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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a nice sky !!!

Hi there my friends aka my readers,

How are you guys recently? me? im well good.. Spent a nice night at Genting Highland with my housemates and one guest from Singapore, Shwu Bing ( Ex-UTM cousemate). Finally she was here after waited for so long and couldn't come after so many of other Ex-Utm coursemates been to visit us before !!! She came to us this time, we may not done a lot of things, but still we enjoyed. Especially Genting !!!...It was such a nice feeling got ourselves frozen up a little bit, ran away from the hectic Selangor/KL lifestyle and hot weather !!!...Hahaha....Just a short one night stay at First World Hotel, thanks to Waisin for his complimentary room !!!...

BUT, thats not my main story today. Friday ( yesterday), we have got ourselves back to the Serdang land. As i woke up at almost noon, i saw the SKY and snap few pics !!!
This is not the map/sky of Australia. Haha. Its one of the cloud in the very empty sky !!!
Even got a picture of the bird/hawk/eagle !!! hahaha.. Such a nice empty sky huh !!!

This was the view out from my block to the sky !!!...soooo blue and empty, if i have great eye sight like Super Heroes have, i think i could see the Mars..Haha..
It was just a normal noon time and definitely a normal lunch time for us. Because of with addition of our guest, so i planned to bring her to try our Serdang famous 'white chicken' rice, "bai zan ji".. Hahaha. If you chinese, you should understand what chicken rice is that. !!!..Now with having 5 person in total, how we are suppose to reach there by having only two motors? Thats right, one of the motor has to make two trip. And that motorist was ME !!! Hahaha..I made two trips from our block to the restaurant (approximately 10-15 mins of ride include all those hectic traffic jam), let me accumulate the mins i ride the motor, later you would know why i said so and why i want to talk about this mins. Haha..

Before lunch ===> 15mins X 3 times = Approximately 45mins
After the nice 'White Chicken' Rice, i had my two trips back from restaurant to our block. 3 times again. Another 45 mins on my motor, on the hectic road !!!...
What i actually want to say? You guys see the nice blue sky pictures right? Blue sky means what?

So guys, you get what i mean? In total, i spent around 60 mins exposed under this damm hot sun, on my motorcycle, with my sleeveless shirt + short pant + slipper. Now you guys see what had happened to my skin, my feet and my legs !!!!
Sorry guys, this above picture may shown that my feet is extra dark, It's actually lighter in colour. But what i want to show is that "slipper" fair's so obviously seen the different colour. Plus, human feet gets dry and dirty in the outdoor, and you can see how dry and how dirty. haha..such an originally ugly feet, now its even darker and uglier !!!!

I guess you guys had seen my legs and my invisible 'stoking' contributed from my swimming hobby, but i had been over 1 months didnt swim that much. Just once before, and my stocking had faded few shades lighter !!! BUT, after yesterday lunch, You guys see it again, DARN it darkens few shades more !!!!!!!!...arghh, im INDEED had got myself darker than usual people in one short time !!!!..Junlan said my knees became sooo dark ~~~~
Well, such a lovely sun, i know its great for housewives because it dries the laundry, it boosted the sales of Chendol and Ice Kacang !!! however, it HURTS the motorists !!!!!! hahaha....
Thats all for my crap this time, remember get yourself protected over this HOT SUN SEASON !!!!...

Phang !!!


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