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Friday, April 2, 2010

How do we look when we are old ?

Hey guys,

Good day in April, wish everything is coming smooth, and those went away were also smooth !!!...

My topic today is............

"How do we look when we are older?"

Guys, do you ever wanting to know how will u look like when your skin has become loose, with uncountable wrinkles? Haha..if you want to know it now, let me introduce you a place..

Singapore Science Centre !!!...Well, i went there month ago. The main purpose was to visit the Human Body Exhibition which come to Singapore the second time. I went to its first exhibition in Singapore Expo before. It was magnificent !!!...but for this second times, i went with few UTm friends..Who? cannot was it? ...errrr ...........

Let me talk about Singapore Science Centre, awesome !! only this i could describe. Perhaps you may had visited our Petrosains before.. its same !!...Singapore Science Centre has unlimited discoveries for you. Make sure you visit it if you keen to learn and know many things !!

Sorry for not taking much photos. However, i want to share below pictures. Let me pull back the topic i wanted to talk. Haha..

We found this machine on 2nd or 3rd floor. Pretty unpopular abandoned place, perhaps this is an old machine which already no more people wanting to play !!...

This machine enable us to capture our recent facial look. Then transform it to 3 different age such as baby, adult and old. Well, there was nothing special about our baby and adult look, but i want to share now is our OLD look !! hahaha...

You could see one by one below. We are all 24 yo and 25 yo currently. Radiance youth young smooth skin..You see how great this machine transform our look.
Friend A ...He is gonna be a dark skin damn old man !!!
Friend B..what a glum old man face !!! he looks actually a cute guy in current !!!
Friend C..This one how shall i say, errrr........big face specky dark skin old man !!!
Friend D..This lady looks the best when she is old !! hehehe !! at least she is not as dark as us guys !!! Haha!!

Dont ask me who are they, i cannot tell. They may not even know i would post it here in my blog !! hahaha..if they knew i told their name out, i guess they would kill me !!

Now you see mine ....
Horrible right? Hahhaa...OMG, i am going to be a dark skin, fake smile, black lips almost bald OLD GUY !! hahahah !!! look pretty scary, can act ghost movie i guess..hehe..

Thats all for my sharing tonight !! haha..wish you entertained at least a little today !!

Phang ~~~