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Monday, February 22, 2010

I am in Brooke's family !!!

Hi all, how's the CNY for you guys? i bet it was definitely a great one right?

Its not about Pangkor i went to, its about the CNY incidents i went through !!! but the post i am posting today is about Brooke's family..

As you guys who learnt Sarawak history before during our secondary school, the below two gentlemen are famous people from Sarawak. You know who?
The first guy in the colour picture is James Brooke. He is the first Rajah of Sarawak during 1842-1868 in Sarawak. The second picture is his successor named Charles Brooke. Then the next successor was Charles Vyner Brooke if i am not mistaken !! I am not gonna tell about their history, dont worry !!! Hahaha..
My main point today is..i am now one of his family in this month !!! call me Rolex Broke...its with one 'o'...Hahha....i am broke get what i mean?
Referring to my previous post, i was saying about the car will be chinking me i am broke after paying the car installment..All together i spent RM 1600 in February 2010 merely for the car i am driving now !!, where are those money went to? i cant see !!! its inside, beneath and invisible on the car !!! Hahaha..
Wow, cant believe i have such loads of money for it !! where are these money came from? it's my hard earnt money !!! Hence, there is no more money for me for my April vacation to Taiwan !!! Sad ~~~~
I saved those money for Taiwan, but i didnt expect i need those money during CNY !! so, i used it !!!..
Never mind, money spent, money earnt !! time to earn my next RM thousand thousand !!!
You guys too..wish you guys would earn a lot lot lot this year...
Phang ~~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The final ending of Doraemon !

Dear all,

Anyone out there at my age range, or older than my range or younger than my range would tell me if there didn't know about this machine?

Anyone of you never know of Doraemon?

I guess NO right?

I believe each of us, maybe or most probably ever dreamt that how great if we would be like Nobita could have Doraemon with him?

How great if Doraemon is always by our side rescuing us? i right? am i right?

For me, i do !!!

BUT, how many of you really know what is the ending of this story? as we knew, the author Fujiko F. Fujio had passed away !! and there were news saying that, no more chapters about Doraemon were published !!!

I think, if Fujio didnt pass away, there will be no ending..but since he has passed away...there were rumors that, the company is making the ending to end this.

Thanks to my friend Petrus forward this to me..This is the ending of Doraemon that you could actually find it in youtube.

Sit down and enjoy !!!

The final ending of DOraemon !!!

Chinese version:

Acceptable? Hahaha !! cheers la !!!

Phang !!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They are chunking me big !!!

Few more days to CNY !! getting more and more CNY feel now !! haha !!

Still..still not yet buy my CNY new shirts, but its okay !! i will still have time !! friday !! well, 2 hours ago, i just realised that CNY starts on SUNDAY !! OMG !! i always thought is will be Monday !! i suddenly lost one day to prepare myself for it..still got so many things to settle before CNY in order to let me have fun at ease !!

So, what's chunking me? I somehow feel it's chunking me big and deep this time !! well, now i had started to work, and i am having my own car now..its not a new, but it is from my bro..he gave me his car, but of course i am the one who's gonna pay the installment. I work already, i can't burden my brother. Since i am the one who's driving it, definitely i am the one who's gonna pay the roadtax as well....Well, it's expiring soon this 24th Feb !! i always think the roadtax is cheap, and indeed its cheap..not more than Rm 100. BUT BUT BUT, only today i realized that, its insurance is not !!! it is around RM 600 !!! WOW WOW WOW ~~~~ it is the first chunk to my wallet and ATM card !!

My family trip this time is to Pangkor. And my car may be one of the car being chosen to be driven there. Hence, i had to get my car ready at least to accommodate the journey !! My car's brake needed to be replaced, meter cable went off and lastly i had to change the most important and famous TIMING BELT as well..These 3 items soon will give me another chunk to my wallet and ATM card around RM 500 again tomorrow !!..ouch, it's pain !!!

Well, the car, the spareparts and expenses directly and indirectly related to my brother !! i do not know if my brother would subsidize me or not, but somehow i felt i am having the responsibility to pay myself because i am driving it now !! i cant burden my brother because he has his car to pay, his son to feed !! hmmm, its not because i do not have the money to pay, its just...just too big spending for me in sudden !!

We'll see how, and you will know how as well in few more days !! Hahaha...

Phang !! Rolex ~~

Monday, February 8, 2010

CNY is coming !!!

Dear all !!

How are you? how's life? i hope everything is smooth and fine !!

Its CNY soon !! hurray !! Hahaha..what's so happy? for me its like not very very big issue !! CNY for me sometimes pretty boring !! but its a great time for a family to gather and meet !! my CNY vacation this year is with family !! we are going to Pangkor !! that needs to HURRAY !! hahaha...i do not know why my brothers so keen to beaches !! this time going Pangkor also his idea. By the way, i like it too to follow them !! BUT, its 8 hours of driving !!! thats so crazy !! i wonder if i need to drive or not this time !! if yes, i shall get my car ready !!!

CNY this year is different for me !!! it is because i started to work already..which means i need to give allowances for my mum to buy CNY goods and foods !! well, i had given her !! and i was glad she spent a lot too !! hahaha !!..i am stil thinking what best figure of angpow to be put in angpow packet for my mum this time !! its my first year, at one hand i dont wanna be it too low, but not too high also !! perhaps i am gonna put in RM 288 for my mother !! is it a good figure?

After i work, i do really think i am an adult now !! im adult means i need to pay this and that !! but what had i paid? hahaha..not yet much, but my car petrol is a must, parent's allowance is another must !! i must hardworking work to save more money, furbish my house to make it nice and comfy for my family members !!

Few days to CNY, and i am yet to buy any new clothes and cut my hair !! arghh, no chance to go for a hair definitely all price are hiked up !! where shall i cut my hair then? lets see !! clothes? i work till this thu, perhaps that time faster go and buy few new clothes for least few days of CNY, i am wearing new clothes !!...DAMN, i saw cheap and nice 'jersey' shirt at TOPMAN, 2 for RM 50 only !! wanted to buy but too many people queuing for the fitting i didnt buy !! argh !! perhaps need to go again this weekend !!

Thats all for my crap this time..Look forward to update my life to share here again !! i have more to write..stay tune !!

Phang !!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice romantic wedding montage !! Fish Leong & Tony Chao..

Hi all !!!

Recently i came across this wedding montage, i felt it was superbly done by this studio.

Its about the Malaysian famous singer Fish Leong's wedding !!!..Fish Leong and Tony Chao's Wedding Montage !!

Little that i know, the wedding gown that Fish was wearing that day is specially designed by the famous chinese designer in US named Vera Wang !!! I wonder how she could get unique gown designed by Vera Wang !!!

Anyway, wish you guys enjoy this video montage. Bless Fish to have a great marriage !!!

How? Its a singer's wedding !! do you ever see this before on any singer? !!!

You can see ZChen and Penny as well !!! Haha !!!

Phang !!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

One full month !!!

Dear all,

I am so sorry for such a long time didn't write anything here !! Am i busy? i guess so..Am i really busy? errrrr, i think yes !!! Hahaha..

It has been one whole month of January 2010 i didnt write..i didnt even say a HI in here..i felt bad of myself..i saw there were still many people coming in everyday, sorry to disappointed you guys if you were looking for new updates from me..

Let me try to rewind back my mind to see what had happened to me in this one month. I may missed out few !!

Update 1
Work and work..wake up 6 days a week to work work work !! arghhhh, sometimes feel so lazy to wake up early to work !!..i had been good in working, i understood what i shall do, what i need to do...but somehow in this one month, i seems didnt do a lot !!! i should ask myself why am i like this? !!! i should be thinking strategies, marketing, advertising and promotion that enable the company to go higher level !!! Damm me !!

Update 2
My best friend's wedding..!! i felt so happy to her..I knew her for 11 years and she is such a great good girl friend of mine !! She's Jun Lan.. 20th Jan 2010..she married to Kuching to a lovely and great husband, Soon !!!...i am gonna miss her a lot cos she is now sooo far away already !! i shall introduce her here one day so that you guys would know who she is !!!..stay tuned !!!

Update 3
Opened up a temporary MOTEL in my room !! hahaha..its not a big deal actually !! because of i live in Senai, pretty near to JB..not so far away from Singapore too !! so my friends whose from KL, Melaka actually overnight in my room, at my house to go for interview in SG !!! Sg is a great work market, no wonder so many people would like to go there to work..but getting an interview chance is so hard..thats why they come all the way from KL...I was happy to host them, in total so far 4 people came overnight before....

By statistics, i guess my room gives them luck...among 4 people, 3 of them are working now..2 of them directly influence by the stays in my room !! hahaha.. if you want to get employed in Sg or Jb, then need somewhere to stay overnight, come to me !! hahaha...

More updates will be coming shortly...3 updates first this time !!!

Thanks for reading..i shall keep on my feet to share more here !!..

Phang !!!