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Monday, June 22, 2009

Gmail : Email from Google ~~

Hello guys,

Im yet to fly, so im still here..still gonna post something until the time i fly.. Haha..
Just want to talk something about Gmail.. You may be wonder why i want to talk about it?
Whats to talk about it then?
  • Do i have a new account on it?
  • Do i hate it?
  • Do i have something serious to critic it?

Haha..Its question number 1 !!!..Yeah yeah, i have a gmail account.. Its nothing BIG to be announced by the way..Haha..please bear on me regarding my sharing habit..i just want to share...sharing is caring !!!

Its like this, in the midst of exam that day, i suddenly have a passion and urge to have a Gmail..As i heard and see from my housemate, Waisin who's everyday everytime sit next to me and accessing Gmail for email and chats. He always praise Gmail to me, and say i should have one as well..But i have already a Hotmail and a Yahoo Mail..

Fyi, i have already a Hotmail account which named "Sexayyyyy" and it was being used since i donno how many years ago, probably 8 hours or more.. I can't bear to ditch it. This is an account where i flirt, forward message and main way to contact me.. So you guys, please keep me always contacted with this "Sexay104" hotmail account.

Then i have another account named Csphang21 at Yahoo..Hmmm, this one i used it for formal purposes.. I dont dare to use Sexayyyyyyy if i want to apply for jobs, send lecturers and so on rite?..Or they would think im a sex maniacs or something.. So, a proper email name was crucial for me that time. Since when? since 21years old.

But, this Yahoo account even though i've used it for certain formal circumstances, but then i started to nag it in my silent heart. One day Yahoo asked me if want to update it according to my Nationality. So i chose Malaysia, darn..!!! it changes my whole yahoo into Malay Language. Oh, C'mon..Malaysian doesnt mean Malay Language.......You can see pictures above and below !!!
Pretty weird for the beginning when i start to access it in Malay Language. "Peti Masuk" = Inbox...."Karang" means Compose..."Kenalan" means Contacts !!! Hahaha...weird weird weird and i was tuning myself for it that time. Haha..but eventually, i've got used to it.. Now, i seldom have any formal things to use this email, therefore it somehow a bit being abandoned *just a bit* and it fills with newsletters and so on especially GSM sent me "Wall Street Journal" EVERYDAY!!!, i will eventually and gradually less using Yahoo mail as my second email for formal usage..because of what? because of the picture below !!!!!!!1
Hola..I've talked so lots, finally reached my main topic.. Its Gmail !!! hurray..i never believe applying an email account can be so fast and Gmail does for me in a click..(no, few clicks and typing)..not even one minute..
Im still new to it..many things yet to explore. But it is nice and beautiful inside comparing to Hotmail and Yahoo..Its functions also not bad.. pretty different !!! I applied it because im gonna start JobHunting soon, and i hope this great new email address of mine would get good response from great employers in this planet..Haha..

You can set your theme as well in your account. It will change its weather and appearance according to your time zone..As i set in Seri Kembangan, when the real life its night time, my Gmail also is night time..Arghhhh !!!!!!...i dont have right to promote and introduce Gmail here, as i may be the number # 501, 789, 187,753rd Gmail account users on this planet..Oh c'mon...Im a late user of this great email service provider and i stilk talk too many rots here.. You guys existing Gmail users must had started to laugh me on this..haha..
Just to inform you guys, if you have anything to contact or mail me, but you dont like my Sexayyy hotmail account, you can contact me at Gmail at the name of "rolex.phang"...Isn't this a nice username? Hahhaa...Waisin named it for me as he said nowadays most common and stylo username must have 'full stop' or 'dot' in between and must be recogniseable for readers that it is yours.. Haha..yeah agree.. "rolex.phang" username, i can't agree more as it truly symbolizes me..hehe..
Opps, its too long already my this "Gmail post". Hope you have not fallen asleep reading this !! Okok, i shall end here..Try yourself a Gmail account and you definitely shall see its different !! Save down my email address lah..
Nice day,
Phang, rolex.phang !!


d7 said...

hahahah omg, pakcik mail!! u should put pakcik.mail as ur yahoo id.. cannot go lah that Selamat Datang Phang! hahah very funny!! ;p anyway, wc 2 gmail rolex ;)

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