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Monday, March 2, 2009

Im back.

Hi guys,

It has been a week i didnt post any thing here, because of what?..its because of im in vacation. Haha. I just got back yesterday, and tomorrow i will be leaving again. To where? To my hometown Senai, Johor for my another half of my term break.

Kind of busy day today, my working place Macy Home Furnishings started to get crowded because of recent promotion. So, kinda tired working today because more people to be served now. Haha. Just my mind have not yet prepared, and my body can't able to work fast there now.

Its my second time in flight going to Langkawi, Stil excited on it. I like to see the earth on the bird's eyeview. So fun and great even though im sitting on second place to window. For me, flying experience will be very fun for me is when the flight start moving until it reaches certain high level. After that, nothing can be seen through the window except those nice clouds. But you would get bored with white clouds too. Haha. When i started to fell tired after joking and talking with friends around, i can't be able to sleep well. Cos the Airasia seat for me just tailored made. haha. I do not have one extra inch from my knee to the back of the chair in front. Haha. Pity me.

I would not talk more about my trip at this post because of some time constraint, my photoshop software yet to be installed. So, i can't edit those pics that i may having a rotten face. Haha. I viewed all the pics taken whole trip, i found out that i do not have a lot nice looking pics. Oh, thats bad news. Haha. I will stil try to show you all the decent look of mine taking pics with my beloved friends in the vacation.

Thats all for this time, next time would be greater.



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