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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Hot Hot...expected til September !!!

Recently, i believe the most IN topic in people's mouth is not only the Swine Flu..i believe another HOT topic among them would be regarding how HOT we are at home. This term and incident is strictly to those who do not own Air Cond at home. Definitely those who are not owning aircond will be same as me..Burnt and non-stop sweating at home even though you are in front of the fan.
I am here in Serdang..Soooooooooooo pants is always wet at the part i will be sitting on. Im sweating even though with fan. There are even few days, my room was like a hot Oven. Baked and almost burnt. I believe everywhere also hot. Kedah is HOT HOT HOT...JB is Hot too..even Singapore too.
But what i want to say here is not only saying and complaining how HOT the weather is, but how HOT it will be continuing. Referring to the news i have read in, here are two statements i quote from there..Interesting statements !!!
"The Meteorological Department said the hot and generally dry spell was expected to persist until September."
"The country would experience the South-West monsoon from mid-May to September which usually brought a dry spell"
This means that, we all may need to endure ourselves til SEPTEMBER..OMG, now just May..4 months !!!!!!!! This is not what i said, its what been reported in the star. Hopefully its wrong and rain few BIG one sometimes.
Hahaha..all the best everybody who has only fan at home. Better install aircond, if not would be same as me, sweating all over your body even though you are not outdoor.
Also one more phenomena, i do not know nowadays soooo many mosquitoes are bornt. Haha..Soooo many mosquitoes around me....many mosquitoes too at your place?
Sweating badly Phang !!!


Fizz said...

heee.... nyamok takde la Phang...
tapi panas giler... huhu...
tak tahan...
macam mane nak saba sampai bulan 9?

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