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Friday, April 24, 2009

History of My Names...

Many people asked me and wonder why my name so unique? or perhaps so funny. no matter my original chinese name or given english name.. I live my life differently than what you all may have with the existance of these 3 names. You will need to view my names in different angles in order to get the point of where it sooo darn, funny, hateful and so on.

Some history of my name given by parents and myself so far !!!

In cronology order described in short and simple,

1. 彭泉水

  • Original chinese name. Birth name. Still valid until now and forever.
  • Meaning: Mineral Water. Real direct translation to two words behind. No kidding !!!
  • Given by a Fengshui master's "don't know what" calculation method. He said i 'owe water' . Therefore, there are so many water in all that 3 words. Many people say my name with many waters, i will be rich in the future.
  • Felt very embarrassed when my secondary school's chinese friends laughed my name. I did not realise my name would be such funny. Reason: I am malay educated since i was kindergarten till primary 6, no peers would know my chinese name, thus no teasing no mocking. Small kids are like that, like to tease and mock others. We were small kids that time. Forgiveable.
  • Self name embarrassment period : early secondary school life. Ever felt do not wish to tell or admit i have such weirdo name.
  • My mum doesn't care this weird name given even though many people were wondering why the name is such weird. She said she doesn't care what name given, as long as healthy and safe.
  • Eventually as personality grew bolder, age grew older.. I started to feel my name is unique and 'so what, its special okay'.
  • Now, I am totally okay with such name. It made me shine and different with others. I bet i am the one and only who has this SPECIAL and UNIQUE name.

2. Phang Chyuan Shei

  • My original name. Birth name. Valid till now and forever also.
  • Long and hard to pronounce. 15 alphabert letters.
  • Another art piece from that same fengshui master. I heard he even got refer dictionary when give me such name.
  • Seldom would have people, teachers or lecturers would either spelled it correctly or pronounce it correctly.

'Pang' 'Chuan' 'Chuen' ' Chyuen' 'Shey' 'Sei' ---> Spelling !!! you guys can mixed and matched them.

"Pang Coo Wan Shay" ---> Correct pronunciation using simple malay or english pronounce way.

  • No one teach me how to correctly, it came out from my own knowledge. Haha. I don't believe my own parents would pronounce it correctly as i thought.

If you make a test to them, they would pronounce "Pang Can Say". (in malay simple pronunciation). haha.

  • Another BIG DISASTER of my teasing and mocking period of life. When i was in Malay primary school. My surname's fault. "PHANG"...It sounds resemble 'Kompang'(a traditional malay music instrument) and 'Lempang'(Slap). Again, small kids are gullible, naive and cute right? they are innocent and do not know how bad the feeling being mocked and teased around. Pitily, i was the victim. Haha.
  • Used to feel why u have such surname. But, no point. I can't choose it so i have to accept it.
  • Now, I am okay with it. Just too long. Probably took longer time than others in filling name especially in exam OMR paper. 15 black dots to be blacken. Probably a big problem when i was in the kids to remember, memorize and practice writing my own name.
  • In short, everyone now call me PHANG especially malays.. chinese friends call me Ah Phang..eventually 'ABANG ABANG' sweet it become..Haha..

3. Rolex

  • Original unregistered in I/C english name (i may get sued). Birth name. Valid till now and forever TOO..
  • Not given by Fengshui master this time. It was by my 4th Aunt. She felt my chinese name was so lousy and not nice. So, she gave me a glamour english name which was very famous at mid 80s. World re-knowned branded watch Rolex. so called "5 Match Sticks"..
  • That watch was famous and high-end during that time, but my aunt may not know this name may had become outdated in this century..Hmmm..again, i had my third weird name in this century..!!!!
  • Originally being called by family members, childhood friends, neighbours. But now, there is small group of friends call me this.

  • Rolex Phang, Rolex Phang. Its such a wonderful name isnt it? I do not know what it meant also when i started to know how to speak. BUT, almost 90% of the the bunch of people who called me this name (exclude recent friends) WRONGLY in their pronunciation especially my family members. Maybe its hard to pronounce or its complicated for those who are not fluent to english or familiar to that BRANDED WATCH.

ROLEX to 'Loh Let' ' Roles' 'Ro Let' 'Loh Lek' ----> Cute isnt it?

My malay childhood neighbour called me 'Doh Let' (Nurul Huda's family)

The aunt that gave me this name "Let Let".

  • Seriously, I do not angry at all of my english name had become mutated in the calling. Its no way back for me to tune and correct them already. Let it be.
  • People would be very surprise to hear this name of mine. Some even will say "Wahh, so branded". Some even would see my wrist and find "Where is your Rolex?". Haha. then they will call themselves Omega lah, Swatch lah to compete brand with me..
  • At another angle, i felt i shine even brighter with this name currently. Branded watch being used on myself. It made me unique, special and easy to be remembered. I believe it may be a big advantage for me in the future.
  • Never feel ashamed about it but can't be deny, some small teasing and mocking does happened from time to time.
In summary, my dearest 3 official and original name of mine had created so many ups and downs for me no matter in my past and present. It truly shape my personality i have now and my confidence to certain elements of life. I will make sure they would not be a big obstacle for me to move on in suave. Haha. These are originally my names which recognised globally and locally. Haha.

I personally guess no one in this world ever would have such unique or special name like what i have. No more ashamed but i felt double confident and honoured with these name i had. My mum was right, dont care what name is it, the more important is what the name would give me. It gave me HEIGHT, and......that's all..Haha..

Thats all my story, sweet and sour of my names given by elders. Hope you had gain more knowledge of me, don't mock and tease my name or you will not be pardoned. Haha.

Check out on my next post !!!...still thinking now what to share..

Phang Chyuan Shei..aka Rolex Phang aka Mineral Water..

Just to share this piece of Rolex..Its the most macho Rolex i ever see..the one above also nice. Wow...Rolex no more for old people with diamonds and a magnifiers to see the date...Haha.. seems like these are the designs that i can buy it for my wrist...Rolex for my name, another suave Rolex for my wrist....great!!!


Fizz said...

haha.. Nice one Phang.. im get used to that name.. Phang...I still remember those days back in primary skooL...
Ah Phang... when all ur chinese frens in secondary started to call u by that name..
Haha.. the latest one.. Rolex Phang accidentally found in fwenstah...
Whatever ur name is.. whatever they called doesnt matter.. as long as u have good health and prosperous life...

(-_+) Gosh! i need a brake eh break!

RolexPhang said...

Yeah yeah..what ever long as healthy and prosperity.. but before you get all those, u will need to go tru a chapter of life where ppl laugh and tease u will train your patient and ur anger as well..

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