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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009 !!!

Hi all..

What you guys doing in this last day of 2009? definitely for those who's working, stil working..and those studying stil studying !!! hahaha...what's the plan for tonight?

Me? its the last day of 2009, what am i doing now? and what am i going to do today?

Hmmm, i cant sure yet what am i going to do tonight..but i am now currently standing !! hahaha..

Im standing now at TM Point Taman Sentosa Jb..queueing to apply streamyx !! i had been lazying and giving myself excuse to late applying this !! now i am here..what a long time to wait..luckily this huge building of TM Point allows us to online STANDING !!!...its a kiosk for us to web surfing !! hahaha... too bad we cannot surf Facebook and MSN !!

Im in the midst of working actually, but i saw there's nothing much i need to do at the office, so i sneaked out !! Darn,,one hour already and i am still aim today, MAKE MY INTERNET APPLICATION DONE no matter now !! i want to online at home, i want to online at home...i dont want to go CC to online anymore..hahaa..

Actually, there was a guy standing behind me looking at my screen and me typing !!!..i wonder if he wants to use this pc to online something important or not..Haha..i wonder also if any people would dare to blog while waiting in here !!! thats me, maybe the only one..

Its New Year soon, i wish everyone Happy the whole year, Healthy the whole year and Wealthy the whole year as well !!!...

No time to discuss about my New Year resolution time next time okay !!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!!!


@ TM Point Taman Sentosa

A hude building of TM that i felt the surrounding is super comfy..lots of counters, and nice surrounding !!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry Xmas !!!

Hi all,

Hows your days? i wonder everytime i start my blog will be this question, do you actually answer me in your heart that you are good or not? hahaha..i hope you are doing fine and great everyday !!..

Its Xmas today !! Hurray..its a great and enjoyable festive season, how do you spend it? who are you spending with?

By the way, i want to wish this first.....

Merry Christmas my friends !!! Hahaha..i admit i am so lame !!...but what have i done today? who i am spending with?

Well, its Xmas today and i do not have to work, do you think i will sit at home whole day? sure two best girl friends (June and Nana) are in Senai...definitely i will want to meet them two !!!

early in the morning, we went for movie..Haha..Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 !! it was a nice movie for me though !! the Chipettes were HOTTTTTTTT...hahahah.. enjoyable movie i shall say, but June and Nana said it was not as great as first one !!

Watched the movie at a very forbidden cinema...U-Mall's MBO cinema at Taman Universiti Skudai..i chose this cinema purposely, just to avoid traffics and long queue at the city !! today is public holiday okay, sure Tebrau City will be having 1KM long queue for sure....Its a new cinema, new seat, new facilities...overall acceptable service lah..its cheaper in its tickets too !! few minutes, we had got our tickets, and good seats somemore.. hustle free !!!

After movie, we went to Secret Recipe, ordered two pots of organic tea !! hangout and chill out !! of the topic was the 'ghost encounters' of my Serdang flat to them two !! hahaha...

In overall, nothing much things i had done with my two girl friends !! haha..just simple meet up and hangout !! but it meant a lot is better than i am home, didnt go out !!! at least i watched a movie i wanted to watch !!...damm, i had missed 2012 !!

Actually the Christmas day has not even end yet, but i already end it just now after i sent them two home !!..haha..then i came to this cyber cafe to online as LONER !! hahaha..i shall go home soon to be my mother's good boy !...Thats all for my meaningless, pointless xmas story !!! hahaha...

My apology for my profoundless post this time, but i hope it was not wasting your time to read it..if you are expecting these title of posts as below, then you shall wait until i got my streamyx line installed in my room..

Soon to be written titles of the posts:

  1. My working life ...VS... My student life..
  2. What am i doing after i graduated?
  3. Am i following my heart to this? are you gonna be like this permanently?
  4. Unemployment crisis..what happen to me, why no one hires me?
  5. ???.............??? (you readers can fill the space, you can name me any title that you want to hear from me..i will write for you exclusively...)

The reason i didnt be able to update my blog so often recently because my house doesnt have internet line. I always online here in facebook, msn and blogger at the cyber cafe near my house..well, in this cyber cafe, i dont feel like blogging..i dont know why..thats why !!!

I strongly believe, after i install the streamyx soon, i can resume my blogging life...i have a recent aim..i wish to become a celebrity bloggers like them.. and ... i am a crazy fan of them both !! Kennysia is Malaysia's Top Blogger, Xiaxue is Singapore's Top Blogger...learning to become like them !! anyone knows the way, teach me please !!!

Okok..i shall end my this blog here. Wish everyone have a great day !


Rolex Phang !!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jobless !!!

Simply post a picture to indicate what i am currently !!!!

Hahahhaa....This picture is definitely not me because i do not have PHD !!! hahaha....

Vexed VeXED and super VEXED !!!!!!!

Wish my birthday month would give me luck !!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My vacations summary !!

Dear all,

Good day yeah !! hope everyone doing good. In this beautiful day, my topic is My Vacations Summary. hahaha. Recently, many of my friends had been envying me..Opps, am i right the spelling of ENVYING? what ever.. envying me about i had been to so many places even though i am still studying !! then i would say, where got?

but when think twice, it is somehow true !!! hehehe... some will ask. "where you got so much money to travel? you are just student".... well, its true again..i was just student, where i got such money to travel holiday so much? Hahaha...

Well, in this post..let me guide you all through where i had been to..all these places i FLEW with bias.. i didnt regard those places i went with cars as my vacations for examples twice to Melaka, once to Banting and countless times of Genting..hehe..

Date period May 2008 to Nov 2009. Let me put it 1.5 years. The time where i had just finished my Bachelor Degree til i finished my Master Degree.

THAILAND. With Waisin, Jovean and JongPing.

We flew from LCCT to Bangkok, travel all by our own at there.

A temple along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok. Wat Arun temple.

On the boat heading to an island named Koh Larn at Pattaya.
Got a taxi to bring us to Pattaya.

Chaweng Beach, one of a famous beach in Koh Samui.
Travelled almost 12hours by bus and ferry to reach Koh Samui. After that, we took another almost 12 hours to take train back to Penang Butterworth.
PULAU LANGKAWI. with Waisin, Pouya and Rizki.
We flew from LCCT again to Langkawi.
Sorry, no group pic to indicated we were there except this. haha.
Then we took ferry from Langkawi to Penang.

Bukit Bendera, Penang. After that we flew back LCCT.
SABAH. With Waisin again. Haha, Jennifer and Xinyi.
Fly to KKIA, Waisin drove approximately 100km to from KK to reach Kuala Penyu for Pulau Tiga trip.
Survivor Island (Pulau Tiga). An island where world famous reality show Survivor we shot.
After that, 100km back Kota Kinabalu. Another 100km roadtrip to Kundasang for Mount Kinabalu.
Awesome Sabah trip. Flew back from KKIA to LCCT.

PULAU LANGKAWI. Second time. With Ben, Nic, JunHwa, Helen, Xinyi and Debra.
Fly from LCCT to Langkawi again..

Went to almost all the same place like first trip, but different feeling with different people. Awesome trip again. Rented a Mitsubishi Grandis for the Langkawi roadtrip !! hahaa. Hired Airasia pilot, flew us back LCCT. hehe.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City + Cambodia, Phnm Penh and Siam Reap. With Waisin once again and Xinyi.
Flew from LCCT to Ho Chi Minh airport.
In the Ho Chi Minh airport. Their tourism advertisement board.
Took 6 hours bus across the border to Phnom Penh. Sorry i forgoten to upload Phom Penh picture, please refer my facebook pics.

Got myself to Siam Reap after 6 hours bus from Phnom Penh !! Angkor Wat is in the picture. Amazing backpacking trip. Flew back LCCT from Siam Reap airport.
Hmm, thats all my summary. These are the places i went with my friends in just a small 1.5 years. I didnt know would be this far away until i really counting them.
Back to the questions, How do i get so much money to go since i am a student? first of all, thanks a lot to Airasia. Thanks for sponsorin all my flight tickets. Hahaha. Fat Hope!!! With Airasia, anyone can fly. Its true !!! without Airasia, we wont have such cheap tickets to fly.
Travelling expenses, where do i get? Well...Thanks PTPTN !! sponsored my trips too !!!..this time is true. I got all my trips financed from PTPTN loan and not to forget my savings. I worked part time, dont you forget. I worked two part times while i was studying my MBA. So i got it saved from there. That's why i have money.
I do not know why all above paragraphs would stick together even though it was not like this when i composed it. Thats why i need to put different colour to let you guys could see it better.
No matter how, i had finished talk !! hope you enjoyed reading me.
Look out for my next posts !!!
Phang ~

Monday, December 7, 2009

So free !!..reach the level of boredom !!!

Hi there...

hi there everyone..each and everyone of you who viewed my blog from time to deepest apology this time, i never abandone my blog for such long time..thanks for your patient, thanks your viewings...

Im back !! sorry to keep you guys waiting...

My updates !! just a short brief in this post on all my recent updates since the last post i mentioned !!!

Yeah, after a day of my previous friends Waisin and Xinyi with myself..we went backpack to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, Cambodia's Phnom Penh and Siam Reap for 7 days !!! definitely i want to say that, it was an awesome trip !!!

i guess many of you may already viewed my pics in my are some to show you guys as the proofs i went there..hahaha...

It's me with Vietnam traditional hat !!! Mekong Delta trip !!
Phnom Penh's Grand Palace !!! look from far, but i am at Silver Pagoda area.. The palace was not open for public that day !!!

My one day pass !!!!..

My friends and i !! shot a picture in front of the magnificent Angkor Wat, Siam Reap !!..many people were so envied us can go to Angkor Wat...thanks..we were honoured as well !! We were stepping on the jewel built on 12th Century !!!

A temple at the Archeological Park !! Bayon Temple..A temple we 3 like the most because it was full of faces !!!

Well, if i said we were backpacking..i shall shall we were !! i wonder if we really were backpacking, but we were like other backpackers as well !! so i assumed we were !! hahaha..
Backpacking to these two countries were easy actually !! but it required certain extend of preparation as well !!..
First is the STRENGTH !!! well, backpacking and no matter how you are going to backpack, you will have a backpack right? well of course we have. Cmon, its not those SUITCASE ok !! need strength to carry your own stuffs on your back and your hands. Well, i brought 8kg of stuffs going, and i carried 16kg of stuffs back !!! all on my back and hands !! if you do not have that strength to carry your own, its hard for you..
Also, in our Vietnam and Cambodia required our strength to WALK !!..we walked soo much !! We walked a lot !!...we walked and climbed those temples in Angkor Wat for 11 hours !!! it required a lot of energy !! well, i was the one who always complaint tired of walking !! hahaha...
Second, backpackers need to read a lot !! read what? read information about your travel. We gathered information on the place, culture, place of interest, price, and bla bla bla from internet and WIKI TRAVEL !! this is important..seriously important !! so you could prepare before handed and to prevent you being cheated.. it saves your time and money !!
Third, we have to become open hearted and outspoken !! Backpackers like to talk and share ideas among themselves. We talked and interacted with many backpackers along the way..Thus, we should be outspoken and not shy talking with them. If you are timid to talk, its hard to interact !! and people may think MALAYSIAN are cocky !! hahaha...we should also DARE..dare to ask when you do not know...dare to ask the road....dare to eat THEIR foods and drinks..
Hahaha...well, Cambodia and Vietnam at some of their place, it were not clean and we have to become dare to eat their way of food, drinks...they may be prepared in not VERY hygiene way, but that was how they live. If you are coward and hyper sensitive on the things you stuck in your better dont go these place !!..luckily we dare !! and we enjoyed ~~~
i cannot think much on the idea, but let me share the last thing that you need when you backpack like us!! which is, DONT BE SO STINGY !! prepare some money for your trip !!..we were not so stingy even though we regarded it was a budget travel !! we stil eat nice, sleep decent and ENJOYED max...surprisingly, we were far far in our budget of money !!!..which mean, our FIXED costs for whole trip was just around RM 1K.. Well, we were not regretting spending so much money to those things that WE WILL NEVER GET IT IN MALAYSIA maybe FOREVER !! see, we experienced M16 rifle shooting in such cheap price...i never thought i could able to hold M16 gun in Malaysia !1 hahaha....
Thats all i want to say in this quick but not short post of mine !! its a little about my trip !! something that you may not expect i will say here instead of saying how nice and beautiful those places are !! hahaha
Look out for my post soon !!... it will about what i did, went through and what i am now after the backpacking trip !!
Phang !!!