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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Travel Fair Competition in JB~

Dear all,

Wish everyone had the best day today.

If you guys familiar and crazy of travel fair, so what fair comes into your mind first? is it MATTA fair?..........this MATTA FAIR since 1991 had become a very famous name in organizing the big big travel fair which people will be crowding grabbing and fighting the best deal in their vacation package.

This July, it comes to JB again.

Danga City Mall will be MATTA's choice to organize such event. This mall since it opened its EXPO, had become one of the newest place of events in JB. That's why MATTA is going to make a try at this place huh !!..So guys, take note on your calendar...23rd to 25th July 2010...MATTA FAIR at Expo Hall, Danga City Mall Johor Bahru. They are giving out car if you are lucky enough...

On the other hand, MITM Travel Fair has become another uprising name in big big travel fair event. Have you guys ever heard of MITM Travel Fair? same in JB, it ever held in Sutera Mall in March 2010 before.

MITM is different in the hall selection. It chose the big and famous PERSADA International Convention Centre in Johor Bahru. This place handles big big event such as Pikom PC Fair before.

The date of MITM Travel Fair? 23rd to 25th July 2010 at PERSADA JOHOR. Guess what, it falls on the same date of MATTA FAIR in JB.

Seems like in JB, two big travel fair events are gonna fight neck to neck now !!....Two locations are not too far away, the size of the hall selected perhaps around the same size..but who's gonna win in the elements of visitors' crowd, travel agencies, promotional actvities and so on...?

No matter how big their competition is, we as the consumer should not worry because at last, we are the one who's got the benefits.

So, are you going?..Im going..cos im gonna pick one package for myself to Bali !!...


Phang !

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snake encounter at my showroom !! BIG SNAKE !!

Dear all,

Just a blink of eye, the month of June is ending soon, yet i just realised that i have only one post so far during this month. How heartless i am. Haha.

Today i would like to share an incident. I do not know if many of you would read this or not..cos i know most of my blog readers will reach the page of Rolex Watch, Ikea JB, Crocs and so on. I wonder if you guys search SNAKE next time, will you guys landed on my blog again.. Haha..

Ok ok, back to my story...

One fine day, errr..not very was a big big downpour at JB and my showroom. I was sitting in one of our display car talking over the phone while looking outside...

I saw something one piece dark colour thick thingy came down from the water stream. You could see the water filled over our drain. I thought i was a stick or what ever..SUDDENLY, that thing moved..OMG, it was a SNAKE !!..phyton snake...

I was hurried call my colleagues come out and see..and in no time, i called 999 for help !!..There was a snake, big snake at my showroom, we cant catch call 999 for help is needed...

I told the lady on the emergency line about the snake. How long i wasnt sure. I was simply said 1.5 metres because i didnt see it clearly. So regret !! Haha..The lady put me through to PERTAHANAN AWAM ( Civil Defence) and i was told not to touch the snake, but just OBSERVE from far !! hahaha..

The rescue people came so late. More than 30mins we waited. We were not scared about the snake, just we cant wait to see them take the snake out of the car. The snake was actually climbed into one of the car at my showroom and rested somewhere at the engine area.

While we were wondering why they came so of my colleague said " Rolex, how long you said the size of the snake?"..i said "around 1.5 metres"...he then replied "I think you should say it 3 metres or more...they thought it is just a small they come slow slow".......i was so agree with him !! hahaha....

Below pictures are the real incident happened. Haha. I asked my manager to hold the snake and take pictures as like we are gonna put it in newspaper !! hahaha..

Thats my Manager, Mr Liang aka my brother...and my showroom's office boy cum car washer + next door showroom's car washer !!! hahaha...They look so happy huh !! hahahah...
When the snake had been taken out, only i realised the snake wasnt just 1.5 metres. Thats more than that !! guys can see the below youtube video. I uploaded how the rescue people take out the snake from the car with their skills !! hahaha...

Just like that, easy brezzy the snake is gone !! manager even asked how they gonna do with the snake..they didnt reply...then my manager said he wants it to cook curry !! hahahahah..

Chinese said Snake brings luck if snakes come to our house. I hope this snake brought us luck !!....Indeed, we are goona hit our sales target at 20units soon this month...Add oil...

That's all for the story !!

Wish you entertained with the videos and picture of my showroom Key Power Motor, the snake encounter !!!


Phang !!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.