymous said... new balance shoe dah kotor max....entah ape la i nak buat with tat shoe..oh dammmm

rolexphang said...

thanks anonymous.. let me teach u how to deal with ur shoe..but tell me who r u first?..i pretty curious to know who r u..

Anonymous said...

cool..wher did u buy d 'adidas kampung'?

Anonymous said...

you are all dogs which use/made this shoes

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