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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My recent update !!!

Hmmm, been pretty busy doing something that i had forgoten what was that which had made me have less time for blogging..However, i stil MSN and Facebook like usual..Here are some updates of mine that you guys may or may not know..Too many to say in a post, so i shall keep in brief here, SQUEEZING all of them into one !!!

  1. 21st May. Lost my sony ericsson K800i when i was taking KTM back Serdang from Bandar Tasik Selatan. What a great theif, able to pickpocket my phone from my front jeans pocket in not more than 1o seconds while i was squeezing in the train. !!..Bad Luck, serve me right for not being careful !!! It made me been so long time cannot camwhore already. Not in the period of having the budget to get a new phone yet....
  2. 29th May. Attended the public lecture by Mr Philip Kotler. Wu Huuu!!!....never thought i would be able to meet this gentlemen in person in my life. FYI, he is a well-known Marketing Guru in the world. Yet, he was invited by our faculty Graduate School of Management, UPM to give a additional public lecture in Malaysia and we got it FREE OF CHARGE. Isnt that awesome. *Snap Snap* for you guys few pictures here.
    He's what an old strong man. 78 years old already. Awesome awesome. Wen's camera was awesome too, i still able to get such clear picture even though i was sitting at the last row. I have actually few more of him with better pose on stage. haha..

    You know what, after his lecture and the host was saying that we could go on stage to take picture with him. I was like rushing to the front to see if any of my friend with camera was shotting him. Thanks Mohammad, my Iranian friend who was there. I was like a almost crazy fans (or we all were crazy fans) try squeezing to the most middle to get a good spot to have a picture with him. *Day Dreaming* if we could be able to snap picture individually. However, you see the picture above, so lucky cos i almost out of the picture. But i was happy least me and Mr Kotler is in the same picture. Haha !!! By the way, i hope you all still able to identify which one is Philip Kotler in the pictures with hundreds of people. Haha..
  3. 30th May. Its Waiyan's birthday. I didnt go to work, didnt go to class. But we are going to SUNWAY LAGOON. 5 of us only. We had fun there. I do not know why suddenly some of them said wanna go there, its not cheap though the entrance fees. But we still went there. Haha. All of them been sooo long time didnt go there already, Joo Siew and Cecilia even havent been there before. So, in conjuction of making the dream come true..WE WERE THERE..Hahaha...RM 48 for entrance after discount. Enable us to play for Amusement and Water Park. Therefore, we soaked in water, we were up to the sky with its roller coaster !!!
  4. NOW !!! its just 4th day of June. I had already spent a bomb. Big chunk to my wallet and my month of June's pocket money. Spent to so many places..Rents, Sunway Lagoon, shoppping malls, movies, karaoke and so on...
  5. Had a rotten face with many PIMPLES. Been staying up at night pretty often. It probably heated my body and grow my pimples. haha.. What had i done staying up late?..Donno..Stil MSN and facebook...also also, plus ASSIGNMENTS recently..
  6. Rushing my assignments in this two weeks. 4 Assignments and 1 presentation all well scattered in this coming week and next week. After that, its our FINAL EXAM. I dont think i would be able to recover my smooth face in this few weeks. Haha. Gonna be busy very soon!!!

I said its gonna be brief updates of mine, i do apologise now because i realised its still so lengthy and long. Haha. How ah? How to write short and precise blog? Haha.. I dont know..

Cheers everbody,

Phang who's so busy !!!


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