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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carl's Jr..Wonderful Eating..

The same day i went out for the fame Slumdog Millionaire with JunLan, we both daringly eat at this somewhat famous restaurant also which is just few steps away from MidValley GSC cinema. Haha. Its Carls Jr.

Actually this restaurant, i have been wanting to try eat it, but few times i stood by in front of the restaurant, my friend and i will walk away. Its too expensive, but at the same time the burger is HUGE !!..its real huge.. cheapest set would be around Rm18, expensive one would be almost RM23 to RM24 without tax !!..expensive right if compare to MacD any set meals?

To be frankly, its my first time but Junlan's second time actually. I had said to her we should dinner at Carl's Jr. even when we were at home, yet to depart. Haha. I heard its so nice, my objectives for that day were Slumdog Millionaire and Carl's Jr. Both long waited but came true. Thanks Junlan for accompanying me.

After long thinking at the counter, finally anyhow pick one set meal for myself. Paid a big amount of money, guess what i get? Haha. Its on pic above. An empty cup and a tag. So simple right? we would get freeflow soft drinks and ice lemon tea as well. So, if not give empty cup, then what to give? Haha..

What else can i do while waiting for my set?.. Haha. what else if not taking pics !!! She's the lovely JunLan who were my gf for that day. Why i said she was my gf for that day?

Haha, its because we were the same or almost same design of shirt. How to say these shirt is? Checked shirt? Straight lines shirt? horizontal and vertical lines shirt? What ever !! haha..

The served my set meal pretty fast. I said already the burgers there were and are HUGE.. You can compare it with my face and my palm.

The fries was so nice too. Kind of different taste compare to other fries you may eaten before. Don't believe? Try it yourself but i do not guarantee !! Haha

Junlan's set. You see, its huge till really almost covered whole Junlan's face. Initially, i thought Junlan will not able to finish it by her own but impressively with her small stomach and body, she actually ate them whole. That's very good. Her mum should be very happy to hear this.

Junlan's whole set looks like this. But i do not know what's the name. Something mushroom, something beef. You may see it easily on the menu if you go there. It has a big picture on the wall menu. Junlan's comment on that burger ---> Teriyaki burger tasted nicer !!

This is mine.. Haha. I know my burger's name. Its Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger®. Its nice enough for me. Tasted some burger that has different taste compare to Ramlee's burgers, MacD's Double Cheese Burger and Big Mac. Whispering to you all now, the price for my set was RM 24 include tax while Junlan's set was Rm 25 include tax. Haha. its expensive right?
Its pretty thick too. Munch munch. Im kinda need to open my mouth as wide as possible to munch or bite from top to bottom. Too bad, Junlan was not able to do so. Her mouth is too tiny. From the picture above, the real burger may look vary compare to menu, Haha you should know. But it really made me full.

At the mean time i was eating, i came across this part of the logo and tagline. I do not know if that is it's real tagline, but i found it actually interesting. Its gonna be messy !! Its somewhat true...


Stil not messy enough?

Haha. My area was messier than Junlan's area.
In conclusion, i had my expensive yet nice dinner with Junlan at Carl's Jr. In addition, watched a nice movie too. What's not good enough? We were too keen to eat and talk at there, taken out too much of the allocated shopping time. Pity Junlan didn't shop enough that night. Haha.
Phang *who wants to be happier*


kwang soon said...

haha i took the same picture (the burger is the same size as my face) last time when i have Carl's Junior... show that being roomate for 2 years really got effect.. =)

rolexphang said...

yea yeah...haha but apparently, my face size bigger, i can only say it almost the size of my face..heheh

---Olivia. JR--- said... me a gf fast! hehe

Fizz said...

hey... u and Jun Lan went out jalan2 carik makan without ajak me.... hurm... Jun Lan still like those day when we were studying in the same skool... heee... still hen ke ai le... ;p i bet u guys cannot guess who am i rite? Phang.. where is ur latituted and longitude? i mean ur location... i thot u guys in johore?

rolexphang said...

aku kenal kau lah Fizzz........u must didnt read my whole post in this blog..u should know where i am and what i am doing now in first two post already...haha

Fizz said...

da bace la encik Phang.... kat Mid Valley... hurm... bukan dulu ko kat Johor ke? UTM... pastu further study kat UPM ke? heee... FYI, aku ngah cyber slackin... actually, was in the office tat day... so tak leh nak bace the whole karangan mah... paiseh paiseh... ;p

rolexphang said...

I studied Bachelor Degree at furthering MBA at UPM i happen to be in Serdang now..not in jb..hhaha..

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