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Monday, June 22, 2009

Gmail : Email from Google ~~

Hello guys,

Im yet to fly, so im still here..still gonna post something until the time i fly.. Haha..
Just want to talk something about Gmail.. You may be wonder why i want to talk about it?
Whats to talk about it then?
  • Do i have a new account on it?
  • Do i hate it?
  • Do i have something serious to critic it?

Haha..Its question number 1 !!!..Yeah yeah, i have a gmail account.. Its nothing BIG to be announced by the way..Haha..please bear on me regarding my sharing habit..i just want to share...sharing is caring !!!

Its like this, in the midst of exam that day, i suddenly have a passion and urge to have a Gmail..As i heard and see from my housemate, Waisin who's everyday everytime sit next to me and accessing Gmail for email and chats. He always praise Gmail to me, and say i should have one as well..But i have already a Hotmail and a Yahoo Mail..

Fyi, i have already a Hotmail account which named "Sexayyyyy" and it was being used since i donno how many years ago, probably 8 hours or more.. I can't bear to ditch it. This is an account where i flirt, forward message and main way to contact me.. So you guys, please keep me always contacted with this "Sexay104" hotmail account.

Then i have another account named Csphang21 at Yahoo..Hmmm, this one i used it for formal purposes.. I dont dare to use Sexayyyyyyy if i want to apply for jobs, send lecturers and so on rite?..Or they would think im a sex maniacs or something.. So, a proper email name was crucial for me that time. Since when? since 21years old.

But, this Yahoo account even though i've used it for certain formal circumstances, but then i started to nag it in my silent heart. One day Yahoo asked me if want to update it according to my Nationality. So i chose Malaysia, darn..!!! it changes my whole yahoo into Malay Language. Oh, C'mon..Malaysian doesnt mean Malay Language.......You can see pictures above and below !!!
Pretty weird for the beginning when i start to access it in Malay Language. "Peti Masuk" = Inbox...."Karang" means Compose..."Kenalan" means Contacts !!! Hahaha...weird weird weird and i was tuning myself for it that time. Haha..but eventually, i've got used to it.. Now, i seldom have any formal things to use this email, therefore it somehow a bit being abandoned *just a bit* and it fills with newsletters and so on especially GSM sent me "Wall Street Journal" EVERYDAY!!!, i will eventually and gradually less using Yahoo mail as my second email for formal usage..because of what? because of the picture below !!!!!!!1
Hola..I've talked so lots, finally reached my main topic.. Its Gmail !!! hurray..i never believe applying an email account can be so fast and Gmail does for me in a click..(no, few clicks and typing)..not even one minute..
Im still new to it..many things yet to explore. But it is nice and beautiful inside comparing to Hotmail and Yahoo..Its functions also not bad.. pretty different !!! I applied it because im gonna start JobHunting soon, and i hope this great new email address of mine would get good response from great employers in this planet..Haha..

You can set your theme as well in your account. It will change its weather and appearance according to your time zone..As i set in Seri Kembangan, when the real life its night time, my Gmail also is night time..Arghhhh !!!!!!...i dont have right to promote and introduce Gmail here, as i may be the number # 501, 789, 187,753rd Gmail account users on this planet..Oh c'mon...Im a late user of this great email service provider and i stilk talk too many rots here.. You guys existing Gmail users must had started to laugh me on this..haha..
Just to inform you guys, if you have anything to contact or mail me, but you dont like my Sexayyy hotmail account, you can contact me at Gmail at the name of "rolex.phang"...Isn't this a nice username? Hahhaa...Waisin named it for me as he said nowadays most common and stylo username must have 'full stop' or 'dot' in between and must be recogniseable for readers that it is yours.. Haha..yeah agree.. "rolex.phang" username, i can't agree more as it truly symbolizes me..hehe..
Opps, its too long already my this "Gmail post". Hope you have not fallen asleep reading this !! Okok, i shall end here..Try yourself a Gmail account and you definitely shall see its different !! Save down my email address lah..
Nice day,
Phang, rolex.phang !!

Vacation time !!!


As i mentioned at my previous post regarding my exams finished, what else could i do if not going back to Johor spend holidays with my family??

Hahaha.......Its studying time !!! i shall start study for my next trimester's subject !!! Do you believe me? NO WAY !!! You already see it from my title above. Haha..

Im going for vacation AGAIN!!!! this time to a place where i need to FLYYYY again..a ticket that had been booked since last year's November...with someone, sometwo and somethree..this vacation nearly being cancelled by me, nearly only me and someone are going..

Where are we going??? Not gonna tell again..let all of you to simply guess and you guys shall know soon when i posted it on are some hints!!!

Somewhere UP on the mountain (not ON the mountain, probably middle..middle only). Its somewhere famous of one mountain where many people go to hike it, wearing thick sweaters and gloves...Also, somewhere DOWN at the no..On an island to be more precise..Its a small one actually. NOT REDANG, Not, you guys dont need to guess there..hehe.. its pretty unfamous island in THAT PLACE because it has too many great island..i guess you guess till die also wont get UNLESS you read further big clue if you ever watch TV..
Somewhere in the pictures on the net showed it has such beautiful sunsets. I hope its true and it will be as that great as the websites said. Hmmmmmm~~~Looking for clue? keep on looking !! Somewhere island where it has this simple dock and blue and green water..hehehe...Somewhere island that i never even think i would go there even though i know, heard and see this place in the TV before. The big clue is the logo below ------->
I am a big fan of this show, and this island was the Island where this show being shot around 9 years ago!! Hahaha... This time im on this island, sure will try my best to find some valuable remnant pieces that left by those Survivors..hahha..
Thats all for my crap regarding my vacation this time. Please look forward for my missing in action for my posts in this blogspot from upcoming Tuesday till Saturday..Wish you guys have a great day too, great vacations for holiday people...Wish us four people would have great trip too to THAT PLACE and ISLAND...
Bye !!!
Phang, who's in the holiday mood..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its over !!! and im back...

Hi guys,

Been sooo long time i didnt be able to update my posts here. 11 days in exact huh !!! It has been 3 weeks of busy life for me. However, i have been checking my Statcounter everyday, i still have constant visitors everyday, sorry guys..i know i disappointed you everytime you clicked in here and nothing new updated..Hehe..

Let me get the time scrolled back weeks back and let you guys know what had i been busy with..

Haha..its EXAM !! once in every 4 months..once every end of my sem.. 4 consecutive days of exam in 5 weekdays.. Truly rushings, truly packed of time to study..You may ask if MBA exams hard or not?..well, i shall say..its getting harder and harder *IF you are a lazy bum as me..haha... For me, this time 4 subjects ( Cross Cultural Management, Business Law and Ethics, Industrial Relations and Business Research Methods ) definitely cannot be harder than my life's worse subject Finance Management and Accountings...but still, the hardness and difficulties are still there..Haha.. stressfull too at some time.. for me, the easiest subject which i feel most confident, the more stress i can be for it because i even worried more i cannot do it well... Let me do some wishing and prediction to my result. A- or B+ for CCM, B or B+ for Law , AAAA for Industrial Relations and BRM wish to get A- to A...wish it come true..

Hmm, i was so busy with my assignments actually. Been such a big lazy bum, i have 14 weeks of academic weeks this trimester, i pushed all my assignments and presentations all in the last two weeks before final. That's why i was pretty busy at the end but i was sooooooo free for the beginning 12 weeks where Waisin was doing assignments everyweek and presenting almost everyweek in his marketing subjects.. Rushing 4 assignments and 2 presentations all to be done in two weeks.. Hahaha..Am i really busy? you must be wondering why am i still in facebook everyday even though i kept on shouting cursing IM BUSY, SO BUSY..haha..yeah yeah, i busy facebooking TOO..ok ok i admit.. Haha..As soon as finished all those assignments on the Friday the last day of academic week, next few days was the exam week starts Monday..Darn, why there are not even STUDY LEAVE for us..we were like rushing and rushing assignments, suddenly and accidentally its exam week..Then rushing and rushing the exam !!!Damm tiring!!!
Every exam is over, every asignments were done and submitted..Freedom freedom at least two weeks of this holidays..Hurray !!!...probably the beginning of the many academic weeks i will be free as well depending on my bum if its lazy or not..Haha..

Since its holiday now, i am just having one big activity to fill it which filled half of my holiday period. But im not gonna tell it here and now. Haha. Soon i will blog the preview out here. Stay tuned !!! By the way, Im hereby wishing all my MBA mates whose also my blog readers, Happy Holiday !!!..i have all my Iranian friends will be going back to their country for holidays too.. Wish you guys Safe Journey and Have fun to th fullest at home..Please remember to come back finish your MBA huh !!!
Ok..its end for now..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Facebook will ban you if...........

Well guys, recently i heard my friend encounter a very weird incident related to facebook. I want to post it here because i strongly believe you will hardly to believe what i said and what my friend is facing..

Hahaha...Its like this about the story..My friend, Miss D whom is one of my MBA mates. She is outspoken, happy-go-lucky and very facebook literated person. She is very actively playing with facebook EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE !!..since i added her in my facebook list, i had been living in the world of her footprints and happiness. She comments on our pics, comments on our blogs, our wallpost, quizzes and so what ever on. She was the moderators of any interesting topics and it always lead to huge colourful discussion within us. She was not only comments, but comments A LOT and extensively which i thought its good for anyone in her network and facebook perhaps.

However, there was a day suddenly she was CURSING facebook and in her blog..The fact was, FACEBOOK HAD BANNED HER !!!...why?????? it was such a weird reason. You guys read it yourself.

She had OVERUSE the feature !! She had posted comments TOO MUCH !! She had used facebook TOO EXTENSIVELY !!! So cruel it did this to my friend !!!

What a weird Facebook !! Isn't that facebook would be more than delighted to hear that there was some one so fancy for it and can't live with it.

Pity Miss D, she had been banned for two days already. My facebook suddenly so silent without her voice here and there all around my facebook's every corner..Missed her voice and so on in there..Wish she would be able to fully access facebook soon..

To all my friends out there, if you don't wanna be blocked by facebook, better use less the comments' feature. Errrrr, on the other hand, this is one of the most interesting feature provided. If you got above notice, just count yourself UNLUCKY !!!

Enjoy the Facebook still, don't get affected by me.. Go Go..Just wanna share this thing that you may never think Facebook would ever did to us !!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Can’t Get Enough of Transformers

Well, which kids in this world do not know Transformer? Which adult whose age lesser than 40years old in this country do know know Transformer? Well, SURE do.......Oh cmon, Transformer is coming to town finally after a long wait since the first one...
Its June finally, means this movie is coming soon to our nearest cinema. BUT, why i can't get enough of Transformers? this is the topic of my post today !!!
Let me start with why I can't get enough start from childhood memories til now.
  1. Because i was a big fan of Power Rangers (the earliest group of them) back in my childhood. I remember Power Rangers was at Sunday morning 8.30am. I was waking up such early just to watch it. Sunday was a "wake-late" day, who don't sleep as much as they can? Transformer cartoon always at the evening 4.30 to 6.30pm in our local channels. Therefore, i always missed this cartoon because i was probably playing marbles, water guns or hide and seek out of my house....So, i just can't get enough of Transformers !!!
  2. Transformers cartoons in my childhood were in ENGLISH. I was such a small kid that time. To be frankly, i definitely can't understand much what they were talking about. I was just surely and solely excited by those movement, transformation of machine into robots and fighting fighting. I think you were too right?. You can understand english when you were kids?????? because i don't understand much in the kids time, So i can't get enough of Transformers now !!!
  3. When we were kids, do you watched Doreamon? do you wish you have a friend like Doraemon always helping you? Do you watch Casper? Do you wish you have such a cute and friendly ghost be friend with you having fun with you? I was definitely day dreaming of these. But Transformers, it will be far far cooler than those. Imagine you have such a handsome suave machines as your friends? Wow.....that's cool !!! but its dangerous.. I wanna try such coolness, So i can't get enough of Transformers now..
  4. Now im big enough to understand the talkings and stories. But my curiosity so far was just being fulfilled with only one movie last time, I need to find back more those Transformers fanatic desirement back now to replace those i lost in my childhood. So, I just can't get enough of Transformers now !!!

Well, last movie Transformers 1, the movie was so breathtaking as our eyes were bombarded by so many exciting fighting scenes that you wish to see but not to live with it, cool machines that you wish to have a few in your city and even some little of romance between them two. i was hardly to blink my eyes. Do you ever say 'Waaaaaaa' that time when the Bumble Bee was transformed from its original old car into a posh yellow sport car?..I was "Waaaa-ing" so loud in the cinema...Arghh, those were not enough for us that time. We want more, We want more !!!!!!

So, can't wait to watch Transformers 2 and it's coming with more machines, robots and bombing this time!!!.. Make sure you got your eyes well prepared for this time. !!! i believe its not gonna let your eyes to rest from it.. Watch out !!!



Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you are THEIR fans... Beyonce's Single Ladies..

Hey guys, look what i found something special and SEXY to be watched..Haha..

Have you guys ever seen or heard of Beyonce's Single Ladies song music video. The dancing of hers was superb, song was nice..Here it is below you can watch it first before i go further !!!.

BUT, apparently, you guys can skip this first video. You will stil see it at the second video i posted right after it..Okok..let's move on to this below video's description.

Beyonce's hot and sexy isn't it? She and another two ladies were dressing such sexy dancing so greatly in this song. I know you probably agree and started to think its so lame if i posting this as my topic today.. This is the original Single Ladies MV..

Few months ago, a friend of mine i had forgoten whom he or she was, send me a link of this video. It was Justin Timberlake dancing with that outfit same as Beyonce throughout the song..The super fit 'leotard'...Well, if you eager to see how's Timberlake curvy looks you are :

Isn't he HoT in you girls' eye?..isn't he Funny?..Well, he was awesome, danced almost the same as girl...Hahaha. By the way, were you laughing watching it? Well, i dont know much detail of the video, i believe it wasn't the real music video but it seems like Timberlake was sort of playing and having fun in the video in collaboration of Beyonce herself. The two other guys i believe are celebrities too, but i dont know who they are. hehe..

BUT WAIT, Im not finish yet...Look what i found today in Yahoo Entertainment News today. I believe this video is stil new in youtube and you are big possibly have not seen it before. Its JONAS BROTHER !!!!...

Well, Jonas Brothers is currently the top HOT boyband now in English music industry. You guys google yourself to see how popular they are in case you do not know them. What i want to say is that, Joe Jonas is so daringly dancing this song of Beyonce wearing HIGH HEELS and super fit "leotard" black clothing...Well girls, another video to serve your eye. Its Joe Jonas' curvy this time.. Hahaha...!!!! I know you can't hear me you are Joe Jonas as Single Ladies...

Nice?..Look at his thigh's muscle !!! Guys still guys, can't be deny of having this part of muscle..!! hahaha....Same as timberlake, i never thought Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas would dare to ugly himself up..But, i believe they don't mind..Their fans are like millions....this won't affect him, but will increase more !!!

Thats all i want to present now. I hope your eyes saw something great and funny after reading this post. Hope what i present did not wasting your time. Haha..

See ya..

Phang !!!

My recent update !!!

Hmmm, been pretty busy doing something that i had forgoten what was that which had made me have less time for blogging..However, i stil MSN and Facebook like usual..Here are some updates of mine that you guys may or may not know..Too many to say in a post, so i shall keep in brief here, SQUEEZING all of them into one !!!

  1. 21st May. Lost my sony ericsson K800i when i was taking KTM back Serdang from Bandar Tasik Selatan. What a great theif, able to pickpocket my phone from my front jeans pocket in not more than 1o seconds while i was squeezing in the train. !!..Bad Luck, serve me right for not being careful !!! It made me been so long time cannot camwhore already. Not in the period of having the budget to get a new phone yet....
  2. 29th May. Attended the public lecture by Mr Philip Kotler. Wu Huuu!!!....never thought i would be able to meet this gentlemen in person in my life. FYI, he is a well-known Marketing Guru in the world. Yet, he was invited by our faculty Graduate School of Management, UPM to give a additional public lecture in Malaysia and we got it FREE OF CHARGE. Isnt that awesome. *Snap Snap* for you guys few pictures here.
    He's what an old strong man. 78 years old already. Awesome awesome. Wen's camera was awesome too, i still able to get such clear picture even though i was sitting at the last row. I have actually few more of him with better pose on stage. haha..

    You know what, after his lecture and the host was saying that we could go on stage to take picture with him. I was like rushing to the front to see if any of my friend with camera was shotting him. Thanks Mohammad, my Iranian friend who was there. I was like a almost crazy fans (or we all were crazy fans) try squeezing to the most middle to get a good spot to have a picture with him. *Day Dreaming* if we could be able to snap picture individually. However, you see the picture above, so lucky cos i almost out of the picture. But i was happy least me and Mr Kotler is in the same picture. Haha !!! By the way, i hope you all still able to identify which one is Philip Kotler in the pictures with hundreds of people. Haha..
  3. 30th May. Its Waiyan's birthday. I didnt go to work, didnt go to class. But we are going to SUNWAY LAGOON. 5 of us only. We had fun there. I do not know why suddenly some of them said wanna go there, its not cheap though the entrance fees. But we still went there. Haha. All of them been sooo long time didnt go there already, Joo Siew and Cecilia even havent been there before. So, in conjuction of making the dream come true..WE WERE THERE..Hahaha...RM 48 for entrance after discount. Enable us to play for Amusement and Water Park. Therefore, we soaked in water, we were up to the sky with its roller coaster !!!
  4. NOW !!! its just 4th day of June. I had already spent a bomb. Big chunk to my wallet and my month of June's pocket money. Spent to so many places..Rents, Sunway Lagoon, shoppping malls, movies, karaoke and so on...
  5. Had a rotten face with many PIMPLES. Been staying up at night pretty often. It probably heated my body and grow my pimples. haha.. What had i done staying up late?..Donno..Stil MSN and facebook...also also, plus ASSIGNMENTS recently..
  6. Rushing my assignments in this two weeks. 4 Assignments and 1 presentation all well scattered in this coming week and next week. After that, its our FINAL EXAM. I dont think i would be able to recover my smooth face in this few weeks. Haha. Gonna be busy very soon!!!

I said its gonna be brief updates of mine, i do apologise now because i realised its still so lengthy and long. Haha. How ah? How to write short and precise blog? Haha.. I dont know..

Cheers everbody,

Phang who's so busy !!!