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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earned RM 0.50 !!!!

One of my friend TeckLim ever asked me before, "Phang, do you earned money by blogging?"..i replied him " Well, I don't blog for money !!!"..However, i know blogging can earn money, but somehow i do not know how to. Thus, I did some asking to my blogger friends about this.

Therefore, i was daydreaming if i could earn LOTS of money by blogging or i signed for Nuffnang to put advertisement in my blog. So, you guys have to click the advertisement to help me earn money. Haha !!! I never put hope on earning money or expecting you guys to click on the ads. I don't do it too usually.

One night (that's tonite !!), i surf nuffnang website like usual. I have been expecting my earnings will state there RM 0.00 has been like this for weeks, so its just a simple look at it only without putting any hope...

But this time, i found out i finally make some earnings..Wa ha ha..its 50cents..Hurray..i earned money through blogging finally, i earned the money!! i earned the money !!! ha ha ha..i was so excited..somebody clicked the ads...

Thanks to that one or two readers of mine who clicked my ads and made me earn my first 50cents..thanks.. Please guys keep on your habit to click them. However, i don't force you must click it. Just click it if you keen to click.
However honestly, i don't and never expect of earning money through blogging. I am not XiaXue who earned $10 ooo from Nuffnang Singapore. I am just with the heart of sharing and connecting to the people around me.
Regarding money !! here is a picture i am holding a piece of Iran currency of 20 000 Rial ( Sorry guys, my fat cheek covered a "0" there )..Never hold such big amount of money in my hand..Eli also brought us 50 000 Rial Iran money in a piece of note too..but Pouya and Eli said it's not a big money in their country though. Inflation too high in Iranian currency.
In Malaysia, our biggest currency note is only RM 500 right? I have never see it in real before. Ha ha Ha..

That's all for my quick post, but still so many words and length. i just don't know how to write a short post. Wa ha ha.
Phang, who started to earn earn earn !!!


Jenn said...

Haha!! Maybe this is a good start for u to earn extra money by doing what u like to do... Who knows??

d7 said...

all i know that the nuffnang will only count unique click that is from different ip address.. anyway, wish u best of luck & collect loads of money!! hahah

i've been waiting for u to post that iranian money.. u should post close up pictures of it.. but it's ok.. it's not easy to have a 'model' holding the iranian note.. heeheee

Rolex said...

jenn: Thanks Jenn, but i dont really blog for money lah...its not easy to earn money tru blogging, i ought to have a biggg popularity then can..but who knows rite? hahaha....

Dzu: you r rite Dzu...not every single click would counts as clicks for Nuffnang...donno lah how they system counting this..Thanks for ur wish..

Just a pic to show u a malaysian model holding iranian money..haha...i cant pose a too closeup pic,not nice to be seen..haha..

ichiban | いちばん said...

owh u earn in RM ar?? i earn in USD.. but they only pay if i reach USD100.. so u have to always come visit my blog and click on the ads.. hahahaha

Ali said...

yes rolex, rate of inflation in Iran is now 25% and it is realy too much :((

John Doe in Samsara said...
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