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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whole body of "Sour"/ Sore muscles !!!~

It was a hard weekend for me especially when work this two days !!! because of what? because of the title of this post and because of the initial determination to get fit !!! haha..How?

Hmm, actually is like this !!!..i've seen a video from Men's triggered my passion to keep fit due to my tummy is getting obvious and more obvious !!!..previously no matter how much i ate, my tummy will get flatten the days after..but i wonder why my tummy's flattening rate has slowing down and stopped before it should stop !!!

Therefore, i somehow wish to start to get off my tummy..somehow started only, that's why i called it Initial Determination !! haha.. back to the video, i found out that the workouts in there is actually easy..But then, after a day i did it, i felt my body's muscles was sooo "sourish" or sore !!!!...aiyoo, it really train my lazy muscle..who to blame? blame myself and HIM..See below picture !!!

Just simple 20 squat down, 20 push ups, 20 jumps, and one more 20 times squatting workout ( forgoten the name ) looks easy, hear easy..BUT, i actually can't be able to finish 20 continuous push ups !! haha..the workout look silly, hear silly..BUT, if your muscles are as lazy as mine, you would end up like me sore all over body !! haha..

Well, i have to work for Saturday and Sunday that requires me to walk, carry, squat and so on. With my sore muscles, now especially at my lower body (butt, abs and thights), my working life isn't that great !!..haha...

Moral of the story, if you want to work for muscles and you seldom to do it, please do it steps by steps..what i mean is, increasing the repetition from less..don't go for professional counts first..

The value i want to say of mine is : "Im such a lousy people with lazy muscles, do such a simple workouts also will end up whole body of pain". Serve me right !!!

Phang !!!


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