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Monday, July 20, 2009

Toothbrush ~~~

I believe if there is no mistake, i shall live in this Serdang house for 3-4 months the max, I surely hope i do not have any subjects failed or anything that will drag my completion date for my masters.

Therefore, in order to store some memories that we ( Rolex, Waisin, Waiyan and Junlan) had, i will one by one post and share some uniqueness or special things that we have, we live and we share together in this house. Definitely i hope its special enough to impress your attention. hahaha. It's just some sharings of my life. Hehe.

First and foremost, in this below picture !! Its nothing expensive, nothing WOW you much. Its just our toothbrush, Its same brand, same design..Just not same colour and size !!!...Since early of our accommodation here, we were using different brand of toothbrushes, but there was a time, Junlan introduce us this brand..add on the compliment from influenced me and Waiyan to try to use it..

This brand of toothbrush is rather rare to be found in certain place. Previously when we found this brand of toothbrush, it was in somewhat old grocery shop in our area, then that time Waisin was encouraging us to TRY IT..TRY IT AND YOU WILL SURELY KNOW WHAT'S IT DIFFERENT TO OTHER !!! we bought one box to try it..

Till now, 4 of us use this brand of toothbrush. Will different colour every time we change it, but stil same look. Haha. So, we have to be really awake to fetch the right toothbrush to be stucked into our mouth. Now solely depends on the colour, sometimes for me, depends on the position i put in this toothbrush box.. Haha..

I do not know still how long we could still use the same kind of toothbrush, because its rather hard to find and buy this toothbrush. That old grocery shop had closed down and being replaced a new one that do not sell it anymore. HAha. but i ever spotted it at GIANT !!!..

That's all for my first sharing!!! Now left few issues for you to think wild:
  1. Who's toothbrush in what colour? If you guess by our favorite colour, you may be wrong !!
  2. Why is it so good and different from other? you try it yourself.
  3. Toothpaste? do we share the same tube as well?

Haha. have a nice day !!!




d7 said...

rolex phang chyuan shei!!
maybe i'm a bit too much of it..
maybe my read flag is otw..
but this post somehow touches my heart!!
T_T i blame u for making me sad..
i'm so gonna miss my wonderbabes, our friends and u of course.. ;(
my guess: green is urs and yes, all of u share toothpaste.. more economical ma..

RolexPhang said...

Haha aiyoo Dzu, so touched huh ur heart by me?..its real that we gonna miss a lot of people we meet in MBA this post is to remind u to cherish them while you can..

Ur guessing is not correct..Please try again !! haha..

Fizz said...

yours : blue one

Waisin : brown one

Waiyan : red one

Junlan : striking green one

haha! ; )

RolexPhang said...

Fizz, your guess is all wrong !!!..haha..thanks for your trying, someone had guessed it correctly..but it was posted on my facebook..

Btw, add me in your facebook if you have.

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