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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The late-Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter

I have a people in mind whom i am pretty missing with in sudden.

Before i left my house to work this morning, i saw his daughter Bindi Sue and wife Terri at Rachel Ray Show. Bindi Sue was so great right now, very intelligent and smart like her father. Terri is still like past, such passion to wildlife conservation.

He is late-Steve Irwin, the world famous crocodile hunter from Australia.

Above is said the real footage when he was facing the danger in the sea. Its a little bit of his documentary !! I like the words he said at the end of the video.

You are greeat Steve Irwin ( 22 Feb 1962 -4 Sept 2006)


Phang !!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

August Man~ Malaysia's Definitive Men's Journal ~

Its not my picture, its Rick Kwanten !!!

This is a magazine i bought probably 1.5 weeks ago. I took this magazine in handy without even considering the price !! Hahaha..there are few sentences swifted in my mind at that time.

Let me share them with you guys ~

" Wah sehh, who's this? so stylo and handsome..."
" Will i become as handsome as him if i read this magazine?"
"Malaysia's Definitive Men's Journal......wowwww, i like this sentence... i guess its time for me to upgrade my standard and start reading this kind of magazine..."
" i could learn the latest lifestyles, design and fashion men's clothing. That's so cool ~"
" i need something to read while i am sky gazing in the car, i can put this in my car. My good companion while im bored..."
"RM 10, so expensive !!! worth or not worth...worth or not worth?"

Hence, i bought it !! and it has never been taken out from my car, always reachable on my seat. I It really filled my boring and spare times when it comes to traffic light and waiting people.

However, until today..i only managed to read and flip not even half of the magazine !!! Haha...


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Few questions and answers !!!

Good day everyone...

I believe we all should know that INTERNET allows us to find ANYTHING !!! we could actually google everything and find our own desire answer. For me, i am a great fan of google search engine, but this issue is not my topic again today !! Haha..

I installed a Statcounter in my blog, and it helps me to monitor the traffic to my blog. Its an awesome software/application. Also, i could know from where and for what UNKNOWN readers would come here. By the way, HI to all UNKNOWN readers. Thanks for googling your keywords and reach my blog.

There were so many keywords readers searched in GOOGLE that linked them to my blog, i believe they come here to find their answer. BUT.......

There are so many questions i do not know how to answer. Let me share with you guys a few ! I may not know the answer as well. Haha. My top keyword analysis is about IKEA. This topic was long long ago. I blogged there saying its gonna open soon, but i am passing by the area there quite often and i couldnt even see anything at there about IKEA. I guess it must be rumours !!!

I studied MBA in GSM. Corporate Strategy Simulation Game is a must for us. I guess i have juniors of MBA search on this and landed to my blog !! Hahal. Sorry guys, you wont find any clue on the games and challenges from my blog, but you could see some great pics of mine !! Haha..
There is also a reader who wants to write good essay about Pangkor !! Sorry...i had just mentioned about Pangkor a little. I am yet to blog a little about my pangkor trip !!! stay tune ....

I blogged about my fringe before, yeah...the fringe i spent RM 50 to get it on my head and i was so vexed of it the whole week. I guess there is somebody wanna know about fringe as well. But excuse me, i cant really understand your question above !!!

This is a new keyword, i can't believe i am having this related to me !! someone is searching SENAI GIRL ESCORTS and came to my blog !!! Faint !!! Sorry guys, i dont provide escorts...but i am myself offer... !! Hahaha !!!
Have a great weekend ~~
Phang !

Friday, March 12, 2010

I wish to be on the race around the world, but...

Hi guys,

how have you guys been? i am good, i am fine. Dont worry ! i want to hear you are good and you are fine as well.

I guess most of you guys must have heard The Amazing Race before right? no? well, its common as well. I do have friends who had never even heard of this and i was TRULY amazed !! hahaha..

I had been watching reality shows since 10 years ago AT LEAST. i do not know why i am so keen of it, as long as there are elimination every week, i will most probably addicted. My first reality show in my top list is Survivor !! until now i am so addicted to it. However, i am not gonna say about how i like Survivor and bla bla bla...

But my topic today is....

I wish to be on the race around the world, but....
The Amazing Race had been in Asia few years ago, and two seasons had finished. Here it is, the 3rd season !! if you guys would like to know more of this new season, surf here>>> CLICK HERE

Last year when i was studying MBA, i do not know why i have such a big eager to join this. I asked the one who's sitting next to me at my MBA house (Hmm, you guys should know who he is)....

" I guess we both should be no problem to take part of this"

"we both are strong in physically, i am good in reading maps, you can drive the car..what a good compliment !!"...

" I know you so well, and you know me so well too...we have the chemistry and rapport, sure no problem !!!..."

but too bad, at the time my adrenaline was sooooooooo high, there were no such race at that time...

HOWEVER, this season 3 has come !! if Jovean didnt tell me, i would not know. Suddenly, my adrenaline pumped up again !!! so i asked that person who used to sit next to me during MBA if he wants to be with me for the RACE AROUND THE WORLD...

BUT BUT BUT, he rejected me !! darn you !!! he needs to work, so he cant !!

so sad..besides him, i went for ALTERNATIVE person, but he can't too !!! more in my list that i want to have this person to race around the world...

its fate, i can only watch this, but not in it !!!...

Rolex Phang ~~~