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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy H1N1 Holiday !!!

Do you guys ever heard UPM had been closed for a week today caused by H1N1?
Then do you guys ever knew i am from UPM as well?

Yeah yeah, thats me who studying in UPM and my university had been advised to closed for a week due to the outbreak of H1N1..haha..Its true its true !!! Well, my university how has 4 positive case and they are being quarantined now.. Have you read any news of it? Just you click onto the picture below and you can read it.

Well, it's so sudden about this issue and those students who live in university college had been informed to GET OUT of the college as soon as possible !!!..

Well, i have nothing much issue to talk regarding the case and the sickness of UPM students have. You guys can read from the news and they were almost all true..Once again i said, there were ALMOST all true..Haha.. do you get what i mean?..

Let me talk something that you guys may not know regarding our students, our university and our reactions towards this outbreak.
  1. UPM decided to closed down the campus starts today 29th July til 4th Aug 2009 because of the outbreak. Which means that UPM was not safe and all students needed to be out of the campus to make sure they won't get infected. BUT, we MBA students still have our class last night before the university close down. Haha. Isn't it weird? Isn't it all students needed to be evacuated immediately, but out uni's evacuation date was not immediately but the day after. Haha.
  2. We have students who did not dare to come to campus for our last night class. Hearsay, one friend of mine, her husband even brought her whole family out far from KL and Serdang this sick city as to stay away from the virus !!! Since it's a week of holiday now, i bet they are now at somewhere vacation instead of running away !!
  3. Referring to the news i attached above, it stated there UPM had given us the early MID-TERM break for us..It stated there the mid-term break was originally from 17th to 23 Aug. Well to my beloved UPM students guys and girls, is that true our original mid-term break? hahaha.. i believe if we have the mid-term break now in advance, so i guess my fellow Muslim friends will not be able to back for Hari Raya !!!..I hope you guys get what i mean regarding when is exactly our Mid-Term break !!.. Im not saying UPM had said something fake to the news, but i just want to say that it's UNTRUE !! hehe.
  4. All residential college in UPM will emptied by today 12 noon, i heard from my friend who lives in college, the announcements using loud speaker to order STUDENT TO LEAVE COLLEGE were being announced every 15 minutes from 3pm until 5pm yesterday !!!...For me and my friend's thought, even though it's holiday and everyone was so happy, but when you listened to that announcements so consistently, you would get stressed up !! my friend actually decide to leave today, but forced to leave last night. FYI, those students who are unable to leave the college (perhaps Sabahan and Sarawakian), they would have to register themselves to the office and they will be assigned to live in the separate room where each of their room will be separated by certain distance !!..Pity them, like being quarantined as well !!!
  5. Our university now got infected with H1N1 virus and we were given one week holiday in advance, i though we all should be pity, concern to this issue and those patients. BUT, it turned out everyone is soooo happy because can go back home. Well, UPM is very stingy with holidays okay, i guess every UPM students should know. You think UPM will be giving us free this holiday? It's our HARI RAYA break OKAY?...i guess you guys will not need to go back raya already !!..Happy H1N1 holidays huh !!!...what a great unique holiday named by our UPM students !!!

Well, out of sudden i'm in holiday now for a week that has a weekend in between. I can't be able to go home like sooo many people did because i have to work in that weekend. Meanwhile, there will be International Career Fair at Midvalley Convention Centre in this weekend as well. Im thinking if it will still ON and if i should go or not because of this outbreak !!!

What to do at home? assignments? Project paper? or going out to movies and shopping? Haha..i have not decide it yet. One thing must do, which is UPDATE my RESUME/CV for hunting jobs!!!

See you guys soon in next post. Be alert of the issue, be careful on yourself and health..


Phang !!!!


d7 said...

haishhh.. ur entry definitely killed my joyous moment.. for the 1 week break given by upm T_T no matter what it costs, still want holiday for hari raya!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Michael said...

Wow...what job you seeking so fast CV ah~~ Good luck dude....i have to rush project course of mine dint start at all worst!!!

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