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Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend Ends !!

What a soooooooooooo busy weekend i had..finally it ends today and now... Many of my friends asked me about how am i spending my long weekend, but i can only to say 'I have to work".. Pity me..!!! everyone must be having so much fun out there..

So, what had i done for my long weekend from Sat to today Monday? Well, for your info, I am working at Macy Home Furnishings.

Its our BIGGEST end season sales EVER...haha..Its a big sales actually, therefore there are a lottttttttt of people coming. The sales was pretty good. For my 3 days working, i had been Running, Pulling rolled fabrics, Talking, Carrying Rolled Fabrics, calculating, explaining, writing and sooo on. Hmm, very busy indeed. We have many last roll fabrics and defect fabrics being sold at only Rm 5 to 15 per meter. Those fabrics originally were not cheap, all at least RM40 per meter. It became so cheap, quality was not very bad too. That's why people were crowding to MAcy.

"Excuse me, how much is this fabric?" " What is this fabric?" " What mean day curtain? then what is night curtain?" "I tell you hah, my window is like this, lebih kurang 6 feet width, 7 feet height, calculate for me? What else cheap one?" "How much do i need for my 3 panel window?" " what mean Double width, what mean single width?" "Eh boy, ni berapa ni?" "Leng zai leng zai, come come help me !!" "Lengzai, lei ko, kei to lui" all sort of language and questions..haha..

Haha. No matter what language, i can only answered with english, chinese and malay. In fact, many chinese customers thought i am a malay and speak malay to me. Haha. It has become common for me. Luckily i had been trained i little on how to calculate and product knowledge, that is what a job or a work is somehow fun because im able to serve and answer every question. Thus, customers happy. Its busy, but i feel enjoyed too. 3 days war ended. Starting i work at 11am, its non-stop hearing those questions, then i assisted and i talked and i pulled, and measured and cut cut cut those fabrics.

I have only one hour of break, where i wont be talk much, but to rest my mouth to eat during dinner, my butt to seat and my legs to relax. One hour finished, back to war. Haha. 8 hours in total of war times 3 days. Pretty fun.

Thats all my tiring yet enjoyable long weekend. Wish all of you had fun during this long weekend. My new trimester starts tomorrow. Wish everything goes well.




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