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Friday, February 20, 2009

Post-exam phenomenon !!!

I actually wanted to blog about this topic, but my pc problem caused my mood dropped and made me wanna talk about it first before i come to this topic...

I had finally finished my exams..4 subjects in 5 weekdays..pretty tough for those who studied a lot lot lot from cover to cover with their text books.. Im definitely not that hardworking. Haha. How's the exam? you must be asking this. Its pretty good for 2 subjects (MIS), 1 was not bad (Marketing) and 1 more (Finance) was AVERAGE !!! the most boring and stressful period would be the exam week period. Finally its over now for temporary..Stil got 2 trimester to go..

The phenomenon happens to us here is..internet is so slowwwwwwwwwww......cant load facebook further, cant play pet society, cant surf many webpages... we do not know what happened to our line.. i couldnt go far in facebook, and the page will load probably hour then it will ended up actually not progressing... my life without internet but pc only is miserable..luckily msn live messenger stil working, so it saved my life a bit..if msn cant work, i think i will be very hot tempered at home..Ha ha..
Hope your place and your line is okay..wish ours will be okay soon. But its okay, our term break has come. Its 2 weeks this time, so im gotta leave my pc for almost 2 weeks. Happy Holiday to my MBA coursemates..enjoy to the fullest..


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