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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favourite shirt of the year !!!

Oh gosh, i had been long time did not buy any new shirt that i come across when shopping.. Due to shopping budget shrinking, i had been so so so long time didnt buy any new shirt, always wear back for old shirts..Indeed i have two new shirts and i posted here but those are free, pretty happy to receive that. Which one? now i realised both RED colour "Macy Beds at RM 1" and "Best Male Participant"..Pity me, been eyeing many many shirts on the rack when i went window shopping, tested many great shirts and expensive shirts in the fitting room, took pictures and give back the shirt to the sales assistants. Haha. Who don't like to have new clothings? so do i, but i just sometimes VERYYYYYYYY stingy to buy myself nice one. It happened to me for previous many months.

But recently my hands was too itchy, partly because of the early month and after my Sabah trip, i tend to daringly spend money. Haha. I came across this shirt in FOS..Owwwww, so eye catching.. Haha... Isn't that so? Haha. It left two pieces in that outlet and my heart just couldn't get it away even though i had walked far further in the shop. Finally i bought it. Such an eye catching metallic green saying "Say YES to Green" hu hu.. wait wait wait, you may think its very expensive right? haha.. its RM 30 only.. i dont dare to buy expensive one !! even though its cheap, but I felt myself so environmentalist !!!

Sorry there is no face on above picture, but it was my body !!!..Haha..Sorry, no chest muscle yet !!! I bet it had made myself become even more eye catching in the crowd..Haha.. This shirt is nice in your eye? NO? you are such not ENVIRONMENTALIST !!!

Reasons i bought it:
  1. Been wanting to buy such BIG WORDS pattern/style T-shirt. Never meet any shirt that really strike to my eye yet til i saw this shirt.
  2. Wanna do some part in conserving the ENVIRONMENT !!! haha.. do you feel gross of my sentence? I personally think i did not do A LOT conserving environment, at least finally i did my part by purchasing this T-shirt, wear it and deliver the message to EVERYONE who ever peek to my chest !!! Haha... One more thing, my old motor im riding it here in Serdang, it emits quite a lot smokes !!!.. im paying back to the environment now as well !!!
  3. To impress my housemate, Junlan. She's studying Environment now !!! She was not impressed though when i showed her the shirt, but she was somehow impressed finally..isn't it weird?

What a lame few reasons, just easy answer..Keen to it..that's all !!!

To conclude, I don't know why i could talk so much on a piece of my new shirt. haha. Hope you don't feel I'm such a boring guy and skipped my whole written content til this paragraph !! haha..

Everyone please do you part to save our Earth !!.how? let me teach you one !! come recite with me, "SAY YES TO GREEN"....can you follow? again follow me recite "SAY YES TO GREEN"..yeah, everyday if you able to recite it 5 times to yourself and 5 times to your friends around, i strongly believe SKY would hear you !!!... believe me !!!

That's all for tonight. Look out for my next big thing !!!


YES man, Phang ~~~


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