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Thursday, July 16, 2009

One year !!

Its not anybody's first year birthday !! haha..its just a simple post of mine saying that it had been A YEAR for myself and my housemates moved to Serdang to study in UPM.

I still remember, i came to Serdang a day before my MBA registeration. 28th June 2008. First time in my life move to another place that located such far away. Waisin and Waiyan (my housemates) had succcesfully got us this cute small flat for us to live in for our postgrad study. Not a long stay, just for this short 15 months..It was so excited to move myself to Selangor which very near to the prestigious KL. Haha..But actually i had moved to KL before 2 years ago, it was for my 10 weeks internship in KL, so i moved to KL for that specific 10 weeks only. So, that was short and i don't consider it as one. Haha.

Four of us, all were not familiar of Serdang at all. But we were bravely explore ourselves by walking nearby. Taking taxi to Equine Park Jusco without knowing how it looks like. Taking bus to The Mines Shopping Fair but do not know what bus is going there. All of these required GUTS feeling, mouth to ask people and our strong feet to walk..haha..Eventually we were better cos we have motors to enhance our exploration..

What are my feelings for staying ONE YEAR in Serdang?
  1. I felt i am more and more independent than previous myself. Definitely this would be something that we all will learn when we move out from family and live out far. We deal ourselves rent, we deal ourselves our foods and lodging, we deal ourselves everything from scratch. From an empty house, to whole house stucked with so many things. Its our credit. We made it like a HOME of us..We made it like our comfy home..Well done my housemates..
  2. I felt i had known a new place. Well, we stayed at a new place. Definitely we will know a new place. For me, i may not know anything about Serdang, now i know. You see, im not like many other undergrads, Im a Johorean and studied my Bachelor Degree in UTM which was just not more than 15km from my house. I can't be able like other people to know a new place. But i am now UPM student, so i got the chance to familiarize Serdang and KL in bigger part, also small small partof places nearby such as Bangi, Kajang and so on.
  3. Knowledge learnt? Of course YES and its a BIG YES !!! Haha..i came here to study, i can't deny i learnt a lot of knowledge from studies of MBA..learnt a lot of invicible knowledge we found and went through everyday i am living here.
  4. Working experience !! I had never think i would be so hardworking to work part time and study at the same time. Do you guys believe i had worked for Macy Home Furnishing for 8 months? it was so fast !!..Im living outside now, therefore i foresee i will use more daily expenses, that's why i eager to earn more to top up the monthly pocket money my beloved mother gives me. Indeed, without this extra top up i earned from part time job, i hardly would be this comfy..BUT i have another reason to work part time, which is the PROCESS of learning. I am taking this chance while i am stil studying to work at the "work that i had missed out to work in the past, and the work that i would not be working in the future". This is proven by my working experience in TGV Cinema at The Mines. haha. How would a MBA student like me working RM3.50 per hour so tiredly selling tickets, popping popcorns at cinema? that was what many people said to me..I was almost to apply for MacDonald's job too. I just want to try out these kind of jobs before i grad of MBA..

In overall, i think Serdang is an awesome to stay where it actually not far from the KL city but not as hectic as there. Perhaps its a good place of sub-urban life. I believe i am going to leave this place soon after i grad. I do not know if i would miss this place or not. Like where i am living now, Taman Sri Serdang. It has everything for a student like me, stationary, photostats, foods, MacD, KFC, Banks, cinemas, shopping mall, working place just to name a few..All of these are very near to us here...

A year after of myself definitely i shall say i improve and grown a lot. How can i people do not grow and learnt in the process right?..I believe many of my blog readers, you also had stayed at another place before, please do some reflection on how many things you had learnt from this new place and environment !!!

That's all for my post now. See you at my next post..




ichiban | いちばん said...

oit ko ni buat karangan ke??? huhuhu.. penat aku membaca.. huhuhu

Fizz said...

WOW! Well done! My dearie fren here already a grown up man who knows to manage his own life.. Quite interestin' to read this posting...
soooo... what's next? gettin' married perhaps? tee heee heee...

d7 said...

congrats for it has been a year ;)

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