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Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Without Limbs : Nick Vujicic

Few days ago my buddy Loong sent me few links of youtube video, i was like busy like hell rushing assignment, some even i had buffered it but stil no time to watch it. But, one of it really caught my eyes which is about this guy, Nick Vujicic.

He may look handsome in above pic, but you may know he is actually bornt extraordinary and live even enlightening now. A 25 years old Australian. He is born without arms and legs. Both !! He was not given any medical reason on this. I totally impressed with this guy ability. He is now travelling oversea inspiring poeple around the world including China, Hongkong, US and many more. He even came to Malaysia before. He is a Christian. If you are a Christian too, probably one day you could meet him through your respective church too.

I just simply do not know how to express much regarding him. I just want to share that, even Nick as he is born without legs and arms, he never think he is a disable. He's stil living and living great. He inspired whole world that everyone has a reason to live.

C'mon..what below video. There is actually more on youtube. Search his name. Want to know more of him, please visit his official website. and you out there..since you have ur legs, you have ur arms well and nice...make sure you appreciate your life.




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