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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My expectation !!!

Hmm..pretty boring this few days too. Then, i saw something my friend Naozumi Mizuhashi posted in his blog regarding HIS EXPECTATION towards his future GF.. thus my hand start to itchy, i want to write and do some advertisement too about my list. I am desperate too to have a girlfriend or girlfriendSSSSSSSSS like him..Hahaha..

My future GF should/shall be:

  1. Reach my ideal height. Between 170cm to 180cm. Is this too HIGH expectation? Haha..cos i am somehow a bit taller than average, if she happens to be less tall, i worry i can't be able to match her. Hmmmm...
  2. Age !!! not choosy. If you are too old in age, its okay. As long as you don't look older than me. I am already look much older than my real age. I hope you don't.

  3. Specs or not i don't mind. But if you are wearing specs, it shall be in blue frame, round shape. A bit of square shape also never mind. Contact lense will be great !!

  4. Hair !!... preferrably long wavy. Slightly highlighted with gold colour. Length should be after 9.85cm below shoulder and 12.375cm above waist line. Short hair are welcome as well. But must pure black and straight.

  5. I am somewhat single eye-lid. So, i don't have the right to choose girl with perfect eye. Just i demand her eye would be big enough to give me perfect eye contact. Or i may not know if she was looking at me or the handsome hunkie behind me. Haha.

  6. High Heels. I adore girls wearing heels. No flat shoes at least in my eye sight. Out of my eye, i don't care. Hmmm..

  7. Shoe size must be 6. Not even a half size up or down. This size is easiest to be bought in shoe shop. Therefore, its easy for me to buy you nice shoes....

  8. Forgoten to mention weight..Hmm, between 45.68kg to 60kg should be okay. You are gonna tall right, so i don't wish you would suffer too much in keeping slim. Please maintain your waist size not more than 30inches. please !!!

  9. Skin colour?..i don't mind if you are tanned or fair. But make sure you are not stuck in between. Tanned means tanned properly, fair means fair to the most. Like me, stucked in between, i look dirty. I don't wish you would be same as me. Im so considerable !!!

  10. Acne? i don't have right on this. Make sure your case is not more serious than mine. If do, its okay, let's save some money, we could go to New York Skin Solutions together.

  11. Spoken language !! anything la. Basic language that Malaysian speak is enough. Big advantage if able to speak Cantonese ( I want to learn this now), Hakka ( can talk to my grandparents), some French + Italian + Germany (in case we travel to Europe, she could communicate with the waiter OR we may not know what to pick in the menu, i dont want to drink all SOUP !!!) .. Also also able to speak FLUENT malay (so she could talk with my maid at home). Thats all. I don't demand too much rite?

  12. Don't have to be too feminine but don't be too TOMBOY. Strong minded. Some fights and quarrels are needed to add some spice between us. Haha. Preferrably learnt some Self-defense before. I have TaeKwanDo experience which i almost got my Black Belt. In case i happen to be a JERK who will beat girls, she would be able to fight me back. Its for your safety !!! no one knows how guys will turn to in the future...
  13. Any modelling experience would be an added advantage. Able to walk beautifully in heels, able to possess a natural invisible fan that kept blowing your hair from front like Beyonce on the stage. Ouch !!! you are HOT..

I believe its enough my expectation on my future GF..anyone that qualified with above terms, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any suitable candidate, you can introduce to me as well. You deserve a big meal from us if you friend happens to be my girlfriend. Haha.

So, i shall wait for your good news.


Day Dreaming Phang


---Olivia. JR--- said...

u know what, i kept force myself not to laugh in the office..U THOUGHT U ORGANIZE BEAUTY PAGEANT CONTEST?????????????

WTH for the hair length?
Length should be after 9.85cm below shoulder and 12.375cm above waist line.
this is kanasai u measure the hair when u go dating?? after some months her hair grow longer how? kick her out??

And..shoe size..
this is kanasai..tall girl normally wear bigger 7 or 8..AND~~IF U BUY SHOES FOR UR GF, IT MEANS U WAN KICK HER OUT!!!

u didnt mention ur ideal cup size..this kinda important..

ps:somehow i feel i can join..

Anonymous said...


guess you are quite demanding for a prefect girl..
about the hair length, shoe size, skin colour...decribed in great detail

i agree with your friend that you tend to organize a beauty pageant of all characteristics mentioned

guess some beauty queens also cannot fulfill your expectations

anyway it is an interesting thing to share..
i kinda laughed when i was reading tour article

Go for it...

ichiban | いちばん said...

oit what the H##L r u thinking ar??
1st u copy my masterpieace
2nd u break it.. hahahahahhaha
what the hack la u... ur expectation so detailsssssssss u knw.. much more high demand then me le.. hahahah siao... =P
well all the best dude.. we fight who can get 1st.. hahahaha

prazanna said...

walau wei.. what is this my dear friend.. u finding gf or u finding model huh? so high expectation.. man u r out of ur mind darling.

prazanna said...

wow man.. what is this? choosing gf or choosing beauty queen for pageant.. from all ur requirement i din see u mention about character also.. u dun mind a gf with bad characters isit? u r out of ur mind man..

rolexphang said... all....

I was day dreaming lah just now.. i wonder i come out with such high detailed terms for my future GF..i guess i will never got it until im old..Hhaha..

By the way, I hope i entertained all of you. Made all of you at least smile once.Haha..cheers..

Anonymous said...'s just a bit too high do u have any suitable candidate right now in ur life? if yes do go ahead =)

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