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Friday, March 13, 2009

60th Narcissus Pageant !!!

Hmm, i was browsing through Daniel Wu, the fame HongKong actor's blog..found this interesting youtube video he posted..its interesting...see it..its the 60th Narcissus Pageant..the performer is Lisa Wong.

Below is the video. Keep watching till she paint finish, you will never know what she was painting until the end. Haha !!

Haha.. brilliant right !!... its Bruce Lee...

For your info, this Narcissus Festival is being held at Hawaii for those chinese who lives at Hawaii to take part. Here is what i copied from website regarding this festival.

"The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii Narcissus Queen Pageant will be held at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. The contestants must be at least half Chinese, a resident of Hawaii and between the age 19-26 years old. Four months leading up to the pageant, the nine contestants have been involved in many Chinese cultural classes to educate them on being more aware of the Chinese culture. The contestants will be evaluated on their speech, talent, and beauty, including a presentation of their personalized Cherng Sam"

Haha..great right? there are chinese culture events being held to american chinese to deliver out China and Chinese culture in US..




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