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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hitch, The Movie

hmm..i was alone at home watching the movie above. This movie at the beginning was so awesome because Will Smith is sooo clever in dealing girls. So great if i have a friend like him who can guide me, or i will not be lonely single till now. Haha.

As i said, it is an awesome movie. Who should watch? those nerdy and shy guys SHOULD watch..Haha..There was a tactic he used in the movie where he was able to let the girl walk away from the crowd. Wuahh, Thumbs Up !!!...Hahha..there are more tactics, like how to talk, how to get the chance to touch the girl, how to make a BIG surprise for girl in the first what ever words, Its the tips how to IMPRESS a girl !!! awesome...

There are many beautiful quotes in this movie about love. I got all of u two of them which music to my ears and beautiful to my heart. Hmmmm...

"Have you ever met someone and you know right away she was gonna be important to you? Not because of her looks, but that X-Factor."

But seriously i was more mesmerized by this one below ~~~~

"You know what it's like, getting up every morning feeling hopeless? Feel like the love one of your life is waking up with the wrong man? But at the same time, hoping that she will find happiness even if it's never gonna be with you?"

It was talked by Kevin James with a very serious sad face...

If you are slow in absorb the sentenses above, read them in part and slowly...its so meaningful !!! ouch~~~it touches my heart, haha...

I hope my quotes able to touch your lonely hearts ( for lonesome guys like me ).

That's all for now.

Feel of WISHING be in love,


Anonymous said...

very nice,,,I'm sure there is a girl or maybe girls who feel the same,,, you just need to look for her.good luck ;)

prazanna said...

well i like the quote and i put as my shout out in my bf... good job man..

d7 said...

u like this movie too? same with me..
hahah rolex ur entry this time don't know why sounds so miserable to me especially the lines in the of ur entry..
dont be like that la..
ever heard of this quote..

love is like a shadow.. it will follow you when u ignore it but it will runaway if u try to catch it..

so just chill!! u have loads of friends surround u and family who always support u rite.. ;)

owh, btw u should watch About A Boy.. nice old movie with good lines.. ;)

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