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Monday, March 16, 2009

Softpedia Website

Finally got my HP unbehaved pc a lesson, changed its heart just now..Haha.. Its actually the HP people come to my house and change a new motherboard for my CPU..I shall praised HP for this instant help and its FREE..Haha.. I actually got Warranty la..

After a new heart for my pc, so i thought it needs new things in it. So i surf on the net for some downloads. Then i discovered this pretty good website. What's it superb is, it has sooooo many things to be downloaded.

First of all, you guys can see the colourful menu bar there, actually there are many things in the category. From PC software, driver, games and even many information of mobile phone. This website updated every few minutes, so i bet its very good.

Then at the side menu bar of each category, contains a list of another categories.. So many things include antivirus, internet thingy and so on. I believe its a one stop downloading website where you can fill full your software and those soft soft things downloading desire. Hehe.

Its FREE also...I downloaded antivirus for free from there. Its pretty good right?.. AVG..Kaspersky.. and you may see more at there..

Ok, let say if you want to download, let me guide you a little on this.

Just click on the 'download' button at the right side of the software you are interested. Then below page will come out.

Then you would see the word 'external mirror' or what every come out at the section i circled on above picture, click on it. It will lead you to next step.

Then, SAVE !!! easy and hustle free. Free somemore.

If you are the type like to download those softwares that can make your pc run better, maybe this is a good website. I am not very expert on this issue, so for me this website is good enough, Haha.

Just spend some minutes clicking on those menu bars, you may find many things to put in your shopping cart. Do some clicks and you will surprisingly found it in your pc. Haha.

Happy explore everybody. Wish i had introduce you guys something useful today !!!




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