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Friday, May 1, 2009

JB SONG 新山真好 - 黃明志

Today got a flu yet stil working in Macy with a troublesome nose. Eaten some flu meds and i am pretty dizzy now. Intended to sleep soon in this early beautiful Friday nite 11pm.

But at the time i almost off my facebook, Marcus Tan posted a video in the facebook. I've got attracted with my dizzy head and eye sight. Its from Huang Ming Zhi and this time his song about Jb..That's my hometown this time..errrr..not very my hometown, mine at Kulai, Senai actually...

For non-chinese, This fellow is the one whose famous sing our national anthems so creatively mixed with many vulgar words one. He's not that famous already now but he was soooo talk of the town last time.

It's pretty sentimental saying JB..not a bad song but it's nice actually.. If you are Jb people, you will feel differently when listening someone sing about your familiar place so nicely. Now i can realize how Muar people last time hearing those previous songs of him.

BUT !!!...there's a part he shows many newspaper articles and kept on singing 'very good' 'very good' 'very good'..i can't read what's those articles about. I do not know if it is good or not too. So, i hope it's not something bad cursing JB people and yet i kept on praising him in above paragraph, PARDON ME for this !!!

I still so eager to share it here before i head to sleep. Here you are.Enjoy.

He rocks...!!!!

In case any of my non-chinese friends who did not know who this fellow is and curious to know how GREAT he had done to our national anthems, you can view this. CLICK ME !!

Enjoy and Have a nice weekend ahead.

Dizzy Phang !!!


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