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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Never have fringes ~~~Now i have it !!!

Guys, can you guess what i am having now from my title? Haha..Please go and go view back my previous pictures, and you would see i never have fringes, i can not have fringes and i dare not try to have fringes !!! because of what? its because of my hair root structure where my hair root is unique and made me can't be able to hair straight fringes down to my forehead...

So, i have been waiting long and i decided to change this hair style for my 4th and last trimester in MBA !!! and i did it with a heart of worrying if it will be nice or not....Now let you guys see it !!

This is how it looks like when the salon auntie got my hair strengthen...Yeah yeah, i did the REBONDING at my front part..Purposely want to pull them down cover my forehead !!!... Spend RM 35 for it, plus another RM15 to cut the hair !! RM 50 in one note gone in a swift !!!

Rebonding indeed a SCARY experience for me, 3 days cannot wash my hair. So scary !!! hair and scalp was itchy like hell..i sweat a lot, each of the day i need to dump a lot gel on it to style it before go out..My hair was sooo dirty and i was sleeping on it for 2 nights...The second night, i can't stand of the itchiness, i ended up wash only my back head's scalp...Arghh, it felt so much better when sleep, as long as i dont feel itchy anymore..that was my main objective even though just to resist one more night only !!
Went to work with a new hairstyle, colleagues were shocked with my new hair, Haha..not much postitive feedback from there..but what they saw was a disasterous one because it was before gel and after wearing helmet !! this is how it looks after i proper style it for second working day..First day look bad until i don't dare to upload here, i think i look better with this style of styling..* you can use you hand to cover my face if you think my hair would look better without the face !! haha..
This is how my hair looks when after shower and after some blowing !!!..poor me, now i need to use hair dryer to blow the hair down..otherwise the fringes would not flow and drop so nice on my forehead...
In brief, im actually not very fancy with my current hair style now even though i received many compliments from many people. Thanks thanks. But the night after my rebonding, i was thinking i was sooo ugly with the hair, even worser feeling as if i have full of pimples over my face !!..i have very low low looowwww self esteem at home...
Reason of still not fancy much of this hair:
  1. A bit trouble some. I spend more time to get my hair ready if i want to go out !!..usually when my hair longer, i spent not more than 5 mins, but i think now i spent more !! cos of those fringes with little unavoidable defect, so i have to put little more effort to make it nicer..
  2. Spend more gel to be dumped on my head !!! my Gatsby hair gel container is the kind like body shampoo where we need to press down and get the gell on your palm. Usually i use only one press, now i need to use one more at first 5 mins, one more after 5 mins. So not economical !! Haha
  3. My forehead is somehow itchy..My fringes is tickling me every day and night !!!Previously i will make sure my hair won't cover my forehead and it won't cover my forehead as well..Can't imagine the length of this fringes when it reach my eye and start pocking into my eyes, i think i will be angry with it !!!
  4. It sweats my forehead. Now has HAIR covering it and pity my forehead that has not being covered for the past almost 24 years. Sure it feels hot and no wonder it sweats so much. The issue is that, when i want to wipe my forehead, i must use my hand/fingers to UNCOVER my fringes away to wipe the sweat..Haha..if not, i will ruin my fringes looks...

No matter what, i believe i would interact better when i got used with this fringes in sooner time. And i hope i won't hate it this much when i see it grows more natural in one more week. Now my hair look very obvious that i have straightening it. haha. One more week will look more natural. This is how girls advise me. Haha.

Now you see my new hairstyle now. Please hope i would have better luck on it. The most costful image i ever changed. RM50 !!! Haha..

Have a nice day everyone. See you at my next post !!

With fringes and regards,

Phang !!!


d7 said...

hahah.. 1st pict is real nice one..
of course ma, rm50 baru melayang kan? ;p

3rd pict was like er i dont dare to comment but i'm so eager 2 look at ur 1st day went 2 work with the new hair style.. share it herelah!! hehee *evil grin*

we'll see next week how.. i guess if the fringe lil bit longer then should be ok.. hurm.. dont know lah lol

p/s: pakcik mail, next time u take pict pls dun show that kind of face lah.. new hair style what.. T__T

ichiban | いちばん said...

oit.. hp baru ka??? hahaha... mahal tu... kekeke

Anonymous said...

understand how u felt, "1st time fringe", haha

Fizz said...

haha... love all the pix.. ngeee... look sooooooo different...
i cut my hair last week... and turn out to be BLAH!!
every monin i wake up and each time i look at the mirror, i will saw a lion in front of me.. wuarghhhhh!!! Bile rambot ni nak panjang!!!

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