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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kimchi & BBQ Korean Restaurant, Taman Pelangi Johor Bahru.

Are you a great searcher through internet? i am..i am indeed.. I searched everything through google and google always not disappointing me. Haha.

Like me, i like to eat. Sometimes i will try new restaurants, new foods and so on. But i do not know where is it? if i want to know the directions after i know the address, how? if i want to make a booking, i do not know the contacts. How?..for me, there nothing cannot be search through internet. Why? because everyone shared everything in the internet. That's i'm always feel thanking about.

I take one incident as example. Me and my friends want to have Korean food somewhere around Johor Bahru but we do not have any idea which to go, where to find. Hence, i searched through the internet and i found. There are people who went to any restaurants before, and left their footprint by giving reviews and contact information. And from there, all of us got the benefits. The Korean Restaurant, Kimchi and BBQ that i am going to talk is the example.

As to continue this spirit and the gratitude towards them, i want to be like them too. Start from know on, i will post about recommended places, foods and drinks in my life here and benefit all so that you can find the relevant information if you happen to find them. Haha.

Back to my topic, i found this restaurant and managed to booked my seats all through internet.
And i am writing my experience about this restaurant. This is a Korean owned restaurant. Erm, what i meant was, a restaurant that owned by a Korean couple. haha. If you happen to call for booking, you may will able to speak to the korean lady boss.

The exterior look of the restaurant. Red colour. At my arrival, the 3rd floor is in renovation. Parking is free, but please take note. If you are going at night, DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR under the trees in front of this restaurant. Or you car will be covered by many crows' poo poo. Don't believe me, park it.

This is the downstair dining area of the restaurant where you will get great welcome by the lady boss.

I made my booking one day before my arrival. The ladyboss was so kind and friendly. She gave me a private room upstair.
Here you are, the private room that i do not need to sit on the floor and big table for us 7 person. In additional, we have a great view outside. This private room consists of two big table for 8 people, and a karaOK set.
Well, the way of Korean people sing KaraOK is the kind of making you on the stage like a star. Its standing. Not like Malaysian like to sit down. haha. Well, we have got free KaraOk system in the room FREE OF CHARGE !!! our money to go for a singing afterwards. Haha.

Let's go for the food.

You can pick by ala-carte, or you can as well like us ordering set meal. Well, we were being advised to pick the Set C by their very very very courtesy waiter.

We had chosen this Set C for us 7 person. However, in order to make sure all of us eat full. The waiter allowed us to change any of the dish in the set to equivalent other dish. Hence, we changed the Ginseng Chicken soup to meat and the Seafood Pancake to Kimchi Pancake. That is so flexible in them to pick our favorable dish to be changed.
Set B if you think it suits you !!

There you go, Korean eating style is they are many many dishes will be served and placed full on your table. We had already got a big big table, but still not seems enough for all dishes.
These are the small dishes for you to wrap together with the meat in the vegs. Erm, pardon me for not taking any picture on how the vegs wrap the meat and these small dishes. I was to busy that time. Haha. Oh one more thing, can you see the glowing green colour dish on above pic? we were so amazed by the colour of the White Raddish. It is now GREEN Raddish !!!

This is the Kimchi Pancake. A thin layer of pancake, that you can taste the spicy feeling of Kimchi. Well, pretty unique but i dont feel it's nice. hehe. Anyway, you must try this if you there.
A fish that was served in Korean way. Erm, taste as nice as not Korean style. Just a normal fried fish, but just you can squeeze some lemon juice on it.
Here you go. That was a part of our meat. Well, As i said, we owned the whole big room with two big tables. The waiter was so thoughtful, he barbequed the meat at another table. Hence, we were not having bad smell on our clothes, and oilyness on our face. Good job !!!

The aboved two dishes were awesome. You don't think its Char Kuey Tiaw..but a dish that has seafood sotongs and so on cooked together with vegs...another one pork+chicken with vegs. VERY NICE !!..worth of trying ~
This is the Kimchi steamboat that was yummy and full of foods. The soup is indeed spicy, with toufu, vegs and many more. I had forgotten what's got inside but overall it taste not bad.
That was how messy our table that time. It was enjoyable with a big table, big room, somewhat cold aircond and even a karaOk system that plays the song that we like.

Last but not least, the dessert. They served free desserts and that is a normal watermelon and a fried Mua Chi..There you go, you can see at above picture. The muachi tastes normal as well as the watermelon. haha. Nothing special. Just the muachi was being slightly fried on the pan. Haha.

After played, eat, running around and sing for 3 hours, that was our bill. No additional charge but the 10% service tax that we felt the waiter had offered more than that.

That's all about the story and reviews of the restaurant. Oh wait, forgotten to mention.. You may will get visit by the owner, the korean gentlemen name Park Sang Jun in your room asking if your food is nice or not, test the aircond works or not !!...

Food and beverage--> 4/5 stars
Customer Service --> 4.5/5 stars

Restoran Korea Kimchi & BBQ
24, Jalan Perang,
Taman Pelangi,
Johor Bahru,
07-3331700 / 6700
017-724 4903



KevJumba in The Amazing Race 17 ~

Hi guys,

I have sudden a BIG, super big URGE to write about him !!...
Well, do you guys know him? OMG !!!....he is the very very very famous Kev Jumba who's very famous in youtube !! could google everywhere to know him !!...short but compact, he is a chinese who's in US, making himself so famous by making videos online !..his videos in Youtube were soooooooo hilarious. I think i am watching him growing up !!...

Here's a link, a youtube video that made me become his fan instantly !!. . this is a long ago published video of him which made him so famous back with over 2millions views ~~
Hilarious video about Asian people in US ~

Since then, i became his fan and watched and laughed almost in all of his videos in youtube.

NOW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can't believe he is participating in The Amazing Race season 17 ~~~ yu hooooooo...i want to watch this season !!! he is participating with his famous dad..what a great team named Team Jumba ~~ hahaha..

here you are the video he admitted he participated after many speculations~~~

I support you Team Jumba !!!..

Hence, i searched as well if there is any videos on The Amazing Race 17 that have them. I FOUND ~~ found one official video by CBS about the teams..

Well, if you happen to watch this in youtube and able to see how people commented on the will be surprised, this official video by CBS that covers all teams...but now flooded by KevJumba's and his dad's supporters...errm, perhaps a little little haters !! hahhaa....if you wanna spot only Team Jumba, there are commentor at the video will tell you to skip directly to 2:30. Hahaha....

More of them !!! here you are ~

Pretty excited to hear this i need to find my ways to watch the season ~~

Well, its one of my dream as well to be in The Amazing Race too. I wish i could, but probably in The Amazing Race Asia ~~~ yet, i can't find any suitable team mate except him ~~ hahaha...

Hope you guys enjoy the videos !!!...Hope the first video that made KevJumba famous will attract you to watch him more...

Rolex ~~~