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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pre-backpack PREEparation !!

Good day guys,

Its Tuesday nite now, tomorrow night i shall not be in the country...I love AirAsia sometimes, but i hate Airasia at sometimes too. Airasia always allow us to plan so far ahead our vacation, it made us wait and wait, some even more than 6 months of waiting..but then when the date arrives, your vacation always end soooo fast...

Same with me, we booked this trip's ticket long long ago. Finally its tomorrow..It was a 4 people trip, but ended up now only 3 people. 2 guys and 1 BRAVE girl now. Haha. Its a backpack i assumed, 8 days can consider a backpack i guess. We plan everything by our own, not yet book the hotels and so on. Everything handle in the ad-hoc basis. Thats what we call BACK PACK !!! hahaha...

For your information, my this big trip involves 2 countries. VIETNAM and CAMBODIA !!...We shall first land on Ho Chi Minh City to see some pretty vietnamese girls...haha..

I do hear many said, Vietnamese in Vietnam and Vietnamese in Malaysia look different. They said, there are extremely good looking no matter guys or girls.. I am gonna see them tomorrow, i will tell you if its real or not. Haha..

Then we will get our way to across the border to Pnom Penh few days later. By bus, 4-5 hours i guess. I had seen the videos and pics, these long distance buses are air-conditioned !! Thats great..hahaha...
Gotta stay there few more days, then we move up to Siam Reap where there is the most famous Angkor Watt !!! bus again...another 4-5 hours !!....
We will fly back Malaysia on 18th Nov !!...many days right? hope its enough !!!

Above pics are not from my camera or camera phone. Stay tuned here. I shall upload the pics i took myself. Haha.

Its gonna be a challenging and exciting trip this time. Hence, we prepared a lot. Waisin got a lot of useful information, we even have got its map and analyzed !!...

Waisin taught us to prepare something even more important. This can be a tip for everyone who will travel to anywhere for vacation or what ever.. Wikitravel !!! is a must for you all to visit..

For us, I printed out stack of information. It is very very useful, it tells you everything from top to toe, do's and donts' and so on. At least you need to read them, if more KIASU (Scare of lose) +KIASI (Scare of die), you print them out like me !! can read it on the way !! hahaha..

Not only that, watch those youtube videos !!! actually could see and understand more of that place from there especially from Lonely Planet !!!...we watched a few !!! hahahaha...

Next thing to prepare besides those small small things such as shoes, clothes, passport and so on. This is very important !!! hahah...

MONEY !!!! I am a Millionaire in Vietnam tomorrow !!...each of us hold ONE MILLION of Vietnam DONG !!!.. well, it does not need a suitcase to keep that, can you see in above pic? just 10 pieces of notes. That's it ONE MILLION..Hhahaha...changed as well USD !!! enough lah !!.....

That's all my PREEparation for my backpack tomorrow. Wish me safe and had fun !!!
Im gonna away til 18th Nov. See you guys soon !!!........

Phang !!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Variety of events after my MBA exam !!!

Hi guys,

Sorry for abandoning my blog again. Here i am once again to make some update. Referring to my previous post, i was saying ONE WEEK before i freedom...but this post somehow rather too late..NOW, its almost two weeks after i freedom. My schedule was somewhat packed !! so many things to do accordingly.. until i have no energy to update my blog here.. Hehe..

Once again, i am gonna bring all of you in swift what had i done and went !!! Let me start with this..

~~~Project paper submission. Thanks to who ever helped me in completing this project paper including my beloved supervisor Mr Neela Mehan. Approximately 20,000 words, 84 pages of main content, i managed to finished it within a month.

I thought i cannot make it, but at the end i have made it. !! hahaha.. Are you gonna ask me why i so have to finish it within a month? One word answer : LAZY !!!!

Went through my final final exam in my MBA life or perhaps my student's life. Strategic Management was the only written final exam i took in this trimester. Hurray !! latest news of this exam is, i have got A !! hurray again !!..other subjects i am not knowing it yet !!..

After busy busy with final exam and some take home exams assignments, its truly my vacation time. Hurray !! First vacation after exam..

~~Langkawi !!! (26-29th Oct)

Last minute squeezed into their flight to tag along with them to Langkawi once again. I went again with them, even though its my second time, it was stil loads of fun and excitement going out with them. Benjamin, Nicholas, Xinyi, Helen, Debra and JunHwa.

Rented an apartment, big and spacious. Enough for 7 people which only spent RM 300 per night !! very worthwhile..Century Suria Service Apartment !!!

Went almost whole island in the road trip. Above pic was at Pebble Beach where whole beach is pebble stones !!!....

Paddy fields...look so green and big area..

Went Dr Mahathir's museum !! Galeria Perdana. So many things to see, no enough energy and time to see them all...

At the black sand beach where i do not know how these black sands were formed. It looks like a polluted beach !! hahaha...

After come back from the Langkawi, i managed to catch few small breath at Serdang home where i got myself few small little time back to Facebook and msn. However, my schedule was not ended such easy.

~Be the host to my UTM ex-coursemates. (30-31st Oct)
These people my ex-coursemates of UTM Marketing came to KL to find us !! As myself, Waisin and Waiyan are now Serdang ppl whom started to get familiar of KL, hence we were the host to bring them to few interesting places especially JOGOYA in Starhill Gallery.
Been hearing Jogoya Jogoya for so many many months, finally got to patronize it. Hurray !! Brought a very high expectation to there. Luckily Nicholas borrowed me the VIP card, so we could enjoy as VIP. Haha. Review of Jogoya: Food are nice lah, coconut drinks are awesome, customer service was just decent.
Saturday night, they left. I got a little bit time to catch a breath again !!..The next day (1st Nov) i accompanied 2 expert shopping queens (Debra and Shirley), a normal shopping queen (Xinyi) to Time Square. I was a driver and body guard of theirs. Haha.
The next day, we went the second place of vacation. This time with slight different people for me to went with.
~~Genting !!! (2-3rd Nov)
I pretty like this look of mine. New look with spec. Backpack is not mine. I like this above pic taken by my friend. Haha. At Genting. !!

Such a awesome experience to go Genting with them. It was the first time, and may be the last time in this year with them. haha. Auspicious number of people this time. 8 people. Daniel, Waisin, Helen, Debra, Xinyi, Shirley, JunLan and myself.

We had so much fun singing karaOk, watching movie, hangout playing games in the room, eating icecream outdoor, buffet lunch and many more. One last important thing is, we get to overnight at a hotel which is not First World Hotel. Thanks big boss Daniel for treating us two Resort Hotel deluxe room. We forced him actually. haha.

Thats all for the hectic schedule of mine since after exam. Yesterday after sent Debra to LCCT, my hectic schedule ends. Im pretty free right now loitering do not know what to do !!! One week for me to prepare for my next BIG vacation to two countries.
Stay tune here if you want to know my next BIG backpack this year !!...
Hope you entertained with my schedule and update. I shall update here more often okay !! see you again !!...
Phang, MBA !!! hahahaha..