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Friday, February 6, 2009

An academic day of mine ~~~~~

Hello all..

How are you all this few day? Thanks for keep viewing my blog..Well, as you all know, im studying my MBA is UPM now..many people have been wondering how masters people study and how i study it? ways are unique, probably same like Waisin ( my housemate) whose lazying and loitering whole day..

Therefore, i chose a day and somehow simply keep track what i done in my class..just a simple one..i may make it more detailed one day..still young here, but as i have a blog here, my mind will always keep me reminded that i want to share this and that to all of you here..

So, here we go.. Im going to tell you in brief what i am doing from i wake up til i reach my home after school. It might going to be long because im somehow 'long breath'. Haha. Hope you won't feel sleepy. You may divide the part to read. Haha.

Every morning, Waisin and I will be woken up my Waiyan ( my another girl housemate) with her nicely knock knock on our room door. Its time to wake up. 8am every Mon to Thu. Waiyan is somehow a very important girl in me and Waisin's life because she's our (soul waker) motivator of the morning. If she didnt wake us two up, we won't be able to wake on time. Because what, We both won't set alarm. Haha..

I will be awake first, after i done shower and everything i will call in nice sweet 'Waisinnnnnnn' to wake my roommie Waisin. Haha..So what i will do next?.. i will sit on my chair check these three things. But wait, im going to tell that, the first thing i will do when i wake up, not brush my teeth, not see the mirror, but i will straight ON my pc, check my phone..only then i will head to bath. haha.

These two things i will check every morning. ( Facebook, Hotmail). Also Yahoo Mail and signin my MSN Messenger. I dont know why. But i will and i need. Since i move here to stay with broadband, my pc will never off at home unless i sleep. So, that 15 mins i have in the morning to wear clothes, gel my hair after i out from bath, i will spend a portion of it for my pc and accounts. To save time, that is why i ON my pc before i go in bath. Haha.

8am til 8.15am is my time for brush teeth and all sort of things in bath in the morning. 8.15am to 8.30am will be for Waisin. When is the portion for Waiyan?.. Haha, she wakes us up you remember, means she wakes up early. We have to seperate time like this, because we have only a tiny bath in our house.

By 8.30am, we will leave to UPM by walking, Above pic is just to show how it look like for our corridor. That is Waisin locking the door, only for that day, usually he does not. haha. We live on the second floor, middle section of the flat. We may see our neighbours left and right before, but we never greet. Haha. Living in flats are like that. Hope you all are not.

As we are walking down, i quickly snap this photo of our block. I use this chance to intro where we stay. This called OLD FLAT in outside UPM. It is old isnt it? This is block 2 where we stay. its a beautiful morning and we are walking either energetically or sleepy everyday.

Opps, forgot to show what is our entrance to UPM, its a small steel door with at least 10 feet wall. I will show next time. Here we are, in UPM already. I walked last, usually i walk at front. Thats Waisin and Waiyan. Keep walking and walking.

Then we reach GSM already. Its our faculty. Why we walk? yes we walk, not because we do not have transport, but its nearer to walk rather than with bike.

Now you can see what is the distance. By 15 mins we could reach our faculty already through the small door to be accessed for those who live in my flat area.

When we reach in our class, its 8.45am usually, its still early where many people still not yet reach. What do i usually do is, i will go to our student lounge. Sometimes Waisin will tag along. What we do?.. Haha..

This is how our student lounge looks like. This is where we can eat (no food provided in the morning, but night YES), we can drink and we can watch tv, gossiping, talking chatting and clubbing..haha.. We are here for the Milo or Nescafe actually.

Well, we as the student of GSM, we will be provided free hot drinks Milo and Nescafe through this dispenser above. haha. Its not free perhaps, we paid it in our fees. For your info, our one trimester fees is RM4600 nett. Its included these facilities, text books for each subject and computer lab. No more. haha..

Got our breakfast drinks, lets sit down and relax it. Thats Waisin. Where is Waiyan?..She usually does not follow me or us, she will either in the class or go our computer lab. Do what?.. i dont know. Facebook's Petsociety?..haha..after finish the drinks, almost 9am. Time for class.

I snapped this while i started to feel boring listening to lecturer. Its Finance class, no wonder i will be free to snap this. Forgoten again to snap a pic where you can see how the class looks like. Its like this, long table like in auditorium. Projectors and whiteboards. Handsome hunks and pretty ladies. Books and notes. and one and only LECTURER. haha.

Haa..this is our long table with the view of 4 others. Waiyan was listening attentively. Joosiew was drinking her drink, Waisin is grumbling why this subject so boring. Cecilia i cant see from here, probably listening lecture too.
After finish the class, that's it. Finish my one day class. No more. Its true. My this trimester class schedule 9am to 12noon every monday to thursday only. No more except replacement class. At that noon, Waiyan, Waisin and me will walk back directly without hesitation for LUNCH...haha..

This is well re-known NEW FLAT. haha. There is new and OLD OLD flat. This one newer. Many photostate shops here. Like how it is at Taman Universiti at JB UTM. A lot of UPM students.

Our lunch. Chinese food. Mixed rice. Mixed what ever you want. Haha. Thats Waiyan with those variety of dishes.

Here is when my another girl Junlan will appear in my day. She will join us lunch. That's she with variety of vegs. Sorry Waisin, you are not here. haha..
After lunch, nothing else to do. HOME. Finish outing for a day. Thats all my journey for that day in brief.
What do i do at home after that?

haha..Once i reach my home, without even taking off my watch, my bag, keys and so on, i will again turn my pc ON again. What do i do?.. what else if not FAcebook, MSN, YAHOO, Friendster and so on..whole day...i may take evening naps too..
Around 7pm, dinner time. Back from dinner, do the same things with my pc again. Till i sleep. Haha. You must be wondering, where is the slot for assignments, library and study?.. Haha.. these two elements will be happen in my life in ad-hoc basis. I wont do them daily but only when needed. Not daily, probably monthly.

Thats all my day starts and ends. Feel sleepy already?..
Wish you enjoy reading this. See you in next post.

Have a great day.



prazanna said...

phang now i know why afternoon students complaining the coffee finishing..

feiying said...

ur blog is so interesting
always attract me to read it all
keep it on ^^

rolexphang said...

Nana: we all sure drink those coffee..should blame our fac's supply not enough..haha

feiying: thanks.....i will keep on write on anyhot topics in my life..

---Olivia. JR--- said...

yo bro am here to comment on ur 2nd blog~~

nice blog u hv sia~~
once set up already hv so many 'canggih' gadget at ur right panel~~ yea ur blog really let ur readers feel u, support u :)

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