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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun and facts of movie Prince of Persia ~

Hey guys,

How's your festive season of Wesak Day? Spent it well? My off day today, i spent it with movie time with my few old friends for the movie Prince of Persia.

It was a nice movie though. Prince of Persia, reminded me many of my Persian friends...Perhaps this movie is all about the country, Iran...or not at all...

Have you watch?

Today's post i would like to talk a few about the movie that YOU MAY NOT KNOW even after watch the movie 10 times. It is not a big issue though, but worth to know too if you like the casts inside !!!

According to IMDB, before Jake Gyllenhaal..yeah, the gentleman below was chosen for the role of Prince of Persia...there were to other gentlemen were rumoured for that role too. I guess the casting director was taking few criteria into the consideration. What is among of it? Must be the MUSCLE !! Hahaha...

Let me show you some comparison. Zac Efron and Orlando Bloom were those two gentlemen.

#1. Jake Gyllenhaal.

Look at his muscle. He may not having the best look, but his muscle and some body hair perhaps could indicate some Persian blood. Also, i guess he look buff enough for the role. I mean big size enough !! haha...

#2. Zac Efron.

Well about this sunshine High School Musical boy, he has a great look but in body wise, maybe he is behind Jake !!.....Cant be denied, he has shape too..but 1 size smaller i guess. !! hahaha...maybe you can close your eyes and imagine him as Prince of Persia..can he able to bring that?

#3. Orlando Bloom.

Can you recognise the body above? haha..Now you can start imagine Orlando as the Persian !!!..perhaps when Orlando got the cast, he will train himself to become bigger !!.......

So how do you think? Still think Jake should be chosen? or you think the feeling will be different if Zac as the Persian or Bloom is? !!!

A little that you may not realise, Jake Gyllenhaal acted few movies before. But he was not famous that time. I do not know if you really could recall him in other movies. In my mind, only two movies....
The Day After Tomorrow !!! you find him familiar? Hearsay about the movie was that, the movie cost a BOMB, hence there were no big star. Jake Gyllenhaal was not very famous that time !!!..he did that !!!

In second, it was the movie below.

Can you recognise him in there? haha..or you guys only remember Health Ledger who is more handsome? Jake played the boyfriend who were in love with Health in the movie wearing cowboy hat and riding the horse !!!..........

Enough of saying muscle and guy above. Haha. Enough for girl readers' appetite. Let me share something small about the role Tamina.

This Iranian star named Golshifteh Farahani (above pic) was actually being invited to do a screen test in London along with Gemma Arterton for the role of Tamina. Well, Farahani was not in the luck for this because she was arrested at the airport by the Iranian authorities and being banned from leaving Iran for 6 months. Reason? because she acted in the movie Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2008 !!!...So at the end, Gemma Arterton got that Tamina role.

What else i can spill about the movie? Perhaps this...

Even though the movie said Prince of Persia, it will be something at Iran@Persia..someplace related as well such as Iraq and Turkey as mentioned in the movie. However, the movie was shot in UK and Morocco !! only in this two place !!!.....quoted from IMDB too...Hahaha..i wonder how they make the place so unique !!..

Then, this movie is a baby of Walt Disney Pictures but it was rated PG-13 in United States. Hence, it is the second PG-13 movie by Walt Disney. The first was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

What else what else? Hahaha....the point is getting less attractive now...

last one.....Dastan, the prince's name in the means "Champion" or "Hero" in Farsi (Persian language).......

No more from me..hahaha..i hope you gained a little fun and facts of the movie..

Rolex Phang !!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Legoland~Nusajaya !!

Once upon a time, we Johorean ever heard from somewhere that somewhere in Johor Bahru is going to have something like DISNEYLAND...its true !! we did heard in the radio..but there were so many reactions i ever heard..some even from my heart !!

  1. WHAT? really or not?...
  2. Really?..can we? do we able?
  3. Oh c'mon, Jb is so hot...who can endure to queue under the sun for the ride? but Genting is different..there is cooler !!!
  4. Disneyland? where? Danga Bay?..Hell no...
  5. Disneyland in JB?....what had happened to Disneyland HQ?
Haha..however, from time to time..we tend to hear less about it..some news said, "in the process"...but in my heart, i am frankly to say, i was in doubt on our ability to have one...

But....many times later..then we heard its TRUE !!..its LEGOLAND coming to JB's Nusajaya !!....

According to The Star, Legoland would be Malaysia's first international theme park. Government is boosting this segment because tourism was one of nine key economic pillars under Iskandar Malaysia's comprehensive development plan.

Have you started to feel excited? Haha...this LEGOLAND in Johor Bahru is a RM750million park, 22-acres and will have more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions...just to remind you at that, it is mainly for families and young children from age 2 to12. No child at the moment? you still have time to make one now i guess !! hahaha..

Guys, please take shall expected to serve all of you by 2012..yeah..2 years from now..Yahoo !!!.......

You are not believing me aren't you? Below showing you some of the construction pictures of this Legoland in Nusajaya !! I've found it in this ThemeParkGuy's website.

Well, i went to Nusajaya that day, i didnt see where is its site yet. But let me tell you guys, this Nusajaya is going to be a very very great place. Perhaps if you free, stroll yourself the Nusajaya of now, then once again you stroll again when it is booming..

Back to Legoland story, Malaysia's Legoland is expected to be the 6th Legoland in the world. Hmmm, Dubai is opening its Legoland on 2011. That's the 5th, then our is going to be the 6th as expected. So you guys wanna know who and where are the first four? then you should visit Legoland's website. They were in UK, Denmark, Germany and USA.

So guys, stay tuned for this theme park. It is going to be the first of three planned international theme park in Malaysia. But .............

I personally still have doubt..what are my doubts?
  1. Why Legoland? why not others? Lego is no more famous in Malaysia you agree? Do you still see kids playing Lego? no more right?
  2. Nusajaya is very far away from town...will got people going there?
  3. Even if Legoland finished built in 2012, but there were big and plenty of area in Nusajaya are yet to be done...its not beautiful also..
  4. hmmm......its not in my mind yet..maybe you have too..tell me !!


Phang !!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In a swift ~~~ Part 1..

Hey guys,

I know...i know i had been ignoring this place for so long, but im always here actually..just i dont leave my foot prints only~

Blogging needs a special force of energy to push your mind and fingers to move...I am sorry, i cannot be able to do that someday..many days...thats why i had only 1 post for last month...what a big record of mine !!

Today, in case you are concerning of myself, what had i seen, what had i done..let me bring you on my wave...swift and sway with me.....~~~

Merely pictures and short description...not in the same time, place and so on ~~

Went to eat a korean steamboat at Taman Sutera Utama..nice one..its buffet steamboat where you can eat what ever dish you like UNLIMITEDLY and those dished were on the Kaiten Belt..imagine you eat the steamboat on the Sushi King table facing the plates and sushi moving in front you...BUT, thats not what i want to say in the pic...i just wanna show the typo error !! hahaha...
Working life...which means, i gotta accept the fact that my salary will be deducted for the organization above !!!.......Argh..11%.....That was a long long long ago's statement..i took this picture meant for my admin to jot down the Nombor Ahli !!!..i lazy to copy by pen or pencil...
What a heavy downpour..JB even till now, always receive big big sunny day in the noon, then big big downpour in the evening where there were dark clouds...BUT the picture above is to show the sky was so sunny, raindrops were soooo big and last thing, it flooded my showroom a little !! hehe..
One sunday early morning, i was at MetroJaya walk around..i spotted this rack above at Shoe Department....then i saw the small card written "Please Do Not Rest"....hmmm, i guess MetroJaya wants me to continue walk and shop, they dont want me to rest..........
One of my colleague's car... It's Vios !!!...he is a guy, he is good looking guy...a guy with a unique decoration in his car..errr, how to describe huh? "so featherly?"...hahahah...
I was so dangerous...driving while using my hp camera to shot this picture...Sorry cant be able to get nearer pic..i donno what was that, perhaps a bus without the clothes...just it's whole set of bones and heart......Hahaha..the driver were in his helmet !!!...Click on the pic to enlarge..then dont forget to hit the "Back" button to return to here !!!
One morning at MacD having breakfast with my colleague...ordered the pancake colleague said, the best coffee of MacD will be when you had put 5 packets of sugar and 5 packets of agree?

A saturday at Tebrau City, Johor...purposely going to do some spy on competitor's roadshow and its car...yeah, that white pick-up car is my company's competitor...acting as customers taking pictures here and there...observation on the people reaction and respond to the car !!!........
In the middle of the centre court, my two friends were playing make-up make-up....they were so dare, but i was dare too to get their acts shot !!..even posted here for whole world to see !!!
One night, attended a night..big night among car dealers, banks and so on...something annual dinner of bla bla bla name..its too long, i cant remember..but the keywords are..."Hire-Purchase", "Organization", "Finance Institution"...something a night where most of Johor's car retailers, dealers, Bank's car loan officers and so on will be attending !! a big gathering and reunion for them !!!...

This both pics were taken when i ate the Burger King's Angry Whopper with OTL, the best electronic manufacturing buyer in JB!!! what an unique name...I was somewhat angry !! was really effective...Hahaha...i dont like the taste..too many 'sour cucumber' inside....On the other hand, OTL was so angry there were sooo many onions inside !!.......then ON THE SAME HAND, we both angry that the Angry Whopper set with drinks and fries was so expensive but not as good as MAcD !!!

Ok, in few minutes..i had brought you guys on my wave swaying my life of a month !!..stay tuned..i shall bring you guys to my next wave soon !!!!!!!!.....

to be continued....

Phang !!!