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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sick Sick !! House of Sicks..

Yesterday as i said before that i have got bad flu..then it affected my working and my health last nite. Dizzy dizzy after the flu meds. I thought i will be okay and able to work today. Unfortunately when today wake up, my body is so sore and my head was so heavy. Then i believe i am SICK this time. It has been long time i did not sick already. However, i do not believe i am fever, but i do not know what i am actually sick with. Haha.

So, ride motor under the hot sun under the afternoon sun to UPM's Pusat Kesihatan aka UPM Clinic. Luckily the sun was not that shining or i may feel super dizzy riding it. I mentioned on the title saying " House of Sicks", do you guys know what it means? Haha.. Waiyan, my another housemate also FEWER same as me..

We both went to the clinic. Guess what?.. i am fever 37.6 degree celcius. Ohh, i really sick.. Waiyan even greater, her body heats to 38 degree celcius. Hahaha.. Both people sick in the house. For me, i am okay. I just not be able to work, but for Waiyan...not good.. He has LeeHom concert to attend later on the late evening. Pity her, don't know whether she has energy to shout LeeHom's name or not. Haha.

Maybe my body heats too much, I wore different slipper on each side to clinic today. Luckily at this period of time, the clinic has less students. Haha. Or i will feel pretty arkward..That's not a style, very visibly seen its wrongly wear. Haha.I've got a whole plastic bag of "Sweets" from the doctor.. Hmm, the doctor is kind off generous. What i demand, he would give. Haha. We have a nice plastic bag to put also.

One shot he gave me sore throat, Panadol Actifast, flu and antibiotik medicines to be eaten. Luckily some of them only eat when needed or i may not eat them all. What i meant just now regarding what ever i demand, the doc would give. Actually i was so childishly demand for Vitamin C with orange flavor. Haha.
But then, the doctor does really give me Vitamin C Orang flavor. Haha. For me to 'hisap' one okay. Haha. I can eat it as sweets at least.

Hopefully me and Waiyan would be cured soon with the 'sweets' given. Have a nice day you guys. Beware of Swine Flu. Haha. Luckily my flu is okay now. Not swine flu.
Sick Phang !!!


Anonymous said...

Wah ! The doctor in UPM really "Kia Su"

Marcus Tan

Fizz said...

Pity u.. get well soon ya!!

rolexphang said...

Marcus...Doc in upm is CONCERNED !!!. not kiasu..Hahaha..

Thanks Fizz...Im ald very well..

Fizz said...

Dearie... thanks so much for visiting my blog...

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