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Saturday, August 29, 2009

What were my yesterday’s and What are today’s !!

My blog looks weird if I didn't update for long. So here a brief one to talk to flow you quick to what have I done. WHEN? Refer my title.

I do not know if there is any lessons you can learn, but I just want you to relax when you read it. Enjoy !! haha.


Went to 9am SM class like usual. Got back the weekly assignment. Got mark 8.5 over 10.

DAMN !, lost to her again. She has 9. Been losing to her every week.

Vowing that one day could win over her with my 2-4 pages to her 8-10pages at least once.

Lunch with favorite famous Serdang White Chicken Rice. Yummy.

Realized Im going to have long holidays till next Fri. So, my heart felt so free but still few plans to be done next week.

So loitered at home watched few episodes of Survivor Gabon till finale with PPStream.

At finale episode, can't finish. Almost going to know who has won. BUT,

A long known friend contacted me and asked to perform a mission together. I agreed.

Left two buckets of soaked dirty clothes + blanket cover + bedsheet + pillow and bolster case unwashed and unattended.

Friend came to my Serdang Old Flat hustle free because of GPS. It was brilliant. I admired.

Packed my belongings and FLED. Haha

Stucked in many traffic and donno what jamm in Sri Serdang. Rushed to Jusco Cheras Selatan for movie. GI Joe again !!..

I had watched but I accompanied friend to watch. Damm freezing.

Left Jusco, next stop..Satay Kajang !!

Not the Malay Satay Kajang but it was Chinese this time. Indeed as what I heard before, Chinese's Satay Kajang tastes BETTER !!..sorry folks, im honest.

Ate more than 20 sticks of Satay, (fish, chicken, beef and mutton) and that was Dinner. Friend ate lesser, but that doesn't mean he can't eat !!..

Felt pretty full. Never ate satay merely for dinner.

Above mentioned Mission started. è "Guardian to his parents' house at Cheras"

Why? The security of that area is bad. His parents were away from the state. Left house unattended.

How? We were sitting all night awake at the gate. Guard and prevent thieves to enter.

Really? Yes really..

Really true? Really totally UnTRUE !! Haha.

We talked, we chilled and we gossiped after the previous "we watched, we eat and we sightseeing" GI Joe movie and Kajang satay phenomena.

Had a nice bath and nice sleep. Because of water heater and AirCond. Haha.

SLEEP!! and SLEPT till morning !!!


Mission accomplished. No thieves, no robbers and so on. World Peace !!

Packed belongings again. Friend locked back the door with many locks. We left.

Friend brought me to the famous Satay Kajang, I brought friend to Serdang famous White Chicken Rice for brunch.

I ate white chicken rice AGAIN !! opps, I forgotten to ask if it YUMMY or not.

Reached home, showed friend how our small flat looks like. He left.

It's the first FREE without working's Saturday after I quit.

Back to my pc, back to my seat. Realized Survivor Gabon unfinished WATCHED, two buckets of laundry unfinished WASHED.

So I watched and I washed. They are done. Even accompanied my housemate Waiyan lunch.

Later at night, two of my ex-UTM classmates coming to Serdang.

Another small gathering.

Who? Jo and Evein. Plus Evein's bf.

Where? The Gasoline at The Heritage. Heard a long time but never been there before.

Heard from housemate that it's chopsteak is awesome. Gonna try later.

Now what? Time 4pm.

I do not know what else to do, Felt HUNGRY already.


# My first blogspot's post being composed and posted through Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Sorry guys it is not Blackberry, PDA or any Smart Phone. Haha.









Saturday, August 22, 2009

Forgiveable mistake !!!

Serdang 22nd Aug: There was such a forgetful guy in Malaysia whom didnt realised the issue below. I believe this phenomenon is very common in this country or any other country. Therefore, i do not believe this guy should be punished for this forgetful incident.As all of you can see, this guy above's validity driving license date was expired since 25th of May 2009..which means that, these few months from June, July, August 2009, this handsome guy did not realise at all that he was an illegal driver on the street. He told me that, he was never afraid of traffic police and so on because he thought he was a lawful driver.

BUT NOW, after he started to know about his driving license had expired soo many months, but he still so stubborn to go to renew it. I was so honoured and I have a golden opportunity to meet him for a short interview..Here are few questions i asked him regarding this incident !!
Below are part the recorded conversation. Unnecessary dialogs had been deleted.
Me: In what situation you found out your license had expired?
Him: Well, i was driving a car at my hometown JB rushing to UTM top attend my friend's convo on 16th Aug. I saw JPJ (Road and Traffic Department) was doing road block at the opposite road, I was thinking if i am going to get through the roadblock, i must ensure i have nothing wrong. So i asked Waisin to check the road tax and i check my driving license. The roadtax was okay, but i found out my license had expired !!! at that point, i just realised it was so many months expired and i was surprised !!!
Me: So, after you found out about this..Do you still keep driving?
Him: Yeah, i still kept on driving until reaching a place where i thought i should not drive further. So i let Waisin drive my car that day on the way going to the place we planned to go.
Me: You think you should be responsible to yourself and be frank, that's why you stop drive?
Him: No, im not that noble..I was just too chickened..i scared being stopped and blocked by JPJ.
Me: Since you know your license had expired, why dont you go renew it as soon as possible?
Him: LAZY and i do not have real chance for me to dropby, take number queue at the post office to renew it.
Me: So now in Serdang, do you still ride your motor without valid license since you havent renew it? Don't you feel scare of police?
Him: Yeah im still riding it with a little sense of worry. But most of the time, i forgoten about it when im in riding. Haha.
Me: So, when do you want to renew it?
Him: Soon, soon...perhaps tomorrow...
Me: Is this incident your first time?
Him: NOOOOOOOOOO.......i had once before when i was studying my bachelor degree in UTM 2-3 years ago. It was even worse, more than 4 months expired and i didnt realise it. But then, it was officially being re-newed when it reached 6 months. I was purposely to do it.
Me: Reason?
Him: STINGY !!!...i do not know why i was so stingy to spend that RM 30 to renew it. So i push and push until an extend my mum started to nag me so extensively. At the end, i went to renew it because i cant stand anymore.
Me: Well, i think i had no more question to ask you. Thanks for giving me such honour to ask you these questions. I personally think that, even though you are so successful in what you are doing now *rolling my eyes*, please do take care of those small small things in your life. One last sentense for you. YOU ARE SUCH A FORGETFUL FELLOW !!!...
Him: Oh, thanks. I will take that as a compliment. Please wish me best of luck on the road while i have not yet renew my license.

Thanks for reading cum listening for the conversation above. So glad to have him interviewed and i hope all of you should be more alert on this issue, flip your wallet now and check your license if it is still valid. However, this incident shall still be pardoned and shall be forgiven after he successfully renew his license. In the mean time, please anyone do not report to the police !!...
That's all for my news today. Im your neighbourhood handsome news writer/journalist, writing for
Thank you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Incident: Scam or not? Judge it !!

One fine morning (that's this morning), one of my MBA mate named Jennifer like usual walk down from her apartment head to her Myvi car which parked by the street. Everything is common, normal day normal morning. But today morning, something unusual 'good' happened !!.what is it?

She has this piece of paper written by this Good Samaritan Mr Jeffery clipped on her car's wind screen. I guess you guys would understand what he wrote in that notice. He's so kind by reminding my friend Jenn to beware of this problem on her tyre.

My friend Jenn then were pretty nervous whether she could be able to still drive the car or not because she is having a presentation early morning. Therefore, she were so daringly called this Mr Jeffery and asked him about if her car can still be able to drive or not. At the same time, Jenn was actually like to say thanks to him. Mr Jeffery was good and kind, he replied Jenn that the car is still okay and just remind Jenn to be cautious only. Jenn thought he met a kind guy who reminded her about this issue.

Jenn was then like usual drove the car to the class in one trip without stopping by anywhere and straight into UPM campus, had her presentation done and class over. Everything turn to normal. Nothing special right?

Now guys, isn't that this world or our country is going to be sooo peace and harmony if we have such a kind Samaritan every where by the street?

HOWEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................

DO WE REALLY HAVE SUCH KIND MALAYSIAN? Sorry guys, i personally do not want to be so prejudice and bias or what ever negative perception on this good guy..I was so released and glad my friend Jenn was in okay condition when she told us about this. So does my other friends whose in the same car listening to this incident. I was thinking if this is a scam to cheat, rob and kidnap a lady !!!!!!!!


Look back to the note he wrote to Jenn and being put in the windscreen. This guys is so thoughtful to leave such a nice note for Jenn while he may walking by the car.

He is so good until he took out a new piece of paper, write it down, put into a new suitable size of plastic bag, sealed it with some small burning at the side so that if raining, the note wont get wet !!!... we don't know since when he put that note, but indeed last night our place got rain pretty big.. Is this note being written at that time he walked by or the note had been written and prepared the night before? that's a big question mark !!

Plus, he wrote down "My name is Jeffery Lee, 016-2959XXX"..he left his number just because to let my friend Jenn to call her personally to say thanks? or want to woo my friend? Weird !!!...if me, i may leave my name, what for leave my phone number? ONLY if i want to create DESTINY !!! hehe..

What happened to the tyre? is that real true about the tyre is going to burst? Well, its true..we accidentally seen this. The correct tyre as he mentioned. But this mark is so unusual and we pretty cannot figure how this mark would exist !!

Is it from emergency brake? No, it doesn't look so. but one possibility........the certain skin of tyre seems being shredded off ..Something like the skin had been purposely shredded off..Like how we use below knife when we shred off the fruit skin such as banana, apple and so on. So, after we analyse the mark, we somehow think that the tyre had been purposely shredded of. Probably this is a tactic to CHEAT, ROB and KIDNAP ladies...

Well, how do you think he would know the car owner is a lady? see below pictures. If you are a lady, is your car same as this?

Normal black colour Myvi, but....You may have so many girly things in there. That's why people would nail my friend or probably you in the future !!
I guess if Mr Jeffery happens to see my blog, he shall be veryyyyy sad if he was sincerely sincere to help my friend !!!....Sorry i had wrongly accused you, but sometimes in Malaysia..Good people is hard to be !!!....

By the way, Mr Jeffery !! are you really that good? if yes, THANKS !!!...............if no, luckily my friend escaped from you !!!..........
Beware ladies, this incident happened in Seri Kembangan...Watch out !!!
Phang !!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long journey from Jb to KL !!!

Hi guys, here i am back !!.

Just want to share one interesting incident my housemates (waiyan and Waisin) and i encountered few days ago. I think we considered ourselves UNLUCKY, or Waisin and Waiyan unlucky!!...

After a great and hectic weekends in JB, three of us got ourselves the tickets back to KL/Serdang on Sunday evening. The bus time was 5.45pm and we bought Konsortium bus. Korsortium bus from Sri Putri, Skudai for me doesn't seems got a lot of trouble with long establishment reputation. Plus, we have a pretty decent waiting place for us to sit and wait. He would call us when the bus reaches. So we wont need to stand under the sun, eyeing for our bus' registration number when it stop by the street. Haha. Do you agree? Well, somehow i think my two more housemates had banned this company.

Well, as usual we got ourselves to the ticket place at around 5.30pm. Waiyan and me were soaked wet because we attended a raining convo at that previous 1 hour. Usually, I never taken any Konsortium bus that arrive delayed such serious. Our bus had delayed for 2 hours !!!.. but we were being informed in advance about delay but i do not know it would be such late. haha.

The reason of that bus being late were traffic jam from Singapore, then that bus broke down somewhere in the middle of no where. Haha. The bus got to us at 8pm was actually the last minute call up bus to replace that broken down bus !!...Since the lousy bus had been changed, we should be able to get better bus to go KL without any faulty of it. So, we got our seat and start our journey...BUT OUR NIGHTMARE HAS NOT STOPPED YET !!!!!!!!

If you think so, you are wrong. Even though we have got our replaced bus finally and sat on less happily, but the story has not end yet. Just after 15 mins the bus started on the North South Highway, the bus stopped at a rest/toilet place.. I was thinking why so fast stop to rest? Haha..maybe the driver knew im actually in need to have a piss. Haha.. Weird also, why the bus stopped down so long time where as all of us already in the bus long ago..SUDDENLY, the aircond turned OFF...OPPS, this is not a good sign..As to conclude, this replaced bus has faulty too!!!!!!!! can be driven to KL, not be able to be driven to KL !!!...hahaha..what an unlucky night..

Thus, again we sit on the bus, WAIT FOR ANOTHER REPLACEMENT BUS !!!.......hahaha...waited for another 30mins til around 9pm !!!..finally got a better bus come to rescue us !!!..Imagine this, 6pm bus to depart, by 9pm we still at the JB, no no..not KULAI !!!..which is just probably not more than 40km in radius !!!...haha... that's the most delayed delay i ever encounter.

Two issues i want to stress here, THAT show we 3 are not THAT unlucky in relatively!!
  1. We only changed bus once, but most of the passengers on that bus got even worse experience because they may stuck in traffic jam before, and be the victims of the first faulty bus !!!...these passengers experienced double unluckiness and twice faulty buses in one trip !!
  2. We 3 got ourselves down the bus at Hentian Serdang, which is one of the resting stop in Highway. We aligned from there because our house were just not far away. Rather than get down the bus at KL Puduraya, Hentian Serdang is the best for us UPM students. Well, in the middle of the Midnight 12.10am, at least we still have friend who lived nearby come to pick us. IMAGINE those who get down at PUDURAYA at later on 12.40am, WHAT EVER public transports already OFF. Left them only double charged rate TAXI, our world most renowned KUALA LUMPUR taxi...Some more in the midnight, sure the taxi fare rate would be SLAUGHTERING the throats.

However, the second rescue bus driven pretty good and smooth. We expected to arrive at Hentian Serdang by 1am, but we arrived at 12.10am. 3 hours only !!!...But it should be 4 hours in common. Well, we were not going to PEnang or Kedah, but we took 6 hours in total to reach here. Awesome right? Haha..

Many more stories to come. That's all for this time. Sorry im not be able to provide you any picture on this event, because too tired and forgoten at least to take some pictures of the faulty bus !! haha..

Phang !!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Long time no see !!!

Hi guys, what a real long time no see !!!..

Sorry i have been busy with 'i also dont know' things lately, so i was not be able to update anything here in my blog. However, i do know that all of you have been supporting me and click to here to have a peek...Sorry sorry, you must been wondering where i had gone to and why am i not updating here !!..well, i know everything, i know all of you been coming in here..I know i know, how? i see from here...........

I know its not a lot number, but i do appreaciate already even if just few clicks in and few visitors, at least i know somebody out there concern about my writing. I checked everyday...Thanks a lot......

im not going to talk a lot in this post now, but just to tell you that my upcoming post is coming soon..In the process now..stay tuned to me...Just not in the best mood to write them out yet !!! due to...~~~~~~~

Phang !!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Work or not To Work !!!

In just few days, i have got myself lighter and flatter !!! What is it really lighter and flatter? It's actually i have got myself "debt" lighter and got my wallet flatter !!! Haha..It's nothing special. Just suddenly got myself rich !! then it's time for me to pay so many debts here and there plus monthly fixed expenses all in one shot.

Why i have so many debts? haha. Just some unpaid Sabah vacation accounts, this and that include August rental. One more one more, my new handphone payment as well !!!..taken the phone from my friend but i actually have not paid it till this morning. Now i shall declare that phone is officially mine..~~~


Next issue is regarding one of my recent dilemma ~~~ to work or not to work? !!!

For your information (as to add some knowledge to my new readers) , since i come to reside in Serdang for my MBA programme in UPM. I had decided to work part time to those jobs that "i had missed the chance to work in the past, and i won't be working in the future"..also, to try my ability and strength whether if i am able to cope my studies and working at the same the intention to work part time as to earn extra pocket money, thus my mum would not need to fork out bigger pocket money merely for me each month.

So, the month after i reach here, i tried applied MacD nearby my house but at the end i have been accepted for below position or job. Part time Customer Relations Officer aka normal TGV Part-Timers.

Been worked extensively throughout the week where it may sometimes i had to go class at the morning, work in the evening till 11 plus at night. Then the next morning going for morning class again. Working in TGV is pretty fun and relax in the off-peak time, and will be damn busy in the peak time. However, it was loads of fun, free movie, free softfdrinks and popcorns. Manager is kind and friendly too.

However, i was just able to retain in this for few months only due to i was feeling too tired to juggle between studies and working. Also the main reason is... i've got myself this another job that you may know as well. Part-time Sales Consultant at Macy Home Furnishings, Serdang. Many reason for me to shift job.

  1. Working day : Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
  2. Salary per hour is higher than TGV's.
  3. Higher career development comparing working in TGV. Wanting to gain another part of different sales/marketing related working experience. Aiming to get at least 1 year working experience.
  4. What else? Build wider networking.
  5. Can rest from working in the weekdays. More time to rest, assignments, out to fun and so on.

Just few blinks of eyes, i had been working in Macy for 10 months..BIG 10 Months. I never work such long in a vacancy whereby this is a permanent part-time job..

Now i'm just want to start to talk what's my dilemma. I know you waited for long and eyes had blurred after reading so much, let me give u few minutes of break before you read further..Go get some drink, toilet break and so on first..

I had been thinking whether should i continue to work for Macy til this october or not.

Waisin said to me this " You had been working for one whole year, almost all Saturday and Sunday, why don't you rest now since you are in the final trimester already? you are now not that poor right now that must you work to earn that extra pocket money !!"

Thus, i have thoughts in my mind pertaining this issue.

"I think i deserve some rest from now on. Since i already planned to stop working for Macy in the October".."It's so damn tired after everyday of working.."

" I had lost so many fun in the weekends and public holiday since i start working, i do not left much weekends at here anymore..should i?"

"But isn't that i aim to get at least 1 year working experience? if i stop now, 10 months working experience may not sound as nice as 1YEAR WORKING EXPERIENCE !!"

" Will i really okay to lose that part of my own earned pocket money?"

"Im somehow can't bear to leave Macy after working for so long"

"It's gonna be Puasa soon, then will be Hari Raya..Macy needs employee now, can i leave at this critical moment now?"

"If i quit, i would have many times to use in the weekends.. at least i can do it for assignments and project papers"

So many pros and cons i had been thinking in my head...Still thinking now..


Phang !!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whole body of "Sour"/ Sore muscles !!!~

It was a hard weekend for me especially when work this two days !!! because of what? because of the title of this post and because of the initial determination to get fit !!! haha..How?

Hmm, actually is like this !!!..i've seen a video from Men's triggered my passion to keep fit due to my tummy is getting obvious and more obvious !!!..previously no matter how much i ate, my tummy will get flatten the days after..but i wonder why my tummy's flattening rate has slowing down and stopped before it should stop !!!

Therefore, i somehow wish to start to get off my tummy..somehow started only, that's why i called it Initial Determination !! haha.. back to the video, i found out that the workouts in there is actually easy..But then, after a day i did it, i felt my body's muscles was sooo "sourish" or sore !!!!...aiyoo, it really train my lazy muscle..who to blame? blame myself and HIM..See below picture !!!

Just simple 20 squat down, 20 push ups, 20 jumps, and one more 20 times squatting workout ( forgoten the name ) looks easy, hear easy..BUT, i actually can't be able to finish 20 continuous push ups !! haha..the workout look silly, hear silly..BUT, if your muscles are as lazy as mine, you would end up like me sore all over body !! haha..

Well, i have to work for Saturday and Sunday that requires me to walk, carry, squat and so on. With my sore muscles, now especially at my lower body (butt, abs and thights), my working life isn't that great !!..haha...

Moral of the story, if you want to work for muscles and you seldom to do it, please do it steps by steps..what i mean is, increasing the repetition from less..don't go for professional counts first..

The value i want to say of mine is : "Im such a lousy people with lazy muscles, do such a simple workouts also will end up whole body of pain". Serve me right !!!

Phang !!!