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Friday, March 27, 2009

One alone outing day -KLCC

A couple of years ago, i saw a dark cloud quietly moving over me.. i know its coming and may bring darkness in some sense of my life, but i cant be able to stop it. Then indeed it brought something to me..

and then it seems moved away, i thought things would get better it was seems recovering, but then it comes again..Bad things, unavoidable unhappy incidents but how? we stil have to go through no matter how as united.
The dark clouds appeared even thicker this couple weeks, it made me gloomy and feel helpless. I do not know how to involve and help but just seeing from far, wishing in mind so that it can be solved by them. Miss them and i do wish to meet them personally standing together with them, but i dont know why actually i am timid and dare not to face the incident. So i don't want to back !!
There, its my only off day on Wednesday in a week. With no internet connection at home, i decided to go outing a whole day only by myself. So i went to KLCC alone. A day to be alone, a day to relax in my personal way, a day to be quiet, a day to have a piece of mind. All rules set by myself. Its pretty nice and freedom too actually. Got myself some FRESHIER AIR..
My legs are long, therefore i always walk fast. but that day, i purposely slow down all my steps. Its so relaxed when you do not have any time constraint on anything. A lots of time, a lots of enegy. Haha. Usually when i reach Kl Sentral by komuter, i will be the one who walk so fast to get on the escalator and get faster to stuck in my ticket to the auto-gate to avoid crowd at the back, but that day, they all overtook, they all walk so fast and i was like slowly slowly enjoying my every steps. Haha. Being the last one of the group to get out through auto-gate is my FIRST time.
I have a lot of time, so i decided to take traditional way to BUS !!! whereby from KL Sentral can take LRT to KLCC with just only take around minutes away. But my whole bus journey took a long time plus a long waiting time for the bus. Standing downstair to wait bus made no boring to me, i was like observing every people who walked passing by me. All sorts of people rushing here and there. Taking bus would let me see interesting old old shops and people in KL city.
This one day alone outing of mine made me experienced many FIRST TIME events. Haha.

Bought myself a MacD lunch, sitting at Signature KLCC Food Court eating alone were my first time. Facing outside quietly eating the lunch, looking at the fountain outside can be fun too. Soooo many executives were there eating lunch too, luckily i got myself a good enough place to enjoy my lunch and my views.
Saw hundreds perhaps people wearing executives clothing all over KLCC expecially this lunch time. Dreaming and think again, if i could be like them wearing so suave and be one of the executive working in any of the company located nearby having lunch with whole bunch of my colleagues there or not. Economics so bad even until my graduation month. Perhaps hard to get a job then, but i believe it will not be a problem for us.

Watching movie alone that day was my another FIRST time too. First time going to cinema watching movie only by myself. What's even special to my record was, I FIRST TIME watch but not one movie, but two movie consecutively in a day ALONE. Haha. Am i really that bored? No actually, i just feel i had a lot of time, Its movie day, and i have many unwatched interesting movies to be watched.

Done some window shopping, got my size of favourite clothes, wear it in fitting room and imagine those will be mine !! Haha. KLCC has many branded shops rite? but i only dare to enter those not too branded only. Above pic was at Esprite (am i spelling correctly?) Almost RM100 piece of shirt, so expensive..

Walk and walk observing new fashions and people there. Stood by looking down at this location ( lift area). Nice views, so high.. Feel so moody, feel wanna jump DOWN !!!..Haha.. just kidding..

Going Kinokuniya was not my first time. Spent some times in there flipping books, mags and so on. Staring at those books in above pic, and i started to dream if i could go to those countries one day. Day dreaming time.

I actually never eat Burger King before, Its my another FIRST time now, first time eating Burger King and ALONE eating it. Haha. I dont even understand what a set meal consists of and soft drinks are sooo Free-FLow there. New experience got by myself alone. There was where my dinner was done.

Went outdoor to get some KLCC fresh air. Soooo many people sitting outside no matter in a pair, whole bunch of gang, single person like me and so on. Dont know what's so interesting out there but they just like sitting there outside even at the stair steps. Boringly me, also join the out there. Doing what? looking at the fountain...looking to those corporate buildings and hotels with nice logo and lightings.. looking to everyone who passed in front of me, looking on how they dress, how they walk and so on..Haha.. not to forget to look and stare at the well-reknowned KLCC Twin Tower up there.. Took some nice pics was a must. Maxis Tower at the side was not bad too.
Wondering if those lighted levels on that three towers actually still got people working in there. C'mon, it was 9pm already, they are stil working?

I even lied down on my back, thought want to count for the stars but unluckily NO STARS at all. Saw clouds !!!!!!..oh shit, those are dark clouds i mentioned.. It followed me whole day and even til KLCC, luckily KLCC's light was bright enough to expose them. Haha. I am crazy i know.
Been outside alone whole day 12 hours, Waisin ever asked me that night when i got home " Who have you talked to the whole day since you are alone?" I replied, i had talked to few phone calls, shop's sales assistants, bus drivers, a customer service people of KLCC, TGV people, MacD and Burger King people and so on. Haha. i still talked a lot that day but perhaps considered far lesser than what amount i supposed to say in usual.
Last picture above showed the dark clouds are stil everywhere, its true. Everyone may have dark clouds from time to time, i have mine too and i still having them now, probably thickening days by days. Therefore, we should better facing it with better mind and mood. Dont let it affect your nice days. Moody and sad in one day is good, take one more day to recover and be alone, then third day you must make sure you have got up steady, face your life with better mood and mind. Face up, use your whole energy to suck a deep breath, BLOWWWWWWWW the dark clouds away !!!!!..
Wish everyone able to blow your dark clouds and lead a happy life.
Phang !!!


ichiban | いちばん said...

aiya.. so kesian... apasal x ajak i??? haha must be weird if ppl saw u taking those photos while u were alone... hahahahaha =P

rolexphang said...

U will free ke every wednesday?... mana aku berani ajak kau keluar..whole day tu...

its okay, i was just feeling wanna be alone too...

Anonymous said...

nicely put into words rolex phang :)

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