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Monday, March 30, 2009

UPM Library !!!

Sleepy Monday of mine, stil sleepy til now even though it's already 11am something.

Got something 'stockbroking' talk by CIMB bank to us, wu huuuuu...its somehow compulsary for us to attend, and it cancelled my law class..well, i registered and took its note book, but took a detour to avoid attending it. Haha. Its not my field, sure very boring to me. Therefore, the detour and avoidance of mine should be worthwhile, but but but, that was a big detour route in order to avoid those organizers to see me running away...hehe

The route made me passing by the library..Oh yeah, it reminded me to have a glance in it again. Been more than 8 months in UPM, only once before we entered library. It was my second times in there. Again i want to say, UPM library is way way way way many miles better than UTM library. Don't know how UTM library won library awards before.

Here in UPM library, its so beau, neat and pretty comfy in its surrounding..Sorry guys, i can't be able to show much of its pictures. Everybody was so attentive in reading, playing laptops and so on, i was so arkward to snap pictures. Haha. I am already clueless on where to walk, where is this and that, plus still snap pictures here and there..It so shows me i am not local..haha.. hence, i was just touring around 15 mins only. Then leave with no objective. hehe.

If got chance, i will snap pictures to show it here. For me, its a nice and beau library, probably you may have seen better one at your place. Therefore, i dare not exaggerate how nice and pretty it is.

have a nice day.



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