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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GSM~Corporate Strategy Simulation Game

Guys, i had a memorable moment last weekends. I attended the long waited GSM~ Corporate Strategy Simulation Game. For your information, this is so-called the War Game we all MBA students mentioned and talked about. Many controversial topics on it. Because many of us said paying RM 300 is wayyy to expensive, some say its not safe and we are not protected because we were to compulsary fill some 'surat pelepasan tanggungan'...and many more.

For me, definitely i would feel it was expensive..~~~RM one month part time salary. But i was soooo looking forward to have fun from there and i know i will. For your information, Corporate Stretegy Simulation Game aka. War Game that we UPM MBA students were talking about is a 4 days 3 nights training consists of indoor and outdoor activities. Both require us physical demanding and powerful mind cracking in problem solving and get the missions done. Why is it Corporate Strategy? Its no more last time when we at secondary school's Kem Motivasi. Its adult now. Decision making!!!! So, it was pretty adult way, business way and matured way of camp.

As i said its adult way, Food and accomodation must not be lousy but we never expect it to be very good though. It was pretty good. Been ages i didnt sleep in double decker like below. Haha.

We have a decent bed, air-conditioned, water heater, sufficient at least 6 hours of sleeping time, plenty of meals ~~around 6 times a per day ( Breakfast, morning tea-break, lunch, evening tea-break, dinner and night tea-break)--> all main meal in buffet style where we could eat as much as we could. I guess these good amenities and facilities provided are enough to stuck our mouth if anyone saying RM 300 is expensive. It worth more than it.

One more thing i was so impressed with this Eagle Ranch Resort is that, almost every inch of the resort is in COWBOY style. I was so regret by not taking more pictures to show you guys. But here are some below:

Many fences decoration and decorations are all unique. This is the view of the Swimming Pool. We can go swimming there at our free time. Many of them went in swimming before they got shower...Hahha..Actually i think the water is gonna be wayyy more dirty start on our arrival.

You can see above pictures are two example of the dorms or rooms. I never see any resort would do it such in detail. The first dorm or room pattern is so cute. Made it so cowboy !!..the second one, picture above is where we guys stayed. Wooden wall. Pretty authentic style too. *above picture is Ali, Pouya, Mohammad and Pouyan (From left) iranian friends..

Aboved 3 pictures are the street pictures at there. As i said, all in CowBoy style. Indeed everything is includes the rubbish bin. There are actually dorm in cone shape with white canvas. Salute to the best on the designer of this resort. * this is my new China friend named Ma.

We had done a lot of activities including the long waited War Game where we will be dumped into a jungle. We need to navigate ourselves to the checkpoint using map and compass starting at the time 6.30pm. Which means that most of our War Game time will be in the dark IN THE JUNGLE. That's more challenging. Walking in the jungle and navigated by our own IN THE DARK is not easy. In addition, we will be attacked by the so-called Guerrilla whom they will attack us with stink Bombs made by smelly water inside and we were being told its one week soya bean expired drinks. Its FALSE. Just flour and water. BUT.. Its truly stink and sour. Haha. Its a very good experience where we need to navigate ourselves, at the same time we need to protect and fight with them. Hmm, we have the same stink bombs too to throw back to them. WAR TIME. We fight to survive. We hide, we got lost together, we stink together, we all exhausted. Plus, at least we have the experience of cooking in the jungle. We cooked rice, sardin and even Maggi mee. Hahaha.
I cant say all the activities here, indoor ----> IQ, strategy games, presentation, talentime and so on. Outdoor---> Strategy games, physical challenge, swimming, raft building and so on. All of them need TeamWork, Brainstorming, Planning, and Risk Taking elements at all time. Whats hard now is that, most of them relate to business. All related to money !!! like in business, every decision we made involved money, cost and expenses. Hmm, this training added this element in it which i cant explain much here. Arghhhhhhh, indeed hard to say what we played and what games we went through.
Just to conclude: ITS CHALLENGING with corporate strategy elements in it!!!!!...Way more CHALLENGING if your camp experience is just until secondary school Kem me !!!
Sure all of us learnt a lot of things. Here i am gonna say what i gained from this Corporate Strategy Simulation Game:
  1. One to two degree darker skin colour !!!...all of us become so dark including girls. Poor girls who always dream to have fair skin. My hands are so dark, So shiningly chocolate colour on my both hands. Haha..
  2. A whole bundance of FRIENDSHIP !!!!..with this game, i believe we all got 100 steps closer to each other where many precious moments all of us share. Even the IT guy whom i seldom talk before can recognise me. Each others are now know each others. Its good environment. Damm, this camp should be done in the first sem. So everybody is buddy to everybody. Wont be so stranger even till before this War Game.
  3. Definitely gained valuable and precious EXPERIENCE !!!!.....all of us got smelly together, got sweat together, ups and downs the jungle together...played so many mind cracking games (oh i hate those totally), strategizing, planning, decision making and so on.........all soooooo valuable and priceless learning experience. Awesome this program brought us !!!
  4. Whole big bucket of smelly clothes. Haha.. I didnt dare to wash by my hand and i dont have strength to wash it, i changed the soaking water two times before i dumped to washing machine. The water soaked was sooo frightening dark. haha.
  5. SATISFACTION !!!!........went through many problems and it were all solved. Lead a team of 17 people isn't easy, all with different personalities, different background, ethnics, nationalities and so on. Hmm, i made it to the end. Even though my team got last in financial status. All 12 games and activities, my team won 2 of them plus 2 more games we've got second place. We were not bad. The most important thing Big Achievement and VERY BIG Encouragement for me was that, i have been awarded Best Male Participant!! Thank all ~~~~~ That's my reward, got a red shirt which our facilitators wear it also. Its like Le Tour de Langkawi where winners will get different colour of shirt than the others. haha..
  6. Gain more confidence on the stage !!! hahaha. In fact i already have a lot confidence on the stage. I acted with Ming as bad people, i SHOUTED on the stage wrongly. FYI to those who attended the camp, i truly intended to shout GORILLA and thump my chest, BUT I didnt realise i SHOUTED VERY LOUD wrongly to GOZILLA..wrong wrong wrong.!!! GOZILLA where got long enough hands to thump its own chest !!! i only know i was wrong the day after at the lunch at De'Barrel. Luckily everybody thought it was a LAUGHING and JOKING point and everybody laughed..Haha..++++++++++++++++Plus, i done a hyper lousy utterly awful singing on the stage. I sang the karaOK of Malay old Dangdut song. I heard they say, all of them laugh sooooo extensively because i sang it so awfully, wrong in pace and so on without feeling embarrass. In this challenge, i gained embarassment !!! and i gain their full laughness and enjoyment. That's more important!! long as they enjoyed...
  7. Injuries !!! but its not serious. Just small one, dont worry !!!..all because of the darn and i hate the most raft building. It totally STRENGTH demanding. Tightening the ropes to tie the bamboos and drums + rowing the raft to the sea and come back ALMOST took my life. I said like this because i did it wholeheartedly. So do many many of us...Damm tired man.
    My both palms have many small bruises. All contributed by the ropes. I pulled it too much. Blame myself for being so not carefully and safety first. Since that time, i felt my hand's skin was so thin, like being rubbed extensively by sand papers. i could barely do rough task on it. Too many bruises and it was pain. I was using two fingers in each hands to wash my face with the cleanser. How pity i am. haha. Like a lady.

Thats all i want to say about War Game. Its truly a long post this time. I hope at this point of my word, all of you wont feel sleepy and still awake. Thanks for reading this such long post this time. In overall, even though all of us kept complaining a lottttt before we go, however, i heard also all of us did and felt no regret for the experience gained. All had fun and that's the most important !!! All well done.

Finally finish talking...

Phang !!!


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


sima said...

i have just arrived from wargame! july2010! it was great as u said i got so many experienced there such as team work, negotiation, decision making and so on.

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