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Friday, February 20, 2009

My darn PC...

Hi everyone..

This few weeks, or weeks before..i have been troubling to enter my pc successfully...i do not know what is actually the problem but it caused my pc will auto restart itself when im playing it in sudden. Last time, it usually auto restart once only..then i can play my pc back to normal..

but recently !!!!!!!!!!! it auto-restarted non finish..sometimes until 15 mins and even half and hour..below is how it look like...see the video..dont watch it too long, its gonna be the same at the back, this video is almost 10 mins, i shot till my hand started to get tired and yet it stil not yet in..this video is actually shot to show the HP people when they come to my prove this problem existed...

Ridiculous rite?..i almost lost my temper just now cos i was so boring, desperately need pc and internet..yet my damm pc is playing tantrum to me...

To my pc, you better wait and gonna send you to HP and let them teach you a lesson...and know im telling the whole world that you are so naughty..You better behave next time..however my dear pc, i adore you actually and i am desperately need you everyday..please behave..!!!




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