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Monday, July 6, 2009

Last trimester starts !!!

Found this picture and it seems pretty interesting.. Start our class war soon, lets stop the real war !!!..World Peace !!!

My last MBA trimester starts soon. Its the last trimester im going to study and after this i shall declare i am a MBA graduate. Hu hu hu. It sounds good to be heard. Well, actually i still do not have such class starting mood. I believe this phenomenon will be same as many people out there. Just start it easy and simple. Dont give ourselves too much stress !! Readers out there, please dont try to start studying and do assignment OKAY !!!

Just a simple post of mine today!! Let me brief you guys what i had done and what details that i think worth to share to you guys in previous two weeks of my LOST in blogspot..

1. Went backpack with Waisin, Xinyi and Jenn to Sabah. Pretty exciting and daring journey as we travelled almost 500km BY OUR OWN in a rented MyVi. We've got few Sabahans' praises on our guts to daringly drive back and forth from KK city to Kuala Penyu (200km). Up and down to Kundasang for Kinabalu Mountain view (200km). All navigation based on what? All based on guts feeling, my printed Google Maps in manual and road signs. FYI, Sabah has no highway like in Peninsular. So, our whole roadtrip was all mountain roads, villages roads and small roads. Not straight one that allows you to speed okay !! haha. You guys can refer my facebook pictures to get more visual satisfaction. Conclude : Awesome trip !!!

2. Got back hometown to meet family finally after more than 2 months didnt go back. If want to say i was HOME SICK, but frankly i wasn't. Just terrified of the bus journey to go back only. Terrified of the bus seats and time travel. But it felt great to reach home. Sit on the sofa, hold on the remote control and press press press whole channels available. Watch tv is a must activity at home. Had a great chitchat with my mum. Gossiping about this and that. Few things that i felt its great to be home.
  • Sit on sofa and do nothing but TV. Watch TV whole day. Pressed the remote approximately 100 times perhaps, check on Teletext on TV program's schedule every hour to make sure what's nice programs is next.
  • Dont have to pay for meal. Haha. Its home, mum's cook + maid's cook. They know i eat a lot. So they will cook the rice more. My job is to eat as much as i can. Also, dont need to clean them up !!! thanks to my maid, she will do them for me and all..
  • Cold drinks, cold fruits and cold what ever includes ice-cream at handy. Serdang home has no fridge, so cannot have cold foods and drinks at home.
  • Have car. Can drive everywhere. No need to fear rain or anything.
  • Can sleep till noon. Sleep, Wake, Watch, Eat and Sleep. Then Wake, Watch, Eat and Sleep again. Haha. All can be done at home without even going out.
  • Thats all. I believe you have your own style at home. I may had missed out.

3. Went to Indonesia Embassy. Brought my maid to re-new the passport. I wonder if they would still work in Malaysia or not since there is the issue Indonesia doesnt want to send their citizen to be maid at Malaysia anymore. Oh NO!!!.. Our live would be hard without our maid !!! I realized they re-new passport is soo cheap. Not more than RM50 only.

4. Did some window shopping in JB. Found our JB's clothes and pants are soo cheap. Its so cheaper than in KL and Selangor. On the spot i bought two short pants for RM60 which i think in KL, these pants would be at least RM40 to RM50 each. Been controlling from buying much. Poorly poor now. Darn PTPTN, stil have not bank in yet.

5. Watched Transformers with TeckLim. We were trying our luck to buy the ticket without booking. The queue was at least 40metres i think. It was Mega Screen, but we couldnt get the middle seat. So we couldnt get the impact enough. Gonna watch this movie soon here in Serdang. Wish to get more of its impact. Haha..

Well, i think its getting crap im talking here. I shall stop here. Let me online and blogging life begin as normal now as im now back on my seat. Gonna see you guys soon here. Look out for my next post here.


Phang !!!


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