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Monday, July 6, 2009

Great singings by SinginDork888 !!!

In a sleepy morning, while i was checking this and that in my facebook.

Suddenly see a sentense by my friend JosQi Low "if you don't believe a nice voice can make u fall... just listen to this video..fall for someone that's impossible..." I was thinking what was that so great made his said that sentense. So i clicked the link.

Bomb!! i heard this guy singing in Youtube. Let you guys listen it first !! Please spare me few minute of yours to listen this great voice !!!

My Bella's Lullaby (Original by Singindork888 inspired by Twilight)

Well, i dont know how it sounds to you but i personally feel he has a great voice. It triggers me to listen more of his song. Indeed, he has many great songs sang by him. His name in youtube in SinginDork888. Check out his youtube page at . By this name, you could see many of his singing. I cannot say his songs but he sings famous songs and he has his own composed songs too.

Well, I had been listening to his songs this whole one or two hours this morning. Bravo !!! you guys should listen too. Listen to his great voice, great vocal and his talent !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, now i bring you SinginDork888...In case you are lazy or feel troublesome to find him in youtube, i linked here few of my favourite songs of him here. Hope you guys can enjoy. Turn ON your volume and get ready to be mesmerized.!!

Thriving Ivory "Angels On the Moon"

You guys may have heard Wondergirls' Nobody, now you listen to his version in ENGLISH.. Really awesome !! it rings in my mind for many hours even though i know to sing the chorus one sentense only..

WonderGirls - Nobody

Now this one is another version of girl's song that has been to change to Prince's Love Story !!

Taylor Swift Love Story

How's it? Is him as great as i described? No? Oh c'mon, please listen again !! Haha..Ok Ok i dont force you to like him.. Im just merely want to share this guy and his singings here.

I hope i recommended a great deal, great singer and great voice to you guys today. Look out for his videos and singings in youtube..Please guys, Im sorry if you this i am and i was too extensively praised SinginDork888 so great and so awesome. Pardon me for my expression. Im merely want to say that im impressed by his singings and he indeed can sing in his own way and style...

Happy Listen !! Have a nice day !!

Phang !!


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