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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Such a bad flu !!!

Started my 3rd trimester of my MBA life... Im now specialised in Human Resource in my MBA.. which means that i will be no more as a marketer, managing products, brands and service but im now turn to managing human capital. Wa ha ha.

I thought want to start my new trimester with the best mood and condition, unluckily i got myself into bad flu nowadays started monday night in sudden. I personally very terrified with flu because of the running nose will ruin my mood, increase my appetite.

Nose is red, i would tears, i would sneeze a lot....vexed me in total. HAha... Referring above pic, i may look still steady, but actually the morning class of mine, i was in bad condition. Tissue is a must have thing for me. Haha. My nose is running running. Ate meds, but still not cured.

Its a beautiful evening today, yet outside is raining cats and dogs now. Pity Waisin still have a class later at 6.30pm, now the time is 4.25pm. I bet later the weather will be better. Its a wonderful time to sleep, but i choose dont. Haha. Both my housemates now definitely already in best dream now.

Oh, there was even strong thunders just now. I bet my pc now is in danger. HAha.

I thought want to go swimming later, darn its raining so heavy. Wish my evening will be also good.


A boring flu guy in a rainy evening..


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