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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy H1N1 Holiday !!!

Do you guys ever heard UPM had been closed for a week today caused by H1N1?
Then do you guys ever knew i am from UPM as well?

Yeah yeah, thats me who studying in UPM and my university had been advised to closed for a week due to the outbreak of H1N1..haha..Its true its true !!! Well, my university how has 4 positive case and they are being quarantined now.. Have you read any news of it? Just you click onto the picture below and you can read it.

Well, it's so sudden about this issue and those students who live in university college had been informed to GET OUT of the college as soon as possible !!!..

Well, i have nothing much issue to talk regarding the case and the sickness of UPM students have. You guys can read from the news and they were almost all true..Once again i said, there were ALMOST all true..Haha.. do you get what i mean?..

Let me talk something that you guys may not know regarding our students, our university and our reactions towards this outbreak.
  1. UPM decided to closed down the campus starts today 29th July til 4th Aug 2009 because of the outbreak. Which means that UPM was not safe and all students needed to be out of the campus to make sure they won't get infected. BUT, we MBA students still have our class last night before the university close down. Haha. Isn't it weird? Isn't it all students needed to be evacuated immediately, but out uni's evacuation date was not immediately but the day after. Haha.
  2. We have students who did not dare to come to campus for our last night class. Hearsay, one friend of mine, her husband even brought her whole family out far from KL and Serdang this sick city as to stay away from the virus !!! Since it's a week of holiday now, i bet they are now at somewhere vacation instead of running away !!
  3. Referring to the news i attached above, it stated there UPM had given us the early MID-TERM break for us..It stated there the mid-term break was originally from 17th to 23 Aug. Well to my beloved UPM students guys and girls, is that true our original mid-term break? hahaha.. i believe if we have the mid-term break now in advance, so i guess my fellow Muslim friends will not be able to back for Hari Raya !!!..I hope you guys get what i mean regarding when is exactly our Mid-Term break !!.. Im not saying UPM had said something fake to the news, but i just want to say that it's UNTRUE !! hehe.
  4. All residential college in UPM will emptied by today 12 noon, i heard from my friend who lives in college, the announcements using loud speaker to order STUDENT TO LEAVE COLLEGE were being announced every 15 minutes from 3pm until 5pm yesterday !!!...For me and my friend's thought, even though it's holiday and everyone was so happy, but when you listened to that announcements so consistently, you would get stressed up !! my friend actually decide to leave today, but forced to leave last night. FYI, those students who are unable to leave the college (perhaps Sabahan and Sarawakian), they would have to register themselves to the office and they will be assigned to live in the separate room where each of their room will be separated by certain distance !!..Pity them, like being quarantined as well !!!
  5. Our university now got infected with H1N1 virus and we were given one week holiday in advance, i though we all should be pity, concern to this issue and those patients. BUT, it turned out everyone is soooo happy because can go back home. Well, UPM is very stingy with holidays okay, i guess every UPM students should know. You think UPM will be giving us free this holiday? It's our HARI RAYA break OKAY?...i guess you guys will not need to go back raya already !!..Happy H1N1 holidays huh !!!...what a great unique holiday named by our UPM students !!!

Well, out of sudden i'm in holiday now for a week that has a weekend in between. I can't be able to go home like sooo many people did because i have to work in that weekend. Meanwhile, there will be International Career Fair at Midvalley Convention Centre in this weekend as well. Im thinking if it will still ON and if i should go or not because of this outbreak !!!

What to do at home? assignments? Project paper? or going out to movies and shopping? Haha..i have not decide it yet. One thing must do, which is UPDATE my RESUME/CV for hunting jobs!!!

See you guys soon in next post. Be alert of the issue, be careful on yourself and health..


Phang !!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small tips !!!

I ever said, i am going to share what's special in my Serdang house. Now its the second one. Guess what is this?
I am not going to say what's it, but this thing is a daily grocery item that many housewives may buy. Haha. You will know what is it eventually if you follow what i write further !!! Why is it existed in our house?

This thing being used based on a concept. It's invented/being brought in our house by my housemate Waisin. REASON??
  1. Natural smell
  2. Environmental Friendly
  3. Chase the mosquitoes away

This is the main reason is THIS THING chases mosquitoes away. When we were just moved here, my room has many mosquitoes. How to get rid of those mosquitoes the easiest way? Waisin doesn't very fancy with my idea of using Shieldtox Mat in the room because he thought smelling the scent of Shieldtox Mat too often will cause brain damage and bad effects to our body.

Im not sure where he learnt it, but it somehow affective. You can try also if you terrified with mosquitoes, want to make sure they keep you away, but at the same time the smell won't damage your body. Haha. i think i should tell you what's it already !!!

Its Minced Onion !!! Small onion okay, not the big onion that we ate with satay !!!...

But please take note, if you terrified Onion more than Mosquitoes, better you don't put and try. I don't want to bear the consequence that you fainted in the room. I ever suggested to my coursemate JunHwa this method, but she replied me saying 'You want me die together with mosquitoes in the room ah?'

In conclusion, you can try this method..make sure you mince the onion, you just put on any container, leave it in your room..let it be in your room for few days till it dry..Onion smell all over your room is not that bad as well.. Haha..!!!

Good and happy try !!!



Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a nice sky !!!

Hi there my friends aka my readers,

How are you guys recently? me? im well good.. Spent a nice night at Genting Highland with my housemates and one guest from Singapore, Shwu Bing ( Ex-UTM cousemate). Finally she was here after waited for so long and couldn't come after so many of other Ex-Utm coursemates been to visit us before !!! She came to us this time, we may not done a lot of things, but still we enjoyed. Especially Genting !!!...It was such a nice feeling got ourselves frozen up a little bit, ran away from the hectic Selangor/KL lifestyle and hot weather !!!...Hahaha....Just a short one night stay at First World Hotel, thanks to Waisin for his complimentary room !!!...

BUT, thats not my main story today. Friday ( yesterday), we have got ourselves back to the Serdang land. As i woke up at almost noon, i saw the SKY and snap few pics !!!
This is not the map/sky of Australia. Haha. Its one of the cloud in the very empty sky !!!
Even got a picture of the bird/hawk/eagle !!! hahaha.. Such a nice empty sky huh !!!

This was the view out from my block to the sky !!!...soooo blue and empty, if i have great eye sight like Super Heroes have, i think i could see the Mars..Haha..
It was just a normal noon time and definitely a normal lunch time for us. Because of with addition of our guest, so i planned to bring her to try our Serdang famous 'white chicken' rice, "bai zan ji".. Hahaha. If you chinese, you should understand what chicken rice is that. !!!..Now with having 5 person in total, how we are suppose to reach there by having only two motors? Thats right, one of the motor has to make two trip. And that motorist was ME !!! Hahaha..I made two trips from our block to the restaurant (approximately 10-15 mins of ride include all those hectic traffic jam), let me accumulate the mins i ride the motor, later you would know why i said so and why i want to talk about this mins. Haha..

Before lunch ===> 15mins X 3 times = Approximately 45mins
After the nice 'White Chicken' Rice, i had my two trips back from restaurant to our block. 3 times again. Another 45 mins on my motor, on the hectic road !!!...
What i actually want to say? You guys see the nice blue sky pictures right? Blue sky means what?

So guys, you get what i mean? In total, i spent around 60 mins exposed under this damm hot sun, on my motorcycle, with my sleeveless shirt + short pant + slipper. Now you guys see what had happened to my skin, my feet and my legs !!!!
Sorry guys, this above picture may shown that my feet is extra dark, It's actually lighter in colour. But what i want to show is that "slipper" fair's so obviously seen the different colour. Plus, human feet gets dry and dirty in the outdoor, and you can see how dry and how dirty. haha..such an originally ugly feet, now its even darker and uglier !!!!

I guess you guys had seen my legs and my invisible 'stoking' contributed from my swimming hobby, but i had been over 1 months didnt swim that much. Just once before, and my stocking had faded few shades lighter !!! BUT, after yesterday lunch, You guys see it again, DARN it darkens few shades more !!!!!!!!...arghh, im INDEED had got myself darker than usual people in one short time !!!!..Junlan said my knees became sooo dark ~~~~
Well, such a lovely sun, i know its great for housewives because it dries the laundry, it boosted the sales of Chendol and Ice Kacang !!! however, it HURTS the motorists !!!!!! hahaha....
Thats all for my crap this time, remember get yourself protected over this HOT SUN SEASON !!!!...

Phang !!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Toothbrush ~~~

I believe if there is no mistake, i shall live in this Serdang house for 3-4 months the max, I surely hope i do not have any subjects failed or anything that will drag my completion date for my masters.

Therefore, in order to store some memories that we ( Rolex, Waisin, Waiyan and Junlan) had, i will one by one post and share some uniqueness or special things that we have, we live and we share together in this house. Definitely i hope its special enough to impress your attention. hahaha. It's just some sharings of my life. Hehe.

First and foremost, in this below picture !! Its nothing expensive, nothing WOW you much. Its just our toothbrush, Its same brand, same design..Just not same colour and size !!!...Since early of our accommodation here, we were using different brand of toothbrushes, but there was a time, Junlan introduce us this brand..add on the compliment from influenced me and Waiyan to try to use it..

This brand of toothbrush is rather rare to be found in certain place. Previously when we found this brand of toothbrush, it was in somewhat old grocery shop in our area, then that time Waisin was encouraging us to TRY IT..TRY IT AND YOU WILL SURELY KNOW WHAT'S IT DIFFERENT TO OTHER !!! we bought one box to try it..

Till now, 4 of us use this brand of toothbrush. Will different colour every time we change it, but stil same look. Haha. So, we have to be really awake to fetch the right toothbrush to be stucked into our mouth. Now solely depends on the colour, sometimes for me, depends on the position i put in this toothbrush box.. Haha..

I do not know still how long we could still use the same kind of toothbrush, because its rather hard to find and buy this toothbrush. That old grocery shop had closed down and being replaced a new one that do not sell it anymore. HAha. but i ever spotted it at GIANT !!!..

That's all for my first sharing!!! Now left few issues for you to think wild:
  1. Who's toothbrush in what colour? If you guess by our favorite colour, you may be wrong !!
  2. Why is it so good and different from other? you try it yourself.
  3. Toothpaste? do we share the same tube as well?

Haha. have a nice day !!!



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favourite shirt of the year !!!

Oh gosh, i had been long time did not buy any new shirt that i come across when shopping.. Due to shopping budget shrinking, i had been so so so long time didnt buy any new shirt, always wear back for old shirts..Indeed i have two new shirts and i posted here but those are free, pretty happy to receive that. Which one? now i realised both RED colour "Macy Beds at RM 1" and "Best Male Participant"..Pity me, been eyeing many many shirts on the rack when i went window shopping, tested many great shirts and expensive shirts in the fitting room, took pictures and give back the shirt to the sales assistants. Haha. Who don't like to have new clothings? so do i, but i just sometimes VERYYYYYYYY stingy to buy myself nice one. It happened to me for previous many months.

But recently my hands was too itchy, partly because of the early month and after my Sabah trip, i tend to daringly spend money. Haha. I came across this shirt in FOS..Owwwww, so eye catching.. Haha... Isn't that so? Haha. It left two pieces in that outlet and my heart just couldn't get it away even though i had walked far further in the shop. Finally i bought it. Such an eye catching metallic green saying "Say YES to Green" hu hu.. wait wait wait, you may think its very expensive right? haha.. its RM 30 only.. i dont dare to buy expensive one !! even though its cheap, but I felt myself so environmentalist !!!

Sorry there is no face on above picture, but it was my body !!!..Haha..Sorry, no chest muscle yet !!! I bet it had made myself become even more eye catching in the crowd..Haha.. This shirt is nice in your eye? NO? you are such not ENVIRONMENTALIST !!!

Reasons i bought it:
  1. Been wanting to buy such BIG WORDS pattern/style T-shirt. Never meet any shirt that really strike to my eye yet til i saw this shirt.
  2. Wanna do some part in conserving the ENVIRONMENT !!! haha.. do you feel gross of my sentence? I personally think i did not do A LOT conserving environment, at least finally i did my part by purchasing this T-shirt, wear it and deliver the message to EVERYONE who ever peek to my chest !!! Haha... One more thing, my old motor im riding it here in Serdang, it emits quite a lot smokes !!!.. im paying back to the environment now as well !!!
  3. To impress my housemate, Junlan. She's studying Environment now !!! She was not impressed though when i showed her the shirt, but she was somehow impressed finally..isn't it weird?

What a lame few reasons, just easy answer..Keen to it..that's all !!!

To conclude, I don't know why i could talk so much on a piece of my new shirt. haha. Hope you don't feel I'm such a boring guy and skipped my whole written content til this paragraph !! haha..

Everyone please do you part to save our Earth !!.how? let me teach you one !! come recite with me, "SAY YES TO GREEN"....can you follow? again follow me recite "SAY YES TO GREEN"..yeah, everyday if you able to recite it 5 times to yourself and 5 times to your friends around, i strongly believe SKY would hear you !!!... believe me !!!

That's all for tonight. Look out for my next big thing !!!


YES man, Phang ~~~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One year !!

Its not anybody's first year birthday !! haha..its just a simple post of mine saying that it had been A YEAR for myself and my housemates moved to Serdang to study in UPM.

I still remember, i came to Serdang a day before my MBA registeration. 28th June 2008. First time in my life move to another place that located such far away. Waisin and Waiyan (my housemates) had succcesfully got us this cute small flat for us to live in for our postgrad study. Not a long stay, just for this short 15 months..It was so excited to move myself to Selangor which very near to the prestigious KL. Haha..But actually i had moved to KL before 2 years ago, it was for my 10 weeks internship in KL, so i moved to KL for that specific 10 weeks only. So, that was short and i don't consider it as one. Haha.

Four of us, all were not familiar of Serdang at all. But we were bravely explore ourselves by walking nearby. Taking taxi to Equine Park Jusco without knowing how it looks like. Taking bus to The Mines Shopping Fair but do not know what bus is going there. All of these required GUTS feeling, mouth to ask people and our strong feet to walk..haha..Eventually we were better cos we have motors to enhance our exploration..

What are my feelings for staying ONE YEAR in Serdang?
  1. I felt i am more and more independent than previous myself. Definitely this would be something that we all will learn when we move out from family and live out far. We deal ourselves rent, we deal ourselves our foods and lodging, we deal ourselves everything from scratch. From an empty house, to whole house stucked with so many things. Its our credit. We made it like a HOME of us..We made it like our comfy home..Well done my housemates..
  2. I felt i had known a new place. Well, we stayed at a new place. Definitely we will know a new place. For me, i may not know anything about Serdang, now i know. You see, im not like many other undergrads, Im a Johorean and studied my Bachelor Degree in UTM which was just not more than 15km from my house. I can't be able like other people to know a new place. But i am now UPM student, so i got the chance to familiarize Serdang and KL in bigger part, also small small partof places nearby such as Bangi, Kajang and so on.
  3. Knowledge learnt? Of course YES and its a BIG YES !!! Haha..i came here to study, i can't deny i learnt a lot of knowledge from studies of MBA..learnt a lot of invicible knowledge we found and went through everyday i am living here.
  4. Working experience !! I had never think i would be so hardworking to work part time and study at the same time. Do you guys believe i had worked for Macy Home Furnishing for 8 months? it was so fast !!..Im living outside now, therefore i foresee i will use more daily expenses, that's why i eager to earn more to top up the monthly pocket money my beloved mother gives me. Indeed, without this extra top up i earned from part time job, i hardly would be this comfy..BUT i have another reason to work part time, which is the PROCESS of learning. I am taking this chance while i am stil studying to work at the "work that i had missed out to work in the past, and the work that i would not be working in the future". This is proven by my working experience in TGV Cinema at The Mines. haha. How would a MBA student like me working RM3.50 per hour so tiredly selling tickets, popping popcorns at cinema? that was what many people said to me..I was almost to apply for MacDonald's job too. I just want to try out these kind of jobs before i grad of MBA..

In overall, i think Serdang is an awesome to stay where it actually not far from the KL city but not as hectic as there. Perhaps its a good place of sub-urban life. I believe i am going to leave this place soon after i grad. I do not know if i would miss this place or not. Like where i am living now, Taman Sri Serdang. It has everything for a student like me, stationary, photostats, foods, MacD, KFC, Banks, cinemas, shopping mall, working place just to name a few..All of these are very near to us here...

A year after of myself definitely i shall say i improve and grown a lot. How can i people do not grow and learnt in the process right?..I believe many of my blog readers, you also had stayed at another place before, please do some reflection on how many things you had learnt from this new place and environment !!!

That's all for my post now. See you at my next post..



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Never have fringes ~~~Now i have it !!!

Guys, can you guess what i am having now from my title? Haha..Please go and go view back my previous pictures, and you would see i never have fringes, i can not have fringes and i dare not try to have fringes !!! because of what? its because of my hair root structure where my hair root is unique and made me can't be able to hair straight fringes down to my forehead...

So, i have been waiting long and i decided to change this hair style for my 4th and last trimester in MBA !!! and i did it with a heart of worrying if it will be nice or not....Now let you guys see it !!

This is how it looks like when the salon auntie got my hair strengthen...Yeah yeah, i did the REBONDING at my front part..Purposely want to pull them down cover my forehead !!!... Spend RM 35 for it, plus another RM15 to cut the hair !! RM 50 in one note gone in a swift !!!

Rebonding indeed a SCARY experience for me, 3 days cannot wash my hair. So scary !!! hair and scalp was itchy like hell..i sweat a lot, each of the day i need to dump a lot gel on it to style it before go out..My hair was sooo dirty and i was sleeping on it for 2 nights...The second night, i can't stand of the itchiness, i ended up wash only my back head's scalp...Arghh, it felt so much better when sleep, as long as i dont feel itchy anymore..that was my main objective even though just to resist one more night only !!
Went to work with a new hairstyle, colleagues were shocked with my new hair, Haha..not much postitive feedback from there..but what they saw was a disasterous one because it was before gel and after wearing helmet !! this is how it looks after i proper style it for second working day..First day look bad until i don't dare to upload here, i think i look better with this style of styling..* you can use you hand to cover my face if you think my hair would look better without the face !! haha..
This is how my hair looks when after shower and after some blowing !!!..poor me, now i need to use hair dryer to blow the hair down..otherwise the fringes would not flow and drop so nice on my forehead...
In brief, im actually not very fancy with my current hair style now even though i received many compliments from many people. Thanks thanks. But the night after my rebonding, i was thinking i was sooo ugly with the hair, even worser feeling as if i have full of pimples over my face !!..i have very low low looowwww self esteem at home...
Reason of still not fancy much of this hair:
  1. A bit trouble some. I spend more time to get my hair ready if i want to go out !!..usually when my hair longer, i spent not more than 5 mins, but i think now i spent more !! cos of those fringes with little unavoidable defect, so i have to put little more effort to make it nicer..
  2. Spend more gel to be dumped on my head !!! my Gatsby hair gel container is the kind like body shampoo where we need to press down and get the gell on your palm. Usually i use only one press, now i need to use one more at first 5 mins, one more after 5 mins. So not economical !! Haha
  3. My forehead is somehow itchy..My fringes is tickling me every day and night !!!Previously i will make sure my hair won't cover my forehead and it won't cover my forehead as well..Can't imagine the length of this fringes when it reach my eye and start pocking into my eyes, i think i will be angry with it !!!
  4. It sweats my forehead. Now has HAIR covering it and pity my forehead that has not being covered for the past almost 24 years. Sure it feels hot and no wonder it sweats so much. The issue is that, when i want to wipe my forehead, i must use my hand/fingers to UNCOVER my fringes away to wipe the sweat..Haha..if not, i will ruin my fringes looks...

No matter what, i believe i would interact better when i got used with this fringes in sooner time. And i hope i won't hate it this much when i see it grows more natural in one more week. Now my hair look very obvious that i have straightening it. haha. One more week will look more natural. This is how girls advise me. Haha.

Now you see my new hairstyle now. Please hope i would have better luck on it. The most costful image i ever changed. RM50 !!! Haha..

Have a nice day everyone. See you at my next post !!

With fringes and regards,

Phang !!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Cos Im being TAGGED !!!

Cos Im being TAGGED !!!

1. who is the awesome person who tagged you? (don't forget to link)-

Mr Mizuhashi Naozumi, aka Tachikawa Tono, or someone whom i think he has some assets at some area and i call him as OZ !! Haha

2. tell us something about you..

Im Rolex, 24 year old Johorean. A postgrad student of UPM whom staying in Serdang with his few good friends. Leaving his family, hometown and state for the first time in his life for this 15months Masters program. By July 2009, its exact ONE YEAR living in Serdang. I regard myself as a Happy Go Lucky person where i seldom angry and i always cheerful. If im angry with you, that means you had totally and effectively step on my tail. Watch out!!

Sometimes i think i am easily seen at any place. Maybe because of my HEIGHT, some may say its because of my loud (+ iritating) VOICE and i may say its because of my GANGSTER (+ Scarry +Scary ) FACE. Height? indeed i do not have a friend whose taller than me except recently i met Mesh in GSM. He is huge and tall. OMG. My face? One of the organ that i think related to my face that im not satisfied with ~SKIN !!!...just not having healthy skin, and i know its important and i shall do something on it before its too late. My voice? Hmm, this part relates to my MOUTH. Its big and talkative at some times. Believe me it may not too at some time. I can eat a lot at a time, i can eat a lot of time, i can eat a lot in a lot of time !!! Im malay educated, therefore i can speak fluently of BM but i can speak fluently of chinese language as well. I talk loud, i talk fast at some time. That's why some people think its irritating !!

3. what is your reason to blog?
Its because i like to talk. But i cant talk at all time to everyone. Therefore, having myself a blog allows me to talk to everyone at the same time and anytime. Thanks reader for listening to me. Im glad enough if you are telling me you are listening but in fact you are not. Also, Blogging means SHARE !! i like to share thoughts and words. Having a blog allows me also to share the things i felt its worth to share. That's why i share videos, pictures and information here to all of you. Im frank on this, when ever i go through something special, something weird incident, besides to share with nearest friends by conversation, the next one to share is HERE. That's to you !!!...Im blogging because you all are listening to me !!! Thanks...
4. list and link 5 favourite post from your blog..
Here are my 5 favourite posts i posted before. Click the title if you want to view back the posts. Its linked !!!
  1. History of my name. This post is where all of you would know me and my names more, understand one of the element that bring my self esteem sometimes to the heaven and sometimes to the hell.
  2. Malaysia made "Crocs Cap Gajah". I spent sometimes to compose this post. Related to the ugliest shoe i ever bought. But eventually love it in the time im writing this post.
  3. New chapter of life. This post was a quick snap of how i start and what i am in Serdang. Who i am with? What i work? how i look?
  4. My Expectation. This post truly a hot topic among my friends. Wa ha ha. This post is where i state down my expectation on my future GF. I was being mocked as i am crazy or not. Haha.
  5. Scarry face. I was just proving i have no scarry face !!!

There are my top5 favourite post, what say you? which one is your fav?

5. tag 5 awesome people and inform them that they have been tagged by you..
Im gonna tag everyone who read this post. Yeah its you especially those i follow in blogspot. Oz, Fizz, Jinnrhu,Qiqi, Wen, Dzu, Jc, Lina, Hory and Molly.
Thats all for the content for this post. I hope you enjoyed !!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Matt Harding : Where the Hell is Matt?


I have watched another youtube that has made me so eager to share here again. This time credit goes to TeckLim who recommended Waisin, then Waisin showed it to me. This time, I had to put up my thumbs again to him, Matt Harding who had made videos that will 'Wowwww' people and it "Wowwwed" and "WAaaaa" me just now.

  1. His courage !! ---->What dance is that?

  2. His efforts !! ----> Look out his description at my posted second video.

  3. The number of countries he visited !!!

  4. How the Hell he did it?

Actions show more than words. Let you guys see this video of him first !!!

Do you actually count how many countries he had visited? Awesome right ? For your info, that video was made probably few years back, maybe around 2006. Now im showing you his 3rd video of his that was made in 2008 with ADDED new element that will make you enjoy more..Sit back and enjoy this..

Does it add some laughness to your face? i hope he had made you so. Actually i watched this second video first and i was like feeling wanna cry when see those cute people dancing with him..They were just too cute and playful.. Matt said in the video description "14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands"..

What another great people who have made another great masterpiece for us to enjoy watching. Brilliant and awesome Matt Harding. If you guys are wondering how he would be able to get so much LOCAL people to dance crazily like him in soooo many countries, Haha..i believe im able to 'quench' your curiosity.

This is what Matt Harding was giving a lecture about his "The Making"..

Now you understand it huh !! there were actually people want to join him dance crazily !! Hahaha.. Thats all my another post in a day..I hope i bring you laughness again this time. Check out on his MORE interesting videos in youtube. Its great to watch it as you would feel you had sightseeing the world with him. But one issue,

Do you guys see Malaysia in the video?

Backpackers like me, PLEASE go see more of his videos in youtube. You will learn a LOT of knowledge regarding what best places on earth we should visit and landmarks to be focused on. As i said backpackers, doesnt mean its not include you all guys who are not. haha. Fell free to watch more of him in youtube. !!!

Phang ~~~~~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great singings by SinginDork888 !!!

In a sleepy morning, while i was checking this and that in my facebook.

Suddenly see a sentense by my friend JosQi Low "if you don't believe a nice voice can make u fall... just listen to this video..fall for someone that's impossible..." I was thinking what was that so great made his said that sentense. So i clicked the link.

Bomb!! i heard this guy singing in Youtube. Let you guys listen it first !! Please spare me few minute of yours to listen this great voice !!!

My Bella's Lullaby (Original by Singindork888 inspired by Twilight)

Well, i dont know how it sounds to you but i personally feel he has a great voice. It triggers me to listen more of his song. Indeed, he has many great songs sang by him. His name in youtube in SinginDork888. Check out his youtube page at . By this name, you could see many of his singing. I cannot say his songs but he sings famous songs and he has his own composed songs too.

Well, I had been listening to his songs this whole one or two hours this morning. Bravo !!! you guys should listen too. Listen to his great voice, great vocal and his talent !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, now i bring you SinginDork888...In case you are lazy or feel troublesome to find him in youtube, i linked here few of my favourite songs of him here. Hope you guys can enjoy. Turn ON your volume and get ready to be mesmerized.!!

Thriving Ivory "Angels On the Moon"

You guys may have heard Wondergirls' Nobody, now you listen to his version in ENGLISH.. Really awesome !! it rings in my mind for many hours even though i know to sing the chorus one sentense only..

WonderGirls - Nobody

Now this one is another version of girl's song that has been to change to Prince's Love Story !!

Taylor Swift Love Story

How's it? Is him as great as i described? No? Oh c'mon, please listen again !! Haha..Ok Ok i dont force you to like him.. Im just merely want to share this guy and his singings here.

I hope i recommended a great deal, great singer and great voice to you guys today. Look out for his videos and singings in youtube..Please guys, Im sorry if you this i am and i was too extensively praised SinginDork888 so great and so awesome. Pardon me for my expression. Im merely want to say that im impressed by his singings and he indeed can sing in his own way and style...

Happy Listen !! Have a nice day !!

Phang !!

Last trimester starts !!!

Found this picture and it seems pretty interesting.. Start our class war soon, lets stop the real war !!!..World Peace !!!

My last MBA trimester starts soon. Its the last trimester im going to study and after this i shall declare i am a MBA graduate. Hu hu hu. It sounds good to be heard. Well, actually i still do not have such class starting mood. I believe this phenomenon will be same as many people out there. Just start it easy and simple. Dont give ourselves too much stress !! Readers out there, please dont try to start studying and do assignment OKAY !!!

Just a simple post of mine today!! Let me brief you guys what i had done and what details that i think worth to share to you guys in previous two weeks of my LOST in blogspot..

1. Went backpack with Waisin, Xinyi and Jenn to Sabah. Pretty exciting and daring journey as we travelled almost 500km BY OUR OWN in a rented MyVi. We've got few Sabahans' praises on our guts to daringly drive back and forth from KK city to Kuala Penyu (200km). Up and down to Kundasang for Kinabalu Mountain view (200km). All navigation based on what? All based on guts feeling, my printed Google Maps in manual and road signs. FYI, Sabah has no highway like in Peninsular. So, our whole roadtrip was all mountain roads, villages roads and small roads. Not straight one that allows you to speed okay !! haha. You guys can refer my facebook pictures to get more visual satisfaction. Conclude : Awesome trip !!!

2. Got back hometown to meet family finally after more than 2 months didnt go back. If want to say i was HOME SICK, but frankly i wasn't. Just terrified of the bus journey to go back only. Terrified of the bus seats and time travel. But it felt great to reach home. Sit on the sofa, hold on the remote control and press press press whole channels available. Watch tv is a must activity at home. Had a great chitchat with my mum. Gossiping about this and that. Few things that i felt its great to be home.
  • Sit on sofa and do nothing but TV. Watch TV whole day. Pressed the remote approximately 100 times perhaps, check on Teletext on TV program's schedule every hour to make sure what's nice programs is next.
  • Dont have to pay for meal. Haha. Its home, mum's cook + maid's cook. They know i eat a lot. So they will cook the rice more. My job is to eat as much as i can. Also, dont need to clean them up !!! thanks to my maid, she will do them for me and all..
  • Cold drinks, cold fruits and cold what ever includes ice-cream at handy. Serdang home has no fridge, so cannot have cold foods and drinks at home.
  • Have car. Can drive everywhere. No need to fear rain or anything.
  • Can sleep till noon. Sleep, Wake, Watch, Eat and Sleep. Then Wake, Watch, Eat and Sleep again. Haha. All can be done at home without even going out.
  • Thats all. I believe you have your own style at home. I may had missed out.

3. Went to Indonesia Embassy. Brought my maid to re-new the passport. I wonder if they would still work in Malaysia or not since there is the issue Indonesia doesnt want to send their citizen to be maid at Malaysia anymore. Oh NO!!!.. Our live would be hard without our maid !!! I realized they re-new passport is soo cheap. Not more than RM50 only.

4. Did some window shopping in JB. Found our JB's clothes and pants are soo cheap. Its so cheaper than in KL and Selangor. On the spot i bought two short pants for RM60 which i think in KL, these pants would be at least RM40 to RM50 each. Been controlling from buying much. Poorly poor now. Darn PTPTN, stil have not bank in yet.

5. Watched Transformers with TeckLim. We were trying our luck to buy the ticket without booking. The queue was at least 40metres i think. It was Mega Screen, but we couldnt get the middle seat. So we couldnt get the impact enough. Gonna watch this movie soon here in Serdang. Wish to get more of its impact. Haha..

Well, i think its getting crap im talking here. I shall stop here. Let me online and blogging life begin as normal now as im now back on my seat. Gonna see you guys soon here. Look out for my next post here.


Phang !!!