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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Matt Harding : Where the Hell is Matt?


I have watched another youtube that has made me so eager to share here again. This time credit goes to TeckLim who recommended Waisin, then Waisin showed it to me. This time, I had to put up my thumbs again to him, Matt Harding who had made videos that will 'Wowwww' people and it "Wowwwed" and "WAaaaa" me just now.

  1. His courage !! ---->What dance is that?

  2. His efforts !! ----> Look out his description at my posted second video.

  3. The number of countries he visited !!!

  4. How the Hell he did it?

Actions show more than words. Let you guys see this video of him first !!!

Do you actually count how many countries he had visited? Awesome right ? For your info, that video was made probably few years back, maybe around 2006. Now im showing you his 3rd video of his that was made in 2008 with ADDED new element that will make you enjoy more..Sit back and enjoy this..

Does it add some laughness to your face? i hope he had made you so. Actually i watched this second video first and i was like feeling wanna cry when see those cute people dancing with him..They were just too cute and playful.. Matt said in the video description "14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands"..

What another great people who have made another great masterpiece for us to enjoy watching. Brilliant and awesome Matt Harding. If you guys are wondering how he would be able to get so much LOCAL people to dance crazily like him in soooo many countries, Haha..i believe im able to 'quench' your curiosity.

This is what Matt Harding was giving a lecture about his "The Making"..

Now you understand it huh !! there were actually people want to join him dance crazily !! Hahaha.. Thats all my another post in a day..I hope i bring you laughness again this time. Check out on his MORE interesting videos in youtube. Its great to watch it as you would feel you had sightseeing the world with him. But one issue,

Do you guys see Malaysia in the video?

Backpackers like me, PLEASE go see more of his videos in youtube. You will learn a LOT of knowledge regarding what best places on earth we should visit and landmarks to be focused on. As i said backpackers, doesnt mean its not include you all guys who are not. haha. Fell free to watch more of him in youtube. !!!

Phang ~~~~~


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