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Friday, March 20, 2009

IKEA Johor Bahru

Is there anybody do not know what above place is? I believe Ikea is a well known name mostly by people who live in Selangor and KL people. For me, it is STILL a fun place where i think its like a big playground, displaying so many nice and beautiful things. More over, its not very cheap but it may look classy at one time. Still feel excited and fun shopping in Ikea now. I used 'still' in above sentenses because, probably many nearby people also got sicked and bored with IKEA. I just been there few times, so I 'still' excited and happy with it. Haha.
However, such a big big Malaysia, we only have one IKEA. But a small small yet great Singapore, it has two IKEA. Hmm, is that Malaysia market is not big enough to gain interest for IKEA to open more in Malaysia?

Well, Im a Johorean. Many years ago, probably few years after Johor Bahru largest Jusco opened at Tebrau City, many speculations and rumours from many people saying that IKEA is opening in JB and it will be located next top Jusco Tebrau City. WOw! isnt that a big news for JB people and it will bring up that area into higher popularity after Jusco Tebrau City.
But wait and wait, wait and wait for that IKEA in rumour to come true, but it seems no movement at the land nearby the Jusco. But suddenly, the empty land next to Jusco Tebrau City started being build with something, I thought it was IKEA, but its actually TESCO. Weird weird. So, where's IKEA? Haha. I just heard it will be at another side of Jusco but til just now i stil blur where it is going to be.

Now, let me tell all of you in case you all do not know. Now only i know the exact location of the potential IKEA. Haha.

The square box on top will be the location of IKEA Johor Bahru. Hmm, which means that IKEA is really coming to JB !!! The yellow part is Jusco Tebrau City and its left side is the TESCO.

This is the landscape design of the new IKEA in Johor Bahru.

Little that i know from wikimapia , Ikano Group had bought that 36.94-acre land with RM 64.4m cash( RM40 per square feet) in mid-2007. That piece of land is for IKEA retail with an estimated built-up area of 280, 000 square feet which should be ready by year 2009/10. Well, it will be slightly smaller than IKEA Damansara (344,445 sq ft).

But, its already 2009, anyone live around there seen any changes to the land over there? Haha. I think its in the progress. About the completion date, some material said on 2012, some material called it IKEA Tebrau City. Hmm, lets wait and see what it is going to be and when it is going to finish.

Let's hope IKEA in Johor Bahru will be able to give some fresh air and market to JB people, probably for Singaporean who may think buying IKEA products in JB will be cheaper than IKEA in Sg. Haha. Now you know where is the exact location of new IKEA, so when there is people asking you, you may know how to answer especially JOHOR BAHRU PEOPLE !!

Phang !!!


Traisoon Phongket said...

I just got replied from Ikano Pte Ltd:

Dear Traisoon,

Thank you for your enthusiastic words about IKEA.
- I am sorry to say, that there is no real time schedule for the opening, but I hope that it would not take too long!

Kind regards & take care
Tom Huzell IKEA (SG,MY,THAI)
IKANO Pte Ltd Tel: +65 6786 6868
60 Tampines North Drive 2 Cell:+65 8100 1815
Singapore 528764 Fax: +65 6260 0913

and another email from KL IKEA:

Hi Traisoon,

Thanks and appreciate your support. It may take 2-3 years to build another
IKEA in Tebrau, Johore.

Best Regards,
Karen Ong

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. I have been looking for it using all maps known to man such as Google, Garmin, etc but could not locate it. My wife is adamant that ikea JB exists because her friend said so and I have to suffer looking for it until I read your blog. I now have proof that Ikea JB does not exist yet.

RolexPhang said...

Dear Mr Anonymous,

My most latest update on this IKEA project is that...that IKEA has not even start doing anything yet..still have nothing on that piece of please expect that IKEA to be built up in few more years of time !!.......some local say YES, so local say NO about if really gonna open IKEA or not !!...

July 2010 !!!

Anonymous said...

Please please house is just 10 minutes away from IKEA/IKANO...Now relocate to JB and looking for a weekend hangout just like IKEA/IKANO!

Traisoon Phongket said...

Hey guys!

Yesterday I saw people clean up the Ikea site area. ^_^

Looks like they gonna start the construction soon.

Btw I went to the Lantern Festival at Linear Park Taman Desa Tebrau.

I managed to snap this photo (the model for Ikea Desa Tebrau)

RolexPhang said...

Dear Traisoon,

Thanks a bundle for such a warm and great remind towards my blog pertaining the Ikea !!..thanks a lot for sharing !!...thanks !!..

Looking forward to see Ikea in Jb soon !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the information. I'm a Singaporean, just shifted to Johor. It's such a disappointment realizing that there's no Ikea nearby. Nevertheless, hearing that an Ikea is opening up soon here is a great relief. By the way, may I know the address of the one and only Ikea in Malaysia? I would like to see the wide range of furnitures available for my house. Thank you. (:

RolexPhang said...

Thanks.......well, the Ikea seems like not really gonna open in JB..cos there is nothing happened on the site ~~...i think they are gonna disappoint u this time ~

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