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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Assignments !!!

Its week 8 now...started to feel anxious now, because of what?..because of ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many pending assignments yet to be even look at it...Arghhhhhh !!!!!!

4 subjects...each of it some has one, some has two.....

Darn !!!..i'm gonna cut down my time consumption on facebook and msn now...

Lazily Phang !!!

X-Men Origins : Wolverine !!!

Watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine just now. Now i shall say something about what i think of this movie. Its my review, but not that exactly. It's my opinion only. Haha.

Its a great movie indeed. It somehow always a guaranteed nice great film. X-Men okay, it is blockbuster i should say. Rating?.......Hmmmm, i do not know how to rate, but i can only say its recommendable. Nice stunts, Nice muscles, Nice powers that will let you "Wah Wah great if i have it too"...pretty nice fighting stunts, explosions and so on..

I was like pretty eager to watch this movie because of its popularity. I like to research of the movie i watched, thus i realized few things that i do not know and surprise about in this movie and Hugh Jackman.
  • Never know Wolverine and Sabretooth are actually brothers in the X-Men history.
  • I thought Wolverine is the only X-Men who is not mutant. 'Cos in previous movie, it showed that he was being injected those steel fluids right, so i thought he was made into mutant, not born with it.
  • Stainless steel claws look nicer and macho, bone claws do not appealing much. Haha.
  • Hugh Jackman's head isn't that big actually. Blame his hairstyle and sideburns.
  • He can be hilarious too, but mostly we see of him always serious and fierce in the movie. Refer to picture below in an award show.
  • Hugh Jackman was actually went for X-Men casting in the last minute(2000). Luckily he had been chosen, or the Wolverine we are watching now will be Doughray Scott. This fellow wasnt be able to act Wolverine because the movie Mission Impossible 2 needs him another two months.
  • He was offered also the role in the movies The Punisher (2004), Daredevil (2003), Hulk, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic in Fantastic 4. Well, these are all big roles, probably he was not free for it. I don't know exactly why too. Don't ask me !!!

Guys, if you are to choose to be mutant, which X-Men mutant you want to be?....Me?..i choose Cyclops..hahaha..Cyclops is cool with a passion eye... too bad, Cyclops in this movie is not too suave than previous movie..

TeckLim sent Waisin a video of X-Men hilarious parody. It was so funny. I want to share here too. It's about Wolverine movie this time. Enjoy !!!

Now after this X-Men, my next exciting movie to be watched will be Transformerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!...You guys should wait as me too. Must watch....

Adios...have a nice day ahead !!!!

Phang, the Cyclops !!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

UPM swimming pool !!!

I have a new hobby since i study in UPM aside online everyday, msn everyday, facebook everyday..My hobby is Swimming !!!!
Haha.. actually it is not a new hobby, i swim not less during my UTM life previously. I was a swimmer, you guys remember?..Haha.. proof?..Ask my coach Jovean Yee..
Reason ?...Its actually UPM has swimming pool..that's cool..UTM so so big, but it has no pool. Pity us when training, we need to go far..if we want to swim for leisure, we need to pay..RM 6.30 if not mistaken. Pity pity.
But in UPM, it's FREE..Hurray !!!..furthermore, it's just soo soo near to my house. 5 mins riding bikes..Isn't cool !!!
I have been wanting to take pictures to show all of you how UPM pool looks like. But everytime i went there, so many boys and girls, ladies and i feel arkwark and i did not. But today, it is UPM holidays aka semester break !!!..boys and girls all went home.. No one was there when i reached. Therefore, took some pics to show you guys especially UTM swimmers who keen to and dream to have swimming pool in the universiti but have not.

I've been to few public pools in JB, been to Uni. Malaya's pool and where else but i forgoten, but i personally feel UPM's pool facilities are not bad. Strictly for UPM students only.
This is men's changing room.

Its clean and not bad. Not like JB, some even do not have doors or openly shower for guys..This is wet area where you can shower and even change. Sorry there is no bath tubs.

Big mirrors for all of us in case some metrosexual guys would want to make up or something. Some malays even brought facial cleanser to wash his face here. Weird of why can't they wash it in the bath?..probably they need to see his own face while washing and massaging.. Haha.. Same with Andy Liew !!

This is dry area...

Only changing allowed. Sorry guys. No even a drop of water for you. Usually this is the area where the crowds located in the peak hours. Haha. i bet they just change and leave. Don't shower probably.

In case you worry of hot weather during ur changing, no worry. UPM provides also fan that 'wind' your changing cubicles. haha !!

I did not actually reading this attentively. Don't think in UNIVERSITY, every language, every words and sentense would be correct. Last time UTM also had this problem in their notice and signage by the road side. Now i discover UPM's notice for us. See below.

Based on your language power, am i right the notice above has one error in Malay language's grammar and one spelling mistake in English language?

Now you gonna see how the pool looks like. Great weather, great surrounding today because there is no people except me and few officers. Haha !!

We have jumping boards, we have life guard's chair which i never ever see our life guard sit there before.

Here you are, if i am not mistaken that one is our life guard.. Well, don't expect life guard would be in a short pants, six pax, tanned skin, macho with cap and shades..No No no..they are totally not..but they just have the tanned skin...

You know what, since i have been swimming no matter last time training in UTM or now leisure in UPM, this hobby would naturally gave us a gift..
No matter you are boys or girl, guys or ladies, you would get this in different size depending on your choice..
Its ladies to my pictures is my size of stockings on my legs..
Sorry guys, i didn't managed to get same pose as that picture is. I do not dare to wear those triangle swimming trunk lah, therefore my stokings only wear till that level only..How's my stockings?..its branded one, and no need to wash, no need to take off..Hahaha..
That's all i want to share about UPM pool and my stockings.
I am not deliberately want to say UPM pool is good and very beau. I know there are many pools in your institution or in your area that has far more powerful pools and facility. This UPM pool is the so called best pool i ever encounter in my both university i studied before. Haha. No comparison. UTM has none now, sure UPM is the best for me.
That's all. Have fun swimming !!!
Adios from Phang !!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

History of My Names...

Many people asked me and wonder why my name so unique? or perhaps so funny. no matter my original chinese name or given english name.. I live my life differently than what you all may have with the existance of these 3 names. You will need to view my names in different angles in order to get the point of where it sooo darn, funny, hateful and so on.

Some history of my name given by parents and myself so far !!!

In cronology order described in short and simple,

1. 彭泉水

  • Original chinese name. Birth name. Still valid until now and forever.
  • Meaning: Mineral Water. Real direct translation to two words behind. No kidding !!!
  • Given by a Fengshui master's "don't know what" calculation method. He said i 'owe water' . Therefore, there are so many water in all that 3 words. Many people say my name with many waters, i will be rich in the future.
  • Felt very embarrassed when my secondary school's chinese friends laughed my name. I did not realise my name would be such funny. Reason: I am malay educated since i was kindergarten till primary 6, no peers would know my chinese name, thus no teasing no mocking. Small kids are like that, like to tease and mock others. We were small kids that time. Forgiveable.
  • Self name embarrassment period : early secondary school life. Ever felt do not wish to tell or admit i have such weirdo name.
  • My mum doesn't care this weird name given even though many people were wondering why the name is such weird. She said she doesn't care what name given, as long as healthy and safe.
  • Eventually as personality grew bolder, age grew older.. I started to feel my name is unique and 'so what, its special okay'.
  • Now, I am totally okay with such name. It made me shine and different with others. I bet i am the one and only who has this SPECIAL and UNIQUE name.

2. Phang Chyuan Shei

  • My original name. Birth name. Valid till now and forever also.
  • Long and hard to pronounce. 15 alphabert letters.
  • Another art piece from that same fengshui master. I heard he even got refer dictionary when give me such name.
  • Seldom would have people, teachers or lecturers would either spelled it correctly or pronounce it correctly.

'Pang' 'Chuan' 'Chuen' ' Chyuen' 'Shey' 'Sei' ---> Spelling !!! you guys can mixed and matched them.

"Pang Coo Wan Shay" ---> Correct pronunciation using simple malay or english pronounce way.

  • No one teach me how to correctly, it came out from my own knowledge. Haha. I don't believe my own parents would pronounce it correctly as i thought.

If you make a test to them, they would pronounce "Pang Can Say". (in malay simple pronunciation). haha.

  • Another BIG DISASTER of my teasing and mocking period of life. When i was in Malay primary school. My surname's fault. "PHANG"...It sounds resemble 'Kompang'(a traditional malay music instrument) and 'Lempang'(Slap). Again, small kids are gullible, naive and cute right? they are innocent and do not know how bad the feeling being mocked and teased around. Pitily, i was the victim. Haha.
  • Used to feel why u have such surname. But, no point. I can't choose it so i have to accept it.
  • Now, I am okay with it. Just too long. Probably took longer time than others in filling name especially in exam OMR paper. 15 black dots to be blacken. Probably a big problem when i was in the kids to remember, memorize and practice writing my own name.
  • In short, everyone now call me PHANG especially malays.. chinese friends call me Ah Phang..eventually 'ABANG ABANG' sweet it become..Haha..

3. Rolex

  • Original unregistered in I/C english name (i may get sued). Birth name. Valid till now and forever TOO..
  • Not given by Fengshui master this time. It was by my 4th Aunt. She felt my chinese name was so lousy and not nice. So, she gave me a glamour english name which was very famous at mid 80s. World re-knowned branded watch Rolex. so called "5 Match Sticks"..
  • That watch was famous and high-end during that time, but my aunt may not know this name may had become outdated in this century..Hmmm..again, i had my third weird name in this century..!!!!
  • Originally being called by family members, childhood friends, neighbours. But now, there is small group of friends call me this.

  • Rolex Phang, Rolex Phang. Its such a wonderful name isnt it? I do not know what it meant also when i started to know how to speak. BUT, almost 90% of the the bunch of people who called me this name (exclude recent friends) WRONGLY in their pronunciation especially my family members. Maybe its hard to pronounce or its complicated for those who are not fluent to english or familiar to that BRANDED WATCH.

ROLEX to 'Loh Let' ' Roles' 'Ro Let' 'Loh Lek' ----> Cute isnt it?

My malay childhood neighbour called me 'Doh Let' (Nurul Huda's family)

The aunt that gave me this name "Let Let".

  • Seriously, I do not angry at all of my english name had become mutated in the calling. Its no way back for me to tune and correct them already. Let it be.
  • People would be very surprise to hear this name of mine. Some even will say "Wahh, so branded". Some even would see my wrist and find "Where is your Rolex?". Haha. then they will call themselves Omega lah, Swatch lah to compete brand with me..
  • At another angle, i felt i shine even brighter with this name currently. Branded watch being used on myself. It made me unique, special and easy to be remembered. I believe it may be a big advantage for me in the future.
  • Never feel ashamed about it but can't be deny, some small teasing and mocking does happened from time to time.
In summary, my dearest 3 official and original name of mine had created so many ups and downs for me no matter in my past and present. It truly shape my personality i have now and my confidence to certain elements of life. I will make sure they would not be a big obstacle for me to move on in suave. Haha. These are originally my names which recognised globally and locally. Haha.

I personally guess no one in this world ever would have such unique or special name like what i have. No more ashamed but i felt double confident and honoured with these name i had. My mum was right, dont care what name is it, the more important is what the name would give me. It gave me HEIGHT, and......that's all..Haha..

Thats all my story, sweet and sour of my names given by elders. Hope you had gain more knowledge of me, don't mock and tease my name or you will not be pardoned. Haha.

Check out on my next post !!!...still thinking now what to share..

Phang Chyuan Shei..aka Rolex Phang aka Mineral Water..

Just to share this piece of Rolex..Its the most macho Rolex i ever see..the one above also nice. Wow...Rolex no more for old people with diamonds and a magnifiers to see the date...Haha.. seems like these are the designs that i can buy it for my wrist...Rolex for my name, another suave Rolex for my wrist....great!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beds at RM 1...Macy Home Furnishings... got schocked again with my working place's promotion. This time is our Bedroom Sales..We even have our T-Shirt as our uniform..This is to show how great we are looking at this promotion.. haha.. I just somehow can't control myself to share to you all about this promotion..i do not care whether you are near or least it come to your knowledge..

Yeah..Its On......

Its a big promotion this time.."Beds at RM 1" are right with your eye, RM more zero zero zero at the backWhat's so special with the bed?..what's on the bed?..You will know soon..
Yeah, you would get me at RM it worth? hahaha.......Finally i got a nice pic of myself..sorry if you are seeing this picture everywhere..
Okay Okay..back to my real topic...Its like this..My working place Macy Home Furnishings is doing promo on beds now..RM 1 for the bedframe with purchase of the mattress on a BIG BIG discount...Its so worth and value buy, until i ownselve feel want to buy if i have money..
Show you few pictures of the beds and can be mixed and match..4 bed frames and 4 mattress..but the overall price include that RM 1 bed frame will be based on the mattress price ONLY....

Combination #1..Posturest Mattress at RM 2999 with 50% RM 1..Just RM 1500..then you would be able to see it in your room already..I personally like this bedframe design la..Hehe..The mattress first layer is Latex, bottom layer is with pocket spring..The free gift for this mattress would be that two Latex pillow if i am not mistaken..Plus that LG air Purifier voucher RM250 somemore..

Combination #2 KingKoil Mattress at RM2699 with 50% OFF plus RM 1 for that bedframe..Cheaper than the Posturest just now..If im not wrong, this mattress with LG voucher only..I dont sure what's the free gifts given for this mattress..but still very worth if you are KingKoil fans..I do not know much information about the mattress..but KingKoil's mattress won't be lousy right?..

COmbination #3 cheaper relatively..Dreamland mattress at RM 2399 with 50% RM1 only...RM 1200 only my would have a nice mattress on a nice more those steel and outdated bedframe...

Combination #4..This one look more luxury but in promotion too..Also bedframe at RM 1 but comfy Slumberland mattress at RM 3999 with only 30% OFF..not 50% as previous 3..please take note on this..With LG vouchers only..this mattress more branded, that's why price higher but discount lower..Haha..
In general, Just buy any mattress i showed above, you have have purchase the bedframes (any of them 4 designs) at RM 1.......Worth worth worth.......real worth..

BUt BuT but...there's no but actually...just want to add one more information if you want to buy it..Delivery charge will be RM 80 within Klang Valley..outside than Klang Valley will be more expensive la. If you want to pick it up yourself, you are most welcome. We can keep for you MAXIMUM 6 months from your purchase date..
RM80 is cheap order to make worth of your RM80, just buy more things at trip RM80 no matter how many things you want us to send..hehe..
I hope i somehow introduce all of you a great deal. Spread it to your friend. If don't understand me, you can ask me.. This promotion is only at Macy Home Furnishings Headquarter Flagship Showroom at Seri Kembangan..not at Ikano, IOI Puchong and Shah Alam...only HQ..
Get yourself at our showroom la. Bring your blanket along if you want to try sleep on those mattress..Haha..but we will stare at you if you lie on the bed more than 10 seconds..haha..Two more weeks left start from today...Strictly, "Product shown above are for illustration purpose only by Rolex Phang. You will need to be on that place and try your ownselves for better understanding. Further clarification and correction of what i said shall be done by the salesperson"
Have fun. Have a great think of my offer now !!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guitar Hero Advertisement..

These few days kind off blank on my blog topic, find and find yet could not reach any inspiration. Finally just now came across these videos and 'Wowww' me..Thus, i am too eager to share them up here and Wowww all of you as well..

Well, watching those videos below may take couple minutes to buffer and watch them, but allow me to brief you by whom these people in the videos being paid..Haha..

Basically in brief, Guitar Hero is a series of music video games first published in 2005 in which players use a guitar-shaped peripheral to simulate the playing of lead and bass guitar across numerous rock music songs. Therefore, in marketing this game, they had chosen few famous people to be in the advertisement. Who are them? thats what so Wowwww for me..

First i found David Cook and David Archuleta who were previous American Idol Winner and #2.

Cook will come first, then Archuleta second in this below video.

My comment... Cook was nice, never thought he would be so daring taking this ads with only white brief..hehe.. Archuleta, your white pant should have shorter..haha.. you lost your sexiness to Cook...By the way, ur cuteness won !! Archuleta, you just too hold back..

You think these two were impressive enough? it is with TOM CRUISE with same ads..

Impressive..bloody never thought he would be in this ads too..Haha..he's just so hilarious.. Girls, i know you had been mesmerized by him..White brief huh..

Third, these guys i don't really know much. But they are from Scrub 704 drama..

What to comment..over expose of flesh huh..haha..this one not an ads actually, probably a slot into their drama.. still funny after all..

Now..Swimmers, rollers, basketballers and baseballers..Must watch this..I bring you Micheal Phelps, Tony Hawk, Kobe Bryant and A.Rod !!!

Hmmm..most sexy was Phelps..but Tony Hawk was most funny one..unbelieveable act by them..

Well, enough from its girl..more than a normal woman artiste..but a SUPERMODEL Heidi Klum. Project Runway Host.

Models can rocks too...haha..most daring ads i ever seen of hers..

Well, in a swift, you had seen a series of Guitar Heroes ads by different FAMOUS people..i wonder how much they are being paid for this.. Hmmm, these are all effective advertisements to capture people's mind and attention. Would you believe Tom Cruise would do that? hahaha..Kobe Bryant with that act?...hahah..

If you want to watch and know more about this Guitar Heroes, search it on youtube. Also, you may found one more ad by 4 old guys..pardon me for not sharing here..because of what..Cos i do not know them at all..haha

Overall comment ...Thumbs Up !!!!

Hope you after reading this post, would at least smile a bit. Hope i didnt waste your precious time and hope you enjoy with those WHITE BRIEFS..haha

Have a nice day..



Friday, April 3, 2009

SIGNS - Patrick Hughes

Just read a friend of mine's blog Hory, he wrote so many interesting and meaningful thoughts and views, however there are two sentences shiningly caught my eye.

Hmmm, first will be "Do take time and read! Comments are motivating!" ..its pretty interesting..its something i wanted to say in my blog to you all too.. Hehe !! indeed, Comments really motivating me, even though i knew how many people and how many times my blog had been visited every minute. Please my friend, talk to me....without your comments, my blog will look very dull and dry !!!

Second sentence caught my eye would be 'If you are too free, try this out! This is sweet!!!' Out of sudden, kinda weird what so sweet he would describe. haha. So i watched it since i was too free. haha. Its a total 12 minutes of silence on the video, i shall say its a good one. So meaningful. I believe there are lessons to be learnt at the back of this video if you view it at different angle. Watch it first !!!

let me quote Hory's words again "If you are too free, try this out! This is sweet!!!". Its 12 mins, you can just open it small and peep it while you are working, not necessarily open the speaker..

From my point of view, there are few lessons can be learnt from the video in my point of view.

  1. 'Find something that motivational in your workplace'... People would always complain this work is boring, that work is soo boring.. Well, if we do not have any aim in daily work, we would ended like him, no motive, nothing to motivate him in work place. But you see, when we complain this or that job boring, try to find something, tryyyyyyy to matter any handsome guys and gorgeous female colleagues, nice views out of window, nice lunch set meal downstairs and so on. Hopefully it will motivate you enough to go to work everyday. For my real experience, i do practice this especially when i am soo tired and lazy to work, i will find something motivational enough as an pull factor to PULLLL me to work..
  2. 'Chance may only knock once'. We need to make sure we grab any possible chance that passing us. Do it now as like there is no tomorrow. Especially in LOVE relationship. You will never know what's gonna happen in the next minute. That people may got onto other person, sick, death or even worse.I donno. Do not regret after that. It can be applied to family members. Express your words everyday. Do not regret when there is a loss and your thoughts and words yet to be said. In the video, you see the guy just took that extra 30 seconds to enhance the confident to date her, but but but he almost lost the chance forever.
  3. 'No matter how average you are, but there will always be someone peeping on you'. Hmm, this is something similar to my personal quote "Everyone has his own market". Just do your best in your daily worklife even though you are doing something small donkey jobs, but there are actually someone MAY peeping at you too and regard you as his or her 'motivation source'. Just be confident to yourself, and you will get someone whom may recognise you as an 'unpolished jewels'. In my case, I am waiting it now ANXIOUSLY. He he.
  4. 'LOVE may exist and come in any forms of incident and communication'. Wait and see. Love is coming, just you can't feel it at the moment. You see this video, it resembles something net friend LOVE relationship or it may friendship(pardon me if i had already regarded it as LOVE since beginning), like this also can get together. Probably this kind of relationship last longer. Hmmm...

In sum, i may sound like i am very expert as like any authors..Haha.. Im just me the average one. Nothing profound. Just hope you understand it. Those are purely my thoughts, nothing related to anyone here. Haha.

Hope you will not feel wasting time reading this post and 12 minutes of video. I believe after you watch it, aside of a pretty romantic love encounter and meaningful video, you will have different ideas and thought like i do.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rest In Peace Teacher Nasib Kaur

Hmm, yesterday in the middle of the night, Nana called me and informed me a sad sad news. My beloved and deeply missed teacher Teacher Nasib Kaur had passed away few days ago. I was shock to hear this and it was definitely not a good news for myself and my mum as well.

Teacher Nasib Kaur was my primary school teacher. Taught me few subjects which i hardly to remember but during my primary 5 and 6, she taught me tuition too. My whole learning experiences with her was so memorable. I was very close to her whole family too. She has a son (Manjit Singh) and two daughters (Jagdish and Surin) whom i was very close in friendships. Not to forget her husband Arjan Singh Sidhu whom was my secondary school's English teacher. You see, both were my teachers.

The eldest son, Manjit who were my best buddy that time when i was in late primary school and early secondary school's life. He has been in and out to my house like a million times. We were sticking together every evening, we went eating pisang goreng, went biking, went so many places to hangout. Even my maid always somehow will miss him, always asking me where he is, why is he not finding me at certain days. Haha. We were so close till that extend. Its brotherhood !!!

She and her family suddenly gone missing when i entered UTM, she and her family moved to other place, plus her son and daughters went other place to further study. I was like soooo miss her because i had lost contact with her in sudden. Its like suddenly whole family gone missing in your knowledge. So weird feeling when see the house had vacant by other people now. That particular house was where hundreds of my childhood memories collected. I studied in there, watched tv with the children in there, hangout chitchatting with teacher in there. Hmmm, kinda mad when see now recent tenant made that house so broken and dirty.

Teacher Nasib although was my primary school teacher, but when i was in secondary school, she was like my buddy's mum whom similar to my mum as well.

There was even a night, i dreamt that i met her. I don't know why i was so emo in the dream and i cried because of too excited to see her. Hmm, she was like a mother to me too. I didnt remember what had i talked to her, just remember i was like in the drama, touchingly crying when see her. Hmmm...i never been so dramatic in my real life before...

After that dream, i was so lucky to get contacted to her. My mum was so anxiously gave me the number because my mum knows that i missed her and curious on how is she getting on. My mum is a tailor whom ever tailored for her family. My mum was surprised too when Teacher Nasib came to our house in sudden after moved away for few years.

I called her. I dont know where did i have the courage to say ' I Miss You So Much" to a teacher, but i did. Haha. So happy to hear that she was fine healthy and also Sir ( Mr Arjan) as well. We talked in phone for almost 15 mins. It was such a happy feeling to hear and get in touch with her again. She was happy too to hear i had studied so far. She told me about the children, they were good and one were not good. Hmmm !!! I promised to meet her in real, but........mishap happened. Sad !!

Until now, been 12 hours since i knew the news, i am still chickened to call and send my condolenses to the family. I do not know what to say to Mr Arjan or Jagdish, but from the bottom of my heart, i belive Teacher Nasib would hear me. Rest in peace Teacher Nasib. I will miss you. Wish your family will get united and stronger even after you left.

To Manjit whom i deeply missed too, WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO YOU?...damm you !!!